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How To Develop Yourself When Nobody Believes In You

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When the people around you doubt your abilities and question your dreams, it’s easy to start feeling like the world is against you....

Human beings are social creatures. What other people say about you can be a huge determinant of success, or, failure in life. 

Also, human beings have a strong desire to fit in. No one wants to be different or stand alone. We want to be supported by our loved ones and peers.

Successful people surround themselves with other successful people.
And that’s why they keep succeeding. 

On the other hand, failures surround themselves with failures. And they keep failing.

You cannot succeed when you surround yourself with people who constantly, whine, blame or criticize.

 For life to get better, you have to get better. And you’ll only get better by surrounding yourself with people who expect the best from you all the time. 

The path to success is lonely. Most times, you’ll have to break the relationships you hold with people who don’t believe in yourself. Many successful people have done it. And so can you. The world cannot progress without dreamers like you. 

So, how do you develop yourself when nobody believes in you? This article will answer this question by sharing with you the best tips on how to do so. Let’s get started!

How To Develop Yourself When Nobody Believes In You

1. Question Everything

Featured in article: "How To Develop Yourself When Nobody Believes In You". Question Everything, question mark.

Truth is a matter of perception. You don’t have to believe everything that other people believe. In fact, you should question the things that most people believe. Why? The path leading to failure is often crowded. 

The pareto principle sums it all well. 20% of the population owns 80% of the resources and 80% of the population owns 20% of the resources. Don’t follow the crowd!

The most intelligent people question everything like children. 

They don’t make assumptions or do things because other people are doing it. And that’s why they ultimately succeed.

You also have to question your own beliefs.

People around you may not believe in you but not everyone will fail to believe in you. 

You just have to move and find the right people to associate with. You only need a handful of people to support you.

2. Use Affirmations

Featured in article: "How To Develop Yourself When Nobody Believes In You". Use Affirmations. Only yes is YES

Affirmations are great tools that will make you start believing in yourself. When people around you don’t believe in you, it’s easy to start doubting yourself. Your self-esteem will go down like a sea anchor.

 Affirmations are empowering words that strengthen you during difficult times. 

You can start by saying, “I like myself.” These are the most positive words in any language.

You can also say, “Something is good will happen to me.”

Successful people repeat these affirmations almost one hundred times a day. 

Even with negative energy around you, you will end up believing yourself by using affirmations.

3. Develop Your Skills

Featured in article: "How To Develop Yourself When Nobody Believes In You". Develop Your Skills. Success: Learning, Training, Instruction, Practice.

Doing your work really well will definitely boost your self-esteem and confidence. The reason why most people don’t believe in themselves and others is that they do their work in an average way.

When you do your work in an average way, you don’t go anywhere. In fact, you end feeling dissatisfied. 

Other people believe in successful people because they always deliver what they promise.

You can get better at what you do by developing your skills on a daily basis.

How do you develop your skills

By reading books, listening to audio programs and putting to practice what you learn.

As the popular saying goes, leaders are readers.

You cannot get better at what you do if you don’t take your time to learn and develop your skills

There are tons of valuable skills you can develop at any one time such as time management skills, effective communication, and listening skills and problem-solving skills to name a few.

When you get better, the world around you will get better.

4. Read Other People’s Stories

Featured in article: "How To Develop Yourself When Nobody Believes In You". Reading Other People’s Stories. Inspired by successful people

It’s frustrating when no one believes in you. You are probably spending a lot of time analyzing yourself and thinking that something is wrong with you. However, this is not the case.

There are countless people going through what you are going through right now.

You are not alone! 

In fact, most successful people had dysfunctional childhoods. They were epic failures and most people laughed at them. But they did it.

Reading the stories of successful people will inspire you to move forward despite the hardships.

You’ll also realize that no one is perfect. All you need to do is make every day a successful day through progress.

5. Focus on Abundance

Featured in article: "How To Develop Yourself When Nobody Believes In You". Focus on Abundance, successful person,

Focusing on the negative side of life will not take you anywhere. Criticizing and blaming other people for not believing in you will take you down like a sea anchor.

Start focusing on the opportunities around you. 

See every setback as a learning opportunity. 

When you make a mistake, learn from it and resolve to never repeat it again.

There are many opportunities around you. All you need to do is open your eyes. Opportunities only come to those who are prepared to receive it.

People not believing in you can be an opportunity to develop yourself and show them why they should believe in you.

You get what you focus on every day!


With these tips, you’ll develop yourself when no one believes you.

Everything will be easier for you when you accept full responsibility for everything that happens around you.

You are also responsible for how you respond in these circumstances. It’s time to take control of your life!

Now you know how to develop yourself when nobody believes in you!
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