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Phil Health Inspirational Speech - How To Transform Adversity Into Strength

Phil Health, Inspirational Speech, How To, Transform Adversity Into Strength

Bodybuilder Phil Heath, won his third Mr. Olympia, the biggest bodybuilding competition in the world .

Despite his achievement and impressive physique, what grabbed the audience at the event was his winning speech (see below the video).

At that time there were moments when he had to ask: "Why?", and an answer wasn't there for him. 

He still to this day doesn't know why, but one think for him is sure: “Her strength is far greater than that of any man who ever walked this stage" he is talking about his diagnosed with cancer wife. He considers what she went through a lot more strength demanding than any other bodybuilding weight lifting exercise. His wife was his ultimate inspiration to go to the gym and simple put in the necessary work to be a champion:

"Through all the hard times....Every time I had an opportunity to go to the gym, I took it!" - Phil Health

"I used those weights, and didn't go out party, didn't go out drinking ....I went in to the damn gym" - Phil Health

 "Because that was the only way I could show her, that once I hit this stage my body is going to show" - Phil Health 

How come a men whose wife his diagnosed with breast cancer can still be a winner?

And tougher, how can he manage to help her in her battle with the disease and still be a champion?

He said it, hard work, dedication, sacrifice

Our Take: Not letting the hard times beat you down: going harder each and every time he hit the gym, not going weaker. Transforming adversity into strength!

He didn't know why his wife had cancer, but he sure had a why in his heart to do what he did!

You see... when you have a strong why to do what you do, nobody and nothing can stop you. You'll go to the extreme and you'll discover strengths you didn't knew you had.

What's your why?  Find out your why and you'll be stronger than you think you are in your quest to success.


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