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Life is Here and Now - Advice on Life

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No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

First things first, it doesn't matter how you feel, get up, wash up, dress up and show up where you’re supposed to show up. How you feel can be changed in a second, you just have to trigger yourself with good vibrations, hanging on a bad feeling forever will get you nowhere.

You have problems and particularly tough situations, non-sense! Try this game: stack your problems into a “world problems warehouse”, you can switch with someone else’s, but you cannot choose which ones, it will be a lucky pick. Are you willing to do this? Or you chose to stay with your own problems and deal with it? That’s right, any problem you may have, someone out there as a bigger one. So instead of crying about it, find solutions and deal with it. 

Outside is a world waiting for you. Don’t stay in house like you have all that’s good there. Go exercise, expose your ideas to others in person, get to know knew places, experience travelling, ride the public transportation, enjoy nature, etc.

Don’t forget to take time to your priorities in life. Spend time with your family. Remember, your children only experience childhood once, it’s important that can be and effective presence. 

Life is about ups and downs, whatever the condition is, good or bad, it will change with time
So be ready for it, in bad times don’t be discouraged continue to be efficient and productive and always remember that it will change in the long run. Underdogs know this, there conditions never determined what they did, so there’s no wonder to their rags to riches stories.
In good times be prepared for it, caution costs nothing, not being prepared for disaster can cost you a fortune. Remember celebrities who did a poor job managing their finances and had to file for bankruptcy. Remember people you know that had all they want in the world, but one day they were struck by a live threatening disease and their world changed. Remember high school times when after an excellent grade, you had that awful test, because you were over confident. 

People will talk a lot, the majority just for the sake of talking, they will have an opinion on you. Guess what? That doesn't matter, you shouldn't be focusing on that. Of course we need our self-esteem, and knowing what others think about us will get our self-esteem higher, but it can also get really low, and that will be very depressive. Will you enter in a “please everyone else except me adventure” or will be yourself regardless of what others think about you? My advice is that you discard what others think, give them not attention at all.

You depend on yourself to be happy. Any other story you may have, it’s an excuse not the reality. You’re capable of much more than you probably think you can do. You’re in control of much more than you probably think you can control.  Limitations are an illusion. 

The time to be the best you can possibly be is now, not some day. Don’t wait until you get old. It’s now you have to be enthusiastic, it’s now you have to be funny, it’s now you have to be a lover, it’s now you have to be eccentric. Living life to its true potential that’s it. 

Today is the day.Why are you staking the best plates, the best wine, the best clothes, the best perfume. Celebrate today, live like everyday is that special occasion you've been keeping stuff for. 

Whatever the circumstances you've gone by, it’s never too late to find happiness. It’s never too late, years of depression won’t translate in a future of misery, you can be happy in this instance. It’s a matter of choice and act on it.

Follow your passions. Find your loves in life. Chaise them, and don’t take no for an answer. Say no the naysayers. Famous people have done it and succeed in areas where the so called experts condemn them to failure. http://motivateamazebegreat.blogspot.com/2013/11/they-said-no-to-naysayers-and-their.html 
Don’t get discouraged, other people don’t love what you love in life, they don’t have your vision or dreams, they don’t understand them as you do. So why listen? Go for it, use the “no” as a motivation to become better and better at what you do.

Others don’t understand your dreams and goals, you don’t understand theirs either. So… what’s the point in comparing your life to others? You have a schedule they have theirs, for some people having a car it’s their major goal in life, for others having a car it’s meaningless compared to a big boat. It’s pointless.  

Clean out your closet. Get rid of junk, that’s a metaphor for: things that you bought but are pilling in your garage and you never use them, feelings from the past that have no business of being in your life at this moment whatsoever, false friendships that remain in your life and you can’t rely on them in bad times.

Life is a marathon, but like all marathon it as a start and finish. Your time is limited don’t forget that. You have to make the best you possibly can with your time here. Remember...


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