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"This is what makes my life so real, I'll take my chances and spin the wheel" - 5 Inspirational Tips

Last Emperor lyrics inspire us to live better.

One of my goals is to provide you with anything that inspires you to achieve greatness.
Music for instance it's a powerful tool to do that.

Last Emperor it's the artist name, a man that really speaks (writtes and sings) from the heart.

How many artists nowadays do that?

This song it's so inspiring, listen to the music and read the lyrics and the same time, pure poetry for your ears.

This lyrics inspired us, and can also inspire you.

We transformed them into a list of 5 Tips for you to be inspired:

5 Inspirational Tips About Life

1. "I heard it once or twice before 
The world is yours for you to explore"

Our take: THE WORLD IS YOURS!!! Go out and face your daily challenges no one can say what you can't do, nobody will stop you if you believe that the world is yours for you to conquer.

2. "When I grow up and finally get my chance to fit 
I'll be the sort of man you can't Forget!"

Our take: Don't be average, raise the bar, Be GREAT! Make your mark in this world, make your actions so great that people will not forget you easily, because you made a difference in their lives, by making a difference in yours.

3. "One day I'll travel from the East to the West 
And tap into the hidden strength that all men possess
I'll always be young, see a young mind is fresh..."

Our take:The hidden strength that all men posses - anyone can do it! 
Always be young because...young minds don't have fears life adults do, they'll do anything to get what they really want. Go get what's yours! Be fearless.

4. "This is what makes my life so real 
I'll take my chances and spin the wheel"

Our take: Take control of your own destiny! Make your own decisions live the life you want not the life others want for you. Take responsibility for your own actions. 

5. "I might need a little magic tonight
'Cause to me imagination is the fabric of life"

Our take: Imagination is the FABRIC of LIFE not common sense. Be creative in your approach.

Final thoughts:  Follow your heart, he can take you to places your head can't.

Keep a open mind because that is key to achieving and conquering your goals.

Be open minded, anything can inspire us if there's quality in it. Search for inspiration everywhere and share with us, we'll do the same. 


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