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How to Put Your Best Foot Forward at Work

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Finding fulfillment in your career is about feeling optimistic about what you do for work. 

Aside from being positive and productive in the office, work fulfillment is also about your overall well-being and happiness. 

The Conference Board's annual survey of US workers found that overall job satisfaction hit its highest levels in 2022 at 62.3%. 

At the same time, data on annual employee benefits from benefits firm MetLife found that job satisfaction registered its second-lowest score in a decade.

In these uncertain times filled with layoffs, benefits cuts, and record-high inflation, losing sight of fulfillment at work can be easy. 

However, a shift in mindset and approach can make you feel more satisfied and happy with your job

Below, we'll explore how you can put your best foot forward at work:

How to Put Your Best Foot Forward at Work

1. Make a Good First Impression

Your first impression starts when you apply for a job and attend your interview. 

This is a crucial first step to putting your best foot forward and setting up an environment for job satisfaction because this establishes your approach to work. 

Ensuring your job application and interview are positive experiences for yourself and your employer shows them that you have something of value to contribute to the organization.

In our modern age, a digital introduction is still an introduction — so even an application email can create a lasting impression. 

LHH's guide to writing an email cover letter highlights how including a short note in an application email is imperative for job seekers. 

Subtle calls to action, such as "I look forward to hearing from you." let your employer know that you're expecting a response and are excited about applying. 

Similarly, avoid spelling or grammar errors, as this lets your employer know you may be careless or lack professionalism. 

Aside from polished application documents, being presentable and punctual for your interviews is also necessary. 

If you feel like you couldn't put your best foot forward at the start, however, don't fret! You have plenty of opportunities to improve how people at work see you.

2. Take on a Growth-Oriented Attitude

Developing a growth-oriented attitude at work will be worth your while when you look back and realize how much you've learned or grown from a job.

A growth mindset is all about being open to learning new things and being willing to share what you learn and know with others. 

This can contribute to general positivity and happiness at work because people will realize they, too, can learn from you.

In a previous post about how happiness depends on us, we emphasized the importance of making conscious, positive choices that can increase your overall sense of fulfillment and joy. 

A growth-oriented attitude at work will likely make you feel more resilient when facing work- or personal-based challenges. 

Your growth mindset should also be built around cultivating supportive, non-toxic relationships with those around you. 

No one likes working with a killjoy, and you'll realize work feels less fulfilling when you're the one being a killjoy.

3. Avoid Distractions at Work

Lastly, while overworking yourself to the point of burnout can harm your productivity and overall health, you should still retain some level of productivity to feel fulfilled and happy with your job

One of the most crucial steps to doing this is by avoiding distractions at work. 

Distractions have become increasingly a hindrance to employees nowadays due to the rise of remote or hybrid work.

CNBC's article on workplace distractions explains that eliminating distractions starts with fostering a work environment where you can feel safe enough to share your concerns, especially with higher-ups. 

For example, if you're going through a non-work problem, it can help to let your coworkers or manager know

This means that beyond cleaning up your messy work desk at home, you should also work on being more open with your colleagues — even (and especially) when you're far away from each other. 

To effectively avoid distractions, you should be able to communicate clearly. 

This will also keep you accountable as you work while keeping your coworkers in the loop.

4. FAQ of How Put Your Best Foot Forward at Work

1. How can I stay motivated and enthusiastic about my work?

- Set meaningful goals, surround yourself with supportive colleagues, and prioritize self-care.

2. How can I build strong relationships with my colleagues?

- Foster open communication, listen actively, and offer assistance.

3. How can I handle workplace challenges and setbacks?

- Embrace challenges, seek solutions, and ask for help when needed.

4. How can I improve my professional skills and stand out?

- Never stop learning, seek training opportunities, and embrace new responsibilities.

5. How can I maintain a healthy work-life balance?

- Set boundaries, prioritize self-care, and practice effective time management.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, putting your best foot forward at work is about shifting your mindset and approach to your job. 

Being a more positive employee and person overall can help make work more fulfilling for you, ensuring you can benefit from your job as much as your work is benefiting from your contributions.

We hope you've enjoyed this article and now you feel ready to put your best foot forward at work!

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