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5 Personal Development Apps To Improve Your Life

Header image of the article: "5 Personal Development Apps To Improve Your Life". A list of the best self-improvement apps out there.

What would you do if you need to find a room in a hotel to book or a tool to keep in touch with your friends? Obviously, you will turn to your mobile device to ask for help. Mobile technologies are evolving extremely fast. 

We have forgotten how we actually coped without all those applications and services. Once we have though nothing can be better that a new device powered by iOS and Android, third-party developers have flooded the market with their products aimed at making people's lives easier.

But are they really helpful? Can you make a clear distinction between time killing apps and self-improvement apps

Check our list of the best 5 mobile applications that will turn into your lifesavers and can really inspire you: 

5 Personal Development Apps To Improve Your Life

App #1 - MoodSpace

The first problem most people face today is stress. It results in numerous diseases and depressions.  few people can really cope with such state of mind on their own. 

The rest may benefit from MoodSpace application. Available for Android devices, it was designed to provide people prone to depression with a mental relief. Once you have taken your mood under control with the help of the app, it will prevent you from further relapsing. 

The idea is pretty simple. The application boosts users' personal development functions. It also has some extra features including Mindful Meditation and Thought Dairy

Developer found it possible to encourage people to think and act positively. They help users to find good and happy things in each moment whatever happens. 

Our verdict: MoodSpace is certainly worth paying attention if you need a mental relief. 

App #2 - Elevate

Although this particular app has nothing in common with the first in our list, they may create a perfect combination and create a supreme being without stress, with perfect memory and exceptional cognitive skills.

Designed for iOS and Android devices, this self-improvement application is aimed at developing people's critical skills like memory, math and speaking skills, precision and more.

Elevate delivers over 40 different mini-games to tease your brain. The game selection is constantly updated. They consist of various daily workouts developed personally for a specific user. The app can be connected with different wearable devices including Google Watch. What for? To see your results after each game, of course.  

Our verdict: a good app to boost your intelligence and develop essential skills if you actually need them. 

Featured in the article: "5 Personal Development Apps To Improve Your Life". Represents a smartphone with self-improvement apps and personal development tools.

App #3 Budgie

Saving money is what most of us strive for but fail to do. It appears that the problem was related to the lack of Budgie app. It was designed to help people save money and stick to a fixed budget

(Unfortunately for iOS device users, the application is yet available only for Android smartphones and tablets.)

Once you have launched the app, you understand its huge potential. Every detail shows that the application was developed specially for lazy people. 

It is extremely simple to use featuring an intuitive interface. It is fun and at the same time handy, as it helps to track your budgets.

It keeps control over your spending.

You will know exactly how much money you spend on food, transport, eating out, etc. 

The app was created to turn money saving process into an entertaining game. Users will appreciate engaging and high-quality graphics in addition to funny prompts introduced in the game-like manner. 

Our verdict: still do not have a clues where does all you money disappear? Download the Budgie app and have fun. 

App #4 - SuperBetter

This one has hit the headlines not only in app stores but also in healthcare and business industries. While some people still consider playing games as nothing but a waste of time, SuperBetter has already helped more than 500 000 users to cope with different problems related to mental weakness and the lack of self-motivation

The application appeared to be so effective when encouraging people on improving their own lives, that some patients were recommended using it to cope with serious diseases and post-traumatic treatments. 

It will be good for those who can set clear targets for future but fail to achieve them. If you need a strong motivation and encouragement to move forward, SuperBetter application is right for you. The app is available for both Android and iOS

Our verdict: an award-winning and motivating application. 

App #5 - ThinkUp

Once again, we are review the application aimed at helping people focus on their prior targets and goals. Is it really so had to sort out what a person wants from his or her life? For some people, this obstacle is a real challenge. 

What you need is a good self-talk and some good positive thoughts. ThinkUp application will help you with both. 

It was designed to help people find positive things in their daily lives.

The application offers several training programs for different purposes. Whether you need to achieve high career results or benefit from mutual respect and love in relations with a soul mate, ThinkUp will help with its amazing courses that include:
- Love & Relations;
- Professional Career;
- Stress Relief;
- Daily Motivations and more.

All in all, the application delivers 300+ different affirmations out of the box. The application is available for Android and iOS devices.

Our verdict: a good app for people with a lack of motivation. 

Are you ready try our suggestions of the best self-improvement apps out there? 
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David Halmore is the co-founder of the devyroom.com. A philosopher and dedicated mobile developer who made a great contribution to the evolution of mobile apps. He follows the golden rule that each new development should make people's lives easier. David always explores the mobile app marketplace to come up with some exclusive and award-winning discoveries.     


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