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10 Top Motivational Strategies And Techniques To Inspire You

Header image of the article: "10 Top Motivational Strategies And Techniques To Inspire You". A list of the best motivational strategies to inspire.

Our life, emotions, and behavior are never constant. We change every second, as every experience we have is a cause for one or more future effects.

If you have bad thoughts today, they’re going to manifest in the future because your subconscious mind was already programmed and therefore influenced by your previous actions.

Most of us go through rough times. That’s how life works. When our motivation is down, we tend to blame the circumstances and rarely seek to find answers within.

I believe that every mental state is caused and influenced by more aspects such as our past thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Sometimes, finding the power to move forward is a matter of skill rather than luck or patience.

Also, counting on others is a bad mistake because if your motivation is dependent on others, you’ll hardly stand a chance when nobody is around.

When your motivation is poor or non-existent at certain times, you’ll have to figure out how to overcome the challenge. You can do it in many ways, though I would recommend you start with several easy-to-do motivation techniques.

In today’s post, I’m sharing 10 motivational strategies that you can implement and consistently practice whenever “things get tough”

10 Top Motivational Strategies And Techniques To Inspire You

1. Establish Realistic Yet Exciting Goals

What are you after right now? Do you have goals or you’re moving through life without knowing what you’ll do next? 

In order for our mental states to stay on track, we need a certainty that we’re moving in the right direction. If you haven’t planned that direction, then there’s nothing to hold on to when you’re feeling down.

I’d suggest you start looking for some exciting life goals that are also realistic.

It doesn’t matter the nature of the goals. They could be financial goals, relationship goals, hobby goals, or anything that triggers you when you think about it.

2. Start Seeking Your True Purpose

Featured in the article: "10 Top Motivational Strategies And Techniques To Inspire You". Find your purpose and fulfill your destiny.

Why do you think you’re here? Have you ever asked yourself this question? What about your purpose or mission here? Do you have one?

A true purpose is more than becoming financially or socially successful. A true purpose is something bigger than yourself.

It could be a cause such as helping homeless people find jobs or teaching handicapped children how to do better in life. Or, it could be saving the animals in need.

Motivation is a limited resource and it’s highly influenced by your thoughts and perspective.

If you discover your true purpose, the passion behind it will push you forward every time your motivation gives you struggles.

3. Learn to Use the Forgotten Word

The forgotten word is “NO”. Are you using it when you’re lacking discipline? Are you leveraging it when people request things from you?

Most people are afraid to say NO to whatever they dislike because of their own reasons.

Most likely, they’ve never had the courage to refuse inappropriate behaviors of themselves and of other people.

Let go from things and people that constantly drain your motivation, learn to say NO!

4. Read and Apply the Philosophy of Inspiring Quotes

Featured in the article: "10 Top Motivational Strategies And Techniques To Inspire You". Read inspirational quotes that give you good vibes only.

A simple and effective trick to boost your motivation levels immediately is to engage in motivational and inspiring quotes written by famous people who know what they’re talking about.

Find these quotes that you like and keep thinking of them every day.

I used to read one quote each morning, and for the rest of the day, I thought about it and applied it in every situation I could. I used to note down all these quotes with the purpose of checking them periodically.

In a matter of one month, my motivation was skyrocketing because I was indulging in words of true wisdom!

5. Grow Every Day

Growth is an essential aspect of our human condition. Since we were born, we grow both physically and mentally. As we become mature, our growth is oriented towards knowledge and skills. 

The better you become at what you do the more you’ll enjoy and appreciate that activity.

Therefore, if you’re not satisfied with who you are today, it means that your motivation might be low due to your current state.

Start improving yourself daily and your motivation will follow.

6. Visualize Your Future and Perform Regular Introspections

Featured in the article: "10 Top Motivational Strategies And Techniques To Inspire You". Motivational strategy: Introspection, visualization, future, planning

You should start visualizing your near and long-term future, with all the good things that you want to happen.

The visualization process is helpful because it reminds us of the temporary state of our existence plus it will be the driving force for our future actions.

If you feed your subconscious mind with exciting images that belong to your future, you’re setting it up for the accomplishments that you crave for.

7. Leverage the State of Gratitude

Here’s a trick: managing to put yourself into absolute gratitude states, you will eliminate every imaginable bad feeling and you’ll feel refreshed after. Try it.

The entire idea is to accept and appreciate your life right now as it. 

When you feel grateful for being healthy, for having someone to love you, for enjoying the simple things in life, you’ll keep reminding yourself to take life a bit easier and to stop hustling over every imaginable problem.

The more unsatisfied you are the less energy you’ll have to keep pursuing your dreams. However, be careful not to jump to the other extreme, which is the terrible state of the comfort zone.

8. Pick Up New Activities and Hobbies

Featured in the article: "10 Top Motivational Strategies And Techniques To Inspire You". Motivational strategy: Pick Up New Activities and Hobbies.The keyword is “new”. When we do new things that we enjoy, our dopamine levels will almost always skyrocket, which means that we’ll get fueled with motivation. 

Take some time off, give yourself a break, and brainstorm some new activities or potential hobbies.

When you’ll need to motivate yourself properly, you can reward yourself with the new activities you’ve found to be pleasing, exciting, and motivating.

9. Study Successful People

Another great strategy for instantly motivating yourself is to study people who you admire.

Find individuals who have already achieved what you’re trying to accomplish and observe and assess their mindset.

You can study their social media profiles, websites, books, or find information about their biographies.

When you see that even the greatest persons have gone through amazingly rough times, you’ll understand that your motivation issues can be fixed no matter what.

10. Ditch the Past and the Future, Fully Experience the Present Moment

Featured in the article: "10 Top Motivational Strategies And Techniques To Inspire You". Motivational Strategy: Do important things now before they become urgent.

If you’re the type of person who gives his past and future a great deal of attention while ignoring the present moment, then you shouldn’t be surprised that your motivation is down on a frequent basis.

Think about it: you are always experiencing the present moment. If you think about what you did 1 minute ago, you’ll probably miss thousands of details because your attention was limited to one thing. 

Therefore, your interpretation of the past is incorrect because you can never possibly retain everything that’s happened.

It goes the same with the future. If you think about what’s going to happen next, or stress about planning the perfect day, the perfect business, or the perfect interaction with someone new, you are creating an illusion

The illusion of the future, which is hardly going to serve you well because staying with your mind in the future creates lots of false expectations that’ll later hurt your moods and motivation.

My suggestion is to focus on what you’re doing right now.

If you’re reading this post attentively, you’ll reap its benefits and you’ll feel like you did something productive.

Even though you may not recognize it, doing things effectively will often make you feel better, more confident and stronger.

Well, all these positive feelings are interconnected with your drive to do more. Once again, remember that momentum leads to an increased motivation!


No matter your life situation and circumstances, these simple yet effective techniques shall help you develop the necessary strength to move past challenges, moods, and unpleasant times.

The better you know yourself the better you’ll understand how to create balance in your life once again.

Keep experimenting the tips you’ve read here, and you’ll soon notice the huge differences. 

Remember: life’s a journey and most of the emotions you feel now are always subject to change.

We hope now you have the motivational strategies you need to conquer your goals!
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