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Michael Jordan Still Dunks and Still Makes any doubt?

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Just to show you what greatness is all about we bring you unique videos of Michael Jordan performing basketball skills like time hasn't passed.

In the vídeo bellow, Michael Jordan "proves" he still can dunk at the age of 50. Was there any doubt about this??

What did you expect from the GOAT? A man who as a legacy by himself for ages to come?
Inspirational picture from Michael Jordan dunking at age 50 and inspiring all the kids around.(This footage is from is flight school anual event where kids learn from the best, and a chance of a lifetime).

When you're great, greatness isn't something that happens sometimes. It's always there, by the way you carry yourself day to day, by your standards, the way you push yourself to be the best you can be.

But we don't talk about just dunking the basketball, see Michael in the video bellow making 11 straight shots at age 51, just incredible accuracy.

Habits Making: If you make it an habit, even though years pass and the body isn't the same as before you still can show something that impresses everyone. Remember...


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