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5 Reasons Why A Career Change Is Never Too Late For You

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Choosing a career is a tough decision. Making a career change? Even harder! However, most people – even though they understand that making a change is challenging – they tend to give the “hard” an attribution of “impossible”.

Simply put, instead of remaining open, many individuals prefer to embrace a terrible comfort zone state, even if they’re not fulfilled (!) with their present life and conditions.

Life should not be miserable for anyone – yet, our careers often make us feel that way.

How can we get better? Happier? More fulfilled? It’s simple! We must respect ourselves more. We should respect our life right now, as we’re not getting another one back.

In today’s post, I’m going to show you why making a career change might never be too late for you – even if you consider yourself too old or feel too tired of trying.

5 Reasons Why a Career Change Is Never Too Late for You

1. You’re Never “Too Old”, You Always Have Energy

Every one of us lives under different beliefs.

A belief is a powerful component of our decision-making process.

In this case, if you believe yourself to be too old or tired for embarking on a new professional journey, your subconscious mind will no longer look for ways (thoughts, ideas, moods) for you to make that change.

To stay out of this trap, work on your mindset and beliefs. Figure out the main beliefs that are holding you back from changing that job.

The second point is…even if you’re 50…or 60… you can still do it.

It’s all a matter of priorities. What do you want to do with your life? Find out and go out there and pursue it with all your heart, and the energy will come.

2. You Can Always Transfer or Build New Skills

Some would be thinking…”Oh, but how about all the skills I’ve built through this career? Will they be useless now?” 

Well, that’s a good question. If you care so much about your skills and you love doing something with the use of those skills, you can find a new job or career path that will continue to let you use them.

Moreover, if you’re open to more change, you should begin building new skills.

You never know what you’re talented at until you try different stuff.

3. The Past Doesn’t Matter if The Future is Better

Many of us hold onto our pasts like if our entire lives would depend on it. Obviously, that’s how our brains work – we use our past associations to judge the world in the present.

So, if a gypsy stole your bike once, later, you’ll associate most of the gypsies with thieves.

It works the same way with every possible belief we have.

In case your career has brought your stability, growth, and joy in the past, you might be stuck with that memory. However, because you’re already considering a career shift (by reading this article) …it means you’re not satisfied with the present.

So instead of focusing your thoughts and decision making based on the past experiences, try to imagine the future. 

Here, you can use your own imagination and create your own terms.

Dream for more, expect more and work for more. It’ll eventually come!

4. You Are Not Supposed to Do the Same Thing Forever!

Did you know that Andrea Bocelli was a lawyer before he started singing? How about Sylvester Stallone, who was a lion-cage cleaner and a deli-counter assistant? Even Julia Child – the famous cook – was doing something totally different before changing her career. She used to be a CIA intelligence officer. At the age of 36, she embarked on a totally different journey!

These people… they’re live examples that change is really possible. 

The only thing that might be keeping you away from realizing your options is the comfort zone you’re probably in.

Yet, if you care to be a little braver and expect more from your life, you can give it a new meaning today, tomorrow, or as soon as you truly want to.

5. Want Progress? Embrace Change!

Most individuals have strong self-preservation needs. This mindset has been gradually constructed throughout time, so now it’s there, and it’s dominant.

People are afraid of change. It sounds terrifying for some.

How could they step out of their comfort zone and actually push themselves a little bit?

Look. In life, you can’t just sit around and expect to be happy, successful, or at least content.

Obviously, if you want to be average, you can do that. No one is going to stop you. Still, you’re still reading my article, so I bet you want something better for yourself.

You should simply stop being afraid. Change is not bad. Change is great.

Besides gaining totally new perspectives over things, embracing the change in your life is going to set you apart from the majority.

Once you give yourself permission to do something new and you also begin taking the first steps towards achieving it, progress should quickly knock at your door.


Managing to change your career for the better is going to improve your life quality in various ways.

Your self-esteem and self-confidence will grow, you won’t wake up each day of the week hoping for the day to end as quick as possible, and you’ll smile a lot more

 It is possible; you just have to want it really bad!

We hope now you have the necessary determination and information to realize that a career changes is never too late for you.
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Micheal Gilmore is a career adviser and professional resumes writer at Resumes Planet. His mission is helping people achieve perfection in anything they do. In his parallel life, he loves hiking and can't wait to see the Himalayas one of these days. Follow Micheal on Twitter.


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