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15 Habits for Success

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If success is becoming something good, it has to revolve about developing your character. It's all about self-improvement. 

Your character has to become strong, and you do this be creating habits. The right habits! 

How does an habit develop? By practicing it of course, but also, by understanding the reward you get by doing it. Once you understand the benefits you just can't stop doing it.  

Develop the habits, success habits, you will get unbelievable feelings from this, it will boost your energy to reach your goals.

Here are the 15 success habits we've picked for you to improve your life:

15 Habits for Success


Success, Habits, Motivation, Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Personal Development,

1. Work on what you love. 

This means your job as to give joy and satisfaction. That’s where you’re going to spend the most time at, make it worthy.

Most people hates their job, they make a money decision, hanging on the 9 to 5 mentality just to get paid. As a result they don't like what they do, they just work for the sake of the money.They quit when others endure, fail when others achieve, remain the same when others excel, they try just to fit in, so they aren't growing. Some call this Modern Day Slavery, will call it paying bills and just surviving. 

A short percentage of people have the "Love what you do" mentality. Their job brings them joy and satisfaction. They endure when others quit, achieve when others fail, excel when others remain the same, because they just stand out from others. They are always growing. When you love what you do you push harder you become what people call an expert, and that's a person who will get very well paid. 

Make one simple decision if you want to be successful. Take risks, the more you risk the more you will get! Leave the comfort zone, the more safety you look, less you will get! Change your life forever.


Success, Habits, Motivation, Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Personal Development,

2. Don’t sleep with the enemy. 

Your mate has to be your biggest advocate.

Making good choices and taking the best decisions is key to success. Your peers will influence your biggest life decisions whether you know it or not. Either you have people that support your dream or you don't. Either you with the ally or you sleep with the enemy.

Sleeping with the enemy is a figurative for people you are with (friends or peers) or everything you do (habits) that represent the complete opposite of  what your success goals are. So 

Your mate as your biggest advocate means: 
A friend or a lover that consciously brings the best out of you: 
  • They put you on the right path when you're somehow slipping, we all have our dark moments, that's when a person who encourages you and energizes comes into play. 
  • That's a role they have, and you must look for people like this when you're choosing your friendships. 
  • And yes! You have to choose who is worthy of staying in your life and who is not.
On the other side of thing you to have the role of helping them with their own goals.
  • It's incredible what people who have an goal oriented life can achieve together. 
  • Imagine if you have a common goal, you can be partners
  • Most personal trainers know this, and one advice they give to people in gyms is to have a training partner. 
  • When you feel like not working out, they will push you to do it, and vice versa.
People who advocate what you do, can also accelerate the speed of your success, because you will spend less time thinking about other things that take away your focus, if they are your teammates they will always have the necessary focus that helps you reach for yours.


Success, Habits, Motivation, Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Personal Development,

3. Don’t be good, be amazing. 

Give your best at any task. Amaze people with your work.
If you ask most people if they are giving all they have in the tasks they perform daily, if they are working at 100% of their capability, I'll guarantee you that many, if not all, in all their honesty will answer you "no": they aren't giving everything they got!
That's a major problem! 

If you are not giving your all, why the hell should you complain of not having everything you want?
Average work equals average results. And you can live like this, of course, if you want average results, it's really a matter of choice. But that's not the way for success.
If you want amazing results, you have to be amazing at any task you perform too!
Go step by step. Work on small things, make small big, by giving your best at any small task. A small task done in a amazing way impresses. A lot of small tasks done in an amazing way amazes! If you want to be successful leave people amazed with what you do.


Success, Habits, Motivation, Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Personal Development,

4. Integrity and strategy can and should co-exist. 

You will encounter different definitions of what success is and you can get confused by it.
For some people success is having a lot of money, for others success it's to get that promotion at work with a raise in salary, other people see success as being famous and they do anything for the spotlight, other folks see success as reaching a particular life goal like getting married, having children, buying their dream car, etc. 
All those things are good, but just for a while, right? Once you've achieved it what's more to it? It's not that simple. Imagine if success isn't about just one thing, but many others. 
If that's the case you are resuming success to just that one thing, but you're neglecting several others.
Picture it: how can someone be called successful because he's got a lot of money, but no true friends to share with? How can a person be called successful if he or she, to obtain that job promotion, lied to colleagues and co-workers demonstrating lack of character?
The success we talk about has nothing to do with greed, jealousy or envy. It has nothing to do with being a cocky smart ass, looking for 15 minutes of fame, that doesn't care about anything but him. The success with talk, also, it's not about being a martyr, where only others are important and you sacrifice yourself, you neglect your inner grow to do things for others.
  • You got to be strategic about it no doubt and most people got this figure out. You got to have a strategy that leads you to achieve your goals and dreams. But you should know that this isn't a war battle, you don't have to kill others to be successful, you don't need to tear anyone else down  for you to shine. You don't need any of this, in fact, it's the opposite. 
  • You need to have integrity in whatever you do. People have a difficult time understanding this. If you are looking for all means to an end compromising your identity and character, you can get to that end sure, but you'll be affected by your bad behavior somehow, you stop being you just for the prize, and that's a terrible thing!


