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Kobe Bryant Blueprint to Success

On his way to coming back from injury, Kobe Bryant made a press conference to talk to the media about the rehabing process and what's ahead in this NBA season.

At a given time in the press conference a journalist made a great question to Kobe about what he would say to young kids who watch him during this process and about the desire to do something at the highest level in basketball or in life for that matter. 

Kobe answer was one for the books:

Kobe Bryant Blueprint to Success

"You just go to put one foot in front of the other, and you know..."

Success Blueprint Tip 1: One step at a time. It's a step by step process, not a great leap or jump. Brick by brick that's the way you build up a wall. 

"...sometimes I think ....is easy to get distracted a little bit, and start to look at what the final picture is gonna look like" 

Success Blueprint Tip 2Distractions are everywhere today. It's real easy to get caught up and forget that this is a step by step process. The temptation is to look at the whole thing and not to focus on what's important. This will mislead you, don't look at the finish line when you're to far from the end. It's to early for that, first put on the effort to get to the first spots on the race. 

"And when you do that you can easily become frustrated with who you are at the moment..."

Success Blueprint Tip 3When you look at the whole thing and you understand that you're a long way from the end you get discouraged. The most likely thing you'll do after is like Kobe says is to get frustrated, and that can lead to giving up and thinking everything you do is worthless, you are overwhelming yourself. That's not the way to do it.  You have to dream big but work on the small things.

"...so, my advice is just to focus on each day."

Success Blueprint Tip 4Focus on small things, each day it's a day to be lived to the maximum. Achieve great things working intensely throughout the day. Can you do a day of intense workout? Intense studying? Intense reading and writing? Intense singing and playing? Of course you can, after all it's just a day of hard work! Now deal with the next day, when that day is over, it's time to focus on the other, and on and on. After a while you'll have a week of intense work, then a month, and after that you'll have a year. A year of intense work? Who would thought of that.. 

"You have a plan in place of how you want to improve and how you want to get better."

Success Blueprint Tip 5You should dream big, you should focus on working on the small things every day, but you got to have the right strategy. What are the things you plan to do to become better? Use strategies, proven ways to get better, write them down, believe in them and execute.

"You stick to that plan and trust the fact that everyday that you stick to the plan will get you to your end result."

Success Blueprint Tip 6You can dream big, work on the small things, be strategic about by planning, but if you don't trust the whole process things will go wrong. So what you need to do is to believe on what you're doing day after day, and that your actions will guide you to what you want to accomplish. You're coming closer to achieving your goal everyday you do what you have to do.

Review the Success Blueprint Tips for your own success;

1. Remember that it's a step by step process;
2. Don't get overwhelm by looking at the big picture and see that your progress it's slow;
3. Focus on each day get the most out of it;
4. Have a strategy for it;
5. Trust the process;
6. Stick to the whole plan an act on it, everyday you do, so your one step closer to reaching your goals.



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