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How Do You Get Respect From Others - 14 Great Ways

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No matter what people do, they need to feel appreciated and admired for their work.

Regardless of what they might told you, respect is a human necessity we all have and want to feel from others.

Because of it, in today's constant changing world, people try to use a shortcut. Sometimes they use an delusional perspective of their lives in social media, portraying something that they aren't, but that gets the instant admiration from others. 

Well this is not the best way to get respect from others, it can be quite the opposite when people find out that you were faking.

So respect deals not only with status and admiration, but also with integrity and character. 

To help you out in your journey of knowing how can you get respect from others we present you 14 great ways on how you can achieve that:

How Do You Get Respect From Others - 14 Great Ways

1. Don't Force It 

A common mistake most individuals make is to force other people to respect them

Some do it by being too aggressive in the way they talk and act with others. This will not earn you respect, instead it will make people fear you(!). That's bullying your way to respect. At the first opportunity they get they will disrespect you.

Other ways of forcing respect from others are more subliminal, yet they are ineffective also. Fitting in just for the sake of being accepted by others is another major flaw: 

Stop being too nice, stop saying "yes" to everything, stop apologizing for things you do constantly and stop gossiping just because everyone is doing it.

If you are forcing it, you're faking it, somehow someway the truth always finds a way to reveal itself. Being known as a liar is not the way of gaining respect.

2. Practice What You Preach

You can talk the talk, but it's indispensable that you walk the walk. Be recognized by your deeds not for having a big mouth and doing the exact opposite thing that you say.

It's common to see parents saying to their children not to smoke, yet these same parents smoke. Or a fitness trainer preaching about how eating healthy and exercise is good for you, yet the same trainer is out of shape and fat. 

Although their advice is well intended, they don't gain the respect they wish they had from others, because they lack congruence between what they say and what they do. 

Practice the art of integrity and having congruence if you want respect from others. 

What you say, you do! If you're not doing... don't say it!

Others will respect you if they see you practicing what you preach. They will get inspired to do it also, this is also a way of influencing people, so it's a win win situation.

3. Stay Humble No Matter What 

It's easier to stay humble when you're down, harder to do it when you're at the top. But no matter the situation, remain humble.

When you're on the down side of life, you understand others importance and you really feel that you need them to help you. So you treat other people very well. 

At the top things change, and you think you don't need others to help you out. Major mistake!

Not matter the situation, you always need other people's knowledge and resources, because you don't know everything and you can't do everything by yourself.  

So, you need to respect people and their abilities/skills because respect earns respect

Leave your ego on the side and give others their right to shine too.

Life changes quickly, those who are at the top can be falling tomorrow, who will grab them? Not the people that were disrespected in the past, certainly! 

So you never know who can help you in the future, the best way to deal with this is to treat people like people in the present.

4. Be Accountable 

Ask yourself: Can people count on me when they give me the responsibility to perform a specific task? 

Your answer must be yes! Without a doubt...if you want to be respected. Again, people respect actions not words! So deeds are crucial for accountability. 

Your talents, expertise, skills mastery and productivity are essential part of gaining respect from others.

Practice on them, don't be lazy about it. Past accomplishments can strengthen the respect others have for you, but don't hang on them forever.

Life keeps moving, so should you. Constantly develop your craft and your tasks, so people can rely on you whenever is need it.

Featured in the article: "How Do You Get Respect From Others - 14 Great Ways" . Team work at the office, accountability  earns respect from others

5. Live A Goal-Oriented Life 

Setting goals can make you achieve what you never thought you could. Not only you'll achieve great things, but you will also become better because you're in a constant development process.

Some people will criticize you because you're changing and they aren't. Other people will love it, because you're growing and becoming greater than you were yesterday.

But you know what? 

Everyone will respect you because you're committed and determined to achieve something.

Goal setting gives you focus, nothing can bother you or stop you from achieving your goals, when you're fully committed to it. 

This kind of attitude towards life attracts people, because in all honesty, we all have a part of us that wants to achieve and become great too. So people might not have the same goals as you, but they will definitively respect it because they identify with it.

6. Practice Leadership Skills

You don't need to be a boss or chief to be a leader. You don't even need to have a team that follows your orders. 

Leadership starts from within, the way you conduct yourself and your daily actions. 

A good leader begins with mastering his own emotions and self-talk. After that, what you are on the outside is a reflection of what goes on the inside (Jim Rohn taught me that one!). People notice it and respect it!

Of course the way you communicate with others, the way you control your emotions in life situations and how you are able to solve problems, these are all good leadership characteristics that people interact with and respect.

Work on your leadership skills so you can become better as a person and recognized as a great leader.

7. Be There For Others

Do you think others will respect you if you don't care about them whatsoever? Of course not, who does?

