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6 Lessons Learned In Life About Chasing My Dreams And Goals

Header image of the article: "6 Lessons Learned In Life About Chasing My Dreams And Goals"

I tell you it wasn't easy. To start out a blog from nothing and try to motivate people all over the world. I had big dreams in my head, but few wisdom about how that chase and catch works.

I had to embark on a journey of self discovery and learn as fast as I could. Well, my ideas were big, but I was a little all over the place. 

Years passed and things got clearer, I have now a clear vision of what I want and what I need to do to achieve it. 

Dreams and goals are becoming a reality, but nothing was possible without understanding what made them see day light.

Today I'm sharing with you some lessons learned in life while I was chasing my dreams and goals , these lessons might help you to chase and catch yours! Enjoy!

6 Lessons Learned In Life About Chasing My Dreams And Goals 

1. Nobody Is Handing You A Free Pass

In others words, you have to do it yourself! If you want to accomplish or have something, begging for it will not do it. 

Of course you can get some things by asking, but this isn't childhood no more. Your parents cannot carry you forever, your friends cannot handle you things eternally. 

What I mean is that your dreams your goals cannot be accomplished by simply asking other people for it. 

It's upon you to make them come true. 

2. Your Vision Is Very Specific

Only you can know in detail what your dreams look like and feel like. 

Other people don't have your vision nor your ambition. 

Relying on them, will put you in a place where you're working for other people's dreams and goals not yours

Because the majority of people work for what they can see, their top priority in life is themselves, not what you want and what you are envisioning.

Don't expect others to understand what you want to accomplish. 

You can clearly see this when people hear about your dreams for the first time and almost immediately, their reaction is negative, they call you all types of stuff (like crazy, day dreamer, and so on) and try to make you quit.

They really don't understand your vision, because it's specific to who you are.

3. Your Passion Is Irreplaceable 

When you have real dreams and goals, this means you're really passionate about them. At least you must be, that's why I mentioned "real", because you're not playing, you really want this!

When you are passionate about something, only you can endure and persist when everyone else is thinking about giving up. 

And people will, because they don't have your passion for it, they are passionate about their dreams.

Goals are similar to a love relationship, when you are in love some people don't understand why you do the things you do. But you keep on doing them regardless. You don't ask others to love for you or get intimate with your partner.

It's your dreams, your goals, fall in love with them and rock on!

Featured image of the article: "6 Lessons Learned In Life About Chasing My Dreams And Goals"

4. Hard Work Makes The Difference 

Ok! I know you might be thinking about the famous cliche "don't work hard, work smart!".  So hard work it's not the main ingredient... to achieve your dreams and goals? 

I think some people try to down play it to some extent, mainly because they want a quick way to do it, without pain and breaking a sweat. They want instant things, instant results.

Now... you need to have the right strategy to achieve what you want, that's when the smart part comes. I tell you this is important and it can take time to learn what really works. But once you know it, that's where hard work comes in..

It's time to put the work in, and this is where really smart people gets beaten by others who are willing to work, work and work.

When you dream about accomplishing something, there is a gap between where you are today and where you want to be a few months from now. 

I found myself in that situation when I started this blog. Such a great idea, but a great challenge in front of me!

That gap can be enormous there's no limit to it, ideas and strategies tell you what you need to do to reach that place, but to actually do what you have to do, you need a tremendous amount of work!  

You need to fill in that gap, day after day, after day. It demands great effort and commitment. 

My daily tasks consist in writing and reviewing articles, search for information, connect and engage with people in social media, create marketing strategies, explore other forms of content, answering emails, and so on.

You can know what you have to do, but to do it consistently and deliver the results you want for your life, you must develop a great capacity to work hard no matter what

That's what makes all the difference. 

5. Don't Care About What Other People Says 

This relates with the vision and passion for your dreams and goals. People will have an opinion on what you're doing and some will try to make you give up.

But like I stated before, they don't understand what you're doing in the first place. 

Second they might be envying you

We all have this necessity to feel that we're getting somewhere in life. When we see other people trying to achieve something that's better, some feelings of envy and jealousy arise towards them. They are getting somewhere and you're not, it's human nature to feel somewhat left behind.

The best thing you can do when someone downplays your dream, is to simply not care!

This approach actually works for me, it calms me down and I totally focus on my goals.

That's right, don't care about their opinions there is no strong reason to do it. 

Your dreams and goals are stronger than that gossip and cheap talk.

Next time, people condemn your dream don't waist time arguing. Tell them "ok" and carry on doing and you have to do.

6. You Don't Have Forever 

You can have a great vision, real passion for it, be committed to work hard and have great focus, but you must understand that goals have a deadline to be achieved

I'm not trying to pressure you, but you don't have forever to pursue our dreams and goals.

Some times people come up with great ideas, they start doing it for real, results start to show and that's when they stop. It's time to chill and relax for a while. The problem is that small pause turns out to be a big pause, results start to suffer from it, and suddenly you start to wonder "is it really worth it?". 

Of course it is! That's why you clearly defined the dreams and goals for your life, because you really wanted them

You can have your rest time, but don't stop. Laziness can be contagious. 

Some of my first articles got a little viral, I was thrilled by it, but in all honesty, that made me stop. I thought I was big time and started to chill, but really I was far far away from my goals. 

The real lesson here is that you must have a timeline for your goals. 

What things you must accomplish this week, this month, this year to get you closer to your dreams? Keep track of your results on a weekly basis, this will push you to keep on working to achieve more and more without stopping just to contemplate your work. 

Compete with yourself, last week you manage to get X amount of money, see if you can double that value next week, triple it next month and so on. Get the picture? 

I talked about money but it can be anything you're trying to achieve. Get some metrics in, challenge yourself to multiply those numbers. Get closer to your goal.

You don't have forever to do it, the best time to start doing it it's now!

We hope you find these lessons worthy for your goals and dreams.
Share them with your friends to add value to theirs lives too.
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