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School Days Are OVER - School Days Are BACK

School Days are Back, and have to be back for your life to change. Be a student of success.

7:30 am - the alarm clock rings. Where are you going? Not to school anymore! You’re an adult person, since most people work 9 to 5 there is a high probability you’re going to work, unless you’re unemployed or have an “unusual job”.

Most people talk about school days like school didn't do a damn thing to their life, but they miss the good old times, mainly because of friendships. So there’s a mix of feelings.

Today, most people don’t like their job it’s all about the money they get there, so they don’t mind to do whatever just to get a check….or wait…maybe, truly in their hearts they really do mind! But lack the courage or the tools to do something about it.

So let’s talk about what really matters, not what the majority will think it’s the safer (or cooler – school days linguistics) thing to say.

We all have something in common, we all went to school, some 10 years, some 14, some 17, whatever number… it ddoesn'tmatter we all been there.

Now we all have an adult life, for most the path isn’t common anymore, so obviously there’s a major difference in our life:

School days
Learn new contents about everything every day, a curriculum had to be learned.
You learn your job, other things you learn if you want to. Personal development it’s on you!
You had to deal with new situations that challenge your capabilities. You couldn’t run from them, good or bad you would get graded.
You put yourself in challenging situations if you want to. You can run away from them no one will say nothing.
Grades were goals, and you had to work to obtain them.
You set your goals if you want to. There’s not a grading system.
If you didn’t perform well one term, you had to get better the next one, or else you would not graduate.
If you don’t perform well, maybe you will get away with it, because the boss is your friend.
You had assignments and homework, that each day were a form of being consistent with your thought process.
You have assignments or homework if you want to. Growing each day mentally it’s an option out of many others the majority entertainment wise.
You had to buy curriculum books and learn from them.
You buy books if you want, you learn from whatever source you want.
We were forced to learn, and most of us hated it!
No one is forcing you to learn, and most of us love it!
We were getting smarter day by day.
Are we getting smarter or dumber day by day?

School was good for you! But your current adult life can be better!

"Formal education will make you a living.
Self education will make you a fortune." -  Jim Rohn

Currently you are free to go whatever path you choose, there are no limitations – that’s a major opportunity for all of us!

But there’s not a teacher supervising you and no one is here obligating you to raise the bar each test, or each assignment in your life. What’s the problem with this? Well… most people are lazy, most people prefer to sit on their butt waiting to things to fall into their lap rather than go hard on themselves and chase their dreams. They prefer the comfortable route! And unbelievably they blame school for that! They blame school because no one teach them how to deal with their current life and school it’s the cause of their current situation and there’s nothing they can do!

 Come on, let's face it big boy/girl...school days are over! School taught you the basics, now the advanced level it’s on you! You need to enroll in school again, become a student of success.

What do you do in your own life to keep on learning, to keep on growing, to put yourself in a position where every day you are developing yourself? Those are personal improvement tasks that can take you to success, so don't wait no more!

Become a Student of Success:

Back to school of your mind - build a curriculum of things you really want to learn.·         Create your own school! School days have to be back!

·         Build up a curriculum of things you want to really learn to be successful at
ü  in your relationship with your family,
ü  in your business,
ü  in your financial situation,
ü  in your physical capability,
ü  in your free time,
ü  in any area that's important to your life.

·         Life doesn't just happens, you create want you want from it.

·         School created to us a common path, in life you have to create your own path.

·         Create your own goals. Test yourself and give your own grades!

·         Make your own assignments, do your homework on whatever you’re doing at work.

·         Learn something useful each day! Commit yourself to get better every day.

·         Challenge yourself because, unlike the old school days, no one else, besides you, will!

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