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3 Apples 3 Times the World Changed

Adam and Eve's Apple

As we all know, they were expelled from the Eden paradise by God, because they commit a sin, eating from the forbidden fruit: an apple from the evil tree. This was the moment were the forbidden fruit quotes came all about: the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest for instances.

Sins will happen in our life and we will commit some along the way for sure. But the ones who rebound from it are the ones who can achieve great things. That's one of the lessons right there.

The other is: life choices. If God would gave Adam only the good path choice that wouldn't be a choice at all, it would be an obligation. 

So for that matter, free will it's what this lesson it's all about. Men have to know how to make choices and sometimes taste the hard realities of life, becoming better progressively in a cause/consequence logic. As you live you learn, and by learning from your failures (and others) in the future probably you'll make better choices and succeed at what you couldn't do in the past.

Isaac Newton's Apple

He "discovered" gravity after the falling of an apple from a tree. Gravity was considered for years as an absurd theory and just an old myth.

The falling of the apple gave Newton the final inspiration to wright his own gravitation theory that made him worldwide famous. Newton was part of the cultural movement of intellectuals know in history as the Age of Enlightenment.

The purpose of the Enlightenment was to challenge conventional and traditional thoughts with reason and scientific methods. The main change here was the way things were thought and proven. Things people believe just for the sake of it, can be tested and proven, if they are right or wrong. It was the last time anyone doubted the heliocentric theory of the cosmos for example. 

Newton became an icon, and his works were the reference for 3 centuries after his death, undoubtedly one of the most prolific scientist the world has ever witnessed. 

Steve Jobs's Apple

We all are familiarized with the Apple brand and its achievements today. The apple significance here is that things in technology can be simple an common. Like an apple is extremely common in our quotidian, but also gracious and appealing like the apple natural shape is.

Also, one of the main reasons Apple is different, it's because they think different, they think in changing the word like Adam and Eve's apple did, and  like Sir Isaac apple did too. These was one of the main driving forces behind Apple co-founder and more than one time CEO Steve Jobs.
The concept of computers changed, when Apple reach the market with one of the first personal computers. And the rest is history all of this brand products are made with simplicity, design and great performance in mind. 

No only the quality of the product it's revolutionary but also the type of products, meaning, things that were consider to be impossible were made possible with the first releases of some of this brand products.

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3 Apples 3 Times the World Changed

Change in the world it's not that megalomaniac idea that some lunatic has.

  • Change in the world it's in our everyday life things and objects we have to know how to look at things;
  • Change in the world it's a matter of choices and decisions. Change in the world it's a matter of reflecting on those choices and make better decisions as you grow older but wiser;
  • Change in the world it's a matter of thinking and finding the reasons, not just staying with common sense and tradition as a belief.
  • Change in the world it's in the simple things, it's the natural design of things, it's not as complex as our mind conceives it;
  • Change in the world it's a matter of product quality and drive, you are the main product so drive yourself to be a quality person and driven.
Change yourself first and the word will follow, remember...



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