Again you shouldn't force it, but show that you truly care about other people.

Ask them how they are and if there's something they need, not just to chat... But because you really worry about their well being

Share your knowledge with them, listen to their opinions, respect their points of view and create things together.

Make them part of team, your team at home, your team at work, your team at the gym, your team wherever you are! 

This will create awesome relationships, where everyone is involved and all feel like they are part of something.

Better yet, you will feel the need to care for them like you care for yourself, that is in a genuine and very interested way, that really gains respect

Featured in the article: "How Do You Get Respect From Others - 14 Great Ways" - soldier kissing dog, genuine interest getting respect

8. Have High Values And Standards 

What are your priorities and values in life? What things do you value the most?

You need to show to people that you have high values and standards, they are reflected in your daily decisions and actions, by what you prioritize the most.

So, create your priorities list, number them by importance and practice them daily. 

Of course people should be one of your top priorities, whether your family, your partner, your friends, your co-workers, they all count!

People can really relate to it and respect you for it. When you have a clear image of your values you automatically become more confident and ready to stand for them.  

9. Stay Prepared For Anything

Some things in life are unpredictable, the best way to be ready for them is to stay prepared.

In other words, do your homework. If you have a meeting at work show up ready to answer all the questions, by preparing in the week prior to the meeting. 

In any situation, you need to be ready. As an example, you can use your free time in a productive way, where you must have fun but also develop yourself and your set of skills.

Life will hit you and those around you, if you are prepared for it people can count on you when that time comes. 

10. Be Unafraid To Speak Your Mind

If you stand for nothing you'll fall for anything. You need to have a voice, an opinion, a strong personality that is unafraid to speak when it's needed.

Who knows if your perspective can be the source to solve people's problems? You can only know that by speaking your mind.

Do you think you're right all the time? Express your opinion and maybe you'll realize that actually you were wrong, no problem you can learn from the experience.

In any case, people can respect that, what people can't respect is a quiet voice that only speaks to be a commodity

If you're the problem solver for people, great! If you're the one that is mistake, no problem! People can learn from that mistake to and relate to you, because we all are humans.

The biggest lesson here is that people respect you when you stand up like a real person should, an individual that has the ability to have great ideas, but, also the honesty to realize when you're mistaken and learn from it.

Featured in the article: "How Do You Get Respect From Others - 14 Great Ways". Speak your mind in public

11. Stand Up For Great Causes 

Related to the point above, you must stand for something, great causes are a great opportunity to do that. 

Step outside yourself and help those in need. 

Engage in random acts of kindness, give help where help is needed and whenever you can

Helping others will give an unbelievable feeling, that creates enjoyment and fulfillment in yourself but specially in others!

Respect is something you earn by your actions. Be there for others and they will be there when you need, is reciprocal. 

12. Recognize Your Own Mistakes

We've talked about it, but we really need to address this solo.

You can't be always right, so mistakes will happen. The question is, are you humble enough to recognize them in front of others, apologize and carry on?

Some people think that mistakes must be hidden, but again, the truth will rise always. People hate people that they cannot trust. 

It's worst to be mistaken and not recognize it than to admit that you made an error.

The best thing you can do is acknowledge that mistake, try to correct it and move on to the next chapter. 

Approach your friend and tell him: sorry John, a made a mistake you were actually right! Just imagine what he feels after hearing this?

Who knows? Next time it might be your friend that makes a mistake, you surely will like to know the truth, and you can help him correct it. He will love your help too. 

13. Be Generous But Know Your Boundaries 

Ok! You should be humble, tell the truth and be honorable. All that is great! Generosity is another thing you must work on to get respect from others.

The trouble is when people don't understand the limits of generosity and want all they can get.

So you should be generous, be there for others and help, but do know your boundaries.

Life isn't always a sunshine, rainy days will come we cannot ignore them. So, you should be kind and generous by giving, but don't reverse the logic of life. People love free things, and they will abuse it if you are too generous. 

There is always a limit for something. 

Offer some things like a sunshine day that's free, reward people for their acts too, but do know when it's time to unplug from the generosity button. This is all a big lesson you can provide to people, and this will too get you respect.

14. Add Value 

All things we've said in this article could fall short if you don't deliver in whatever activity you have in life.

It relates to all characteristics that you must develop to get respect from others, you must add value to people's lives. 

Become someone that people can rely on, and that people recognize as a great professional

Someone that has the skills and wisdom to make a difference in this world.

You don't have to be the next Steve Jobs, your work can be milking cows for a living and still people can recognize you as great at what you do. 

So develop yourself, understand the set of skills you must master to achieve great, work on them, and people will respect it!

We hope know you know how you can get respect from others and start to develop the correspondent skills to achieve it.
Share this ways with your friends and family so they too can benefit and gain value from it.
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