Success, Habits, Motivation, Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Personal Development,

5. Persistence is a quality you must have had practice. 

Be persistent with your goals and purpose. Success it's a not overnight thing you have to believe when nobody else will, and persist when no one else can. 

You can have all mapped out in your success plans to achieve what you want. You can even be producing and creating what you should. But, one thing you must remember...you are not the only one in this world trying to be successful in that specific field. 
You will have opposition, you'll not be alone, it would be a race. But it's not a short race, it's not just a matter of speed, it's a long race, success it's about endurance. The one who wins is the one who can endure the longest.
By doing and experimenting on real life. Like a professional endurance race athlete trains for competition by running miles and miles every day, you must also run your miles - do your activity every day so you can be prepared for your "race"
Every time you persist, it means you have not give up. Giving up it's out of the success dictionary, try again and again whatever the circumstances are. Excuses are not allowed, analyze what you have and go from there. 
In a race to persist and not give up, there's one thing you must have in your mind: you must Believe in what you're doing. You must Believe before anybody else believes it. You must Believe when there's nothing there to see yet. You must Believe light when all you see is dark.
Believe in yourself and in your goals, practice your endurance skills and you will be fit enough to persist when nobody else will! 


Success, Habits, Motivation, Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Personal Development,

6. Have a strategy for every important area of your life:

Family, Career, Goals, Finances, Health, you name it. 
Have a balanced approach, the area you’ll leave out, will be neglected from a successful outcome.

We've stated, success it's not about only achieving one thing, it's about achieving several things.
You must address all the areas where you want to be successful. 
First enumerate your life major areas, for example: family, friends, love relationship, finances, health, career and hobbies.
Plan long term goals to achieve in any area, after that get focus on the minor details the short and medium term goals that will help you achieve the long term ones. 
It's imperative that you focus on each area at a time, but you cannot forget any of them.
After goal setting everything will become natural, that's where you start to engage actions toward your goals.
The best example for understanding this habit, it's your daily "to do list". How do you manage your time on a daily basis? Can you achieve all you plan? Are you satisfied with the results? Maybe one of the problem you are having, it's that you are great at one area but others are lacking the results you want. Split your daily tasks into your life areas, and try to at least do one task from each area daily. That balanced approach will guarantee you balanced results, and that's what you need to be successful.


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7. Give others what you want.

Don’t expect to receive great if you've given poorly. 


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8. Perfection doesn't exist, but constant improvement does. 

That’s what you have to chase, be the best you can be every day. And each day you’ll feel the improvement.


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9. Live up to high standards

Demand quality in your life in whatever you: do, have, want or give.


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10. Make decisions and act on it.  

You will have your inaccuracies, but it’s better to try and not make it, than not trying at all.


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11. Excuses don’t exist. 

You’re the single one that can change things, and make things happen for you, so don’t make excuses, and don’t blame others. Concentrate on what’s in your own control. 


Success, Habits, Motivation, Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Personal Development,

12. Think outside the box. 

You’re going to be successful by standing out, not by fitting in. So you have to think about things others won’t, and you have to be willing to do the things others don’t believe in.


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13. Be around people who want success as much as you do. 

They will push you up. Don't be around lazy and mediocre people, they will push you down.


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14. Be around people who already succeeded in the area you want to succeed.

Know the experts, know their strategies,  basically know what you have to do in order to get to that place also.


Success, Habits, Motivation, Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Personal Development,Outwork, outsmart, work hard, work smart

15. Outwork and outsmart the competition

Work harder than anyone else, work smarter than anyone else.
Remember that success it's a thing that many want, so if you desire it also, you will have your competitors. And here comes the "no brainier": if your competitors work harder and smarter than you do, you will be outworked and outsmarted, as a result they will succeed and you won't. 
The hours you waist on useless things, your competitor will use them to do what you don't do. So you have to be on point, give up the pointless things, and go straight to what's important: working harder and smarter than the competition.
Harder because the intensity you put in, will determine the outcome of your work.
Smarter because you have to be sharp about your business, innovate, create what doesn't exist, give the people something that's unique.
These two things are essential in making a difference, leave people amazed with what you do, and success will be just ahead.


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