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5 Reasons Slow Progress Is Better Than No Progress

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Have you heard that famous story of The Tortoise and the Hare? I always find that story a key source to boost someone’s passion and self-confidence, especially at that time when they feel like quitting, and hating themselves for making a slow progress towards anything

I think this story is the evergreen. one that still works to motivate and encourage those people who are perceived as weak, or who are the underdog in any genre, be it professional life, academic or personal life.

How cruel the world is, they mock those who eat slowly, run slowly, or work slowly – this slowness marks a stamp of laziness on their name and create a not-so-good impression. 

Have you ever wondered why making slow progress is looked down upon? Though the Tortoise walk slowly, yet he had the stamina to accept the challenge and he won.

Do you know what Barack Obama said in this regard?

 “If you’re walking down the right path, and if you’re willing to keep walking, then eventually you’ll make progress”

There another famous Chinese proverb which states that:

 “Do not be afraid of moving slowly that of standing still”

Heidi Johnson  also said:

Always concentrate on how far you have come, rather than how far you have left to go. The difference in how easy it seems will amaze you.”

Hitherto, it’s proved that making slow progress is nothing to look down upon, but now let’s take a look at what makes the Tortoise win with his slow speed?

The Secret to Win by Moving Slowly

The thing is, it was the Tortoise’s passion or spirit for: not to stop for a moment, continuous effort to keep moving, and hard work as a source, that eventually, make him cross the line, and he won the race.

Why am I talking about this moral story by the way? Because by using the reference of this story, I am gesturing towards the most important, yet common aspect of life which we often see and observe, that is:

Making slow progress is better than making no progress!

Yes, in this article we will throw light on few particular reasons telling why making slow progress is better than making no progress in professional life.

5 Reasons Slow Progress Is Better Than No Progress

1. Slow Progress Isn’t Failure

The truth is that slow progress is not a failure, rather it’s still better than nothing. 

Those who believe it, they nail it. Just like having a little water is better than empty glass, little effort is better than no effort made; similarly making a little progress is better than nil.

Failure is giving up, and stop trying to achieve something, you get nothing!

While making a slow progress is actually a symptom showing you’re trying to get to somewhere, you can get something out it! 

Anything done suddenly and quickly often then gives rise to some issues, whereas slow progress removes all chances of mistakes as a work is already done by maneuver planning and bit by bit planning.

2. Slow Progress Adds Up

For a second, imagine yourself as a writer who has just begun a journey to become a successful novelist, the slow journey will put you through various challenges

Numerous circumstances will appear, you deal with them by fighting,  in those fights you’ll learn the way to handle things – thus, you will gain more experience. 

The slow journey adds up experience in one’s professional life.

It's natural to be disappointed by moderate advance, regardless of whether we're attempting to expand our oath tally, enhance our composition abilities, or lift our business numbers. 

Indeed, even 250 words a day will in the long run make a novel, our expectation to absorb information will in the end turn out to be less steep and cheap, and our business numbers…? All things considered, the best way to truly fall flat is to surrender. 

3. Slow Progress Teaches You To Try Out New Things

Slow progress allows you to adapt as necessary, learn at each step of the journey, and ensure that you are honoring your ideals and actual desires.

Instead of pushing yourselves blindly through the fast lane in the pursuit of success..

Let’s take an example you have just started your professional career as SEO specialist or marketing executive

After a couple of years your name will be known as a particular brand, and you’ll be top ranked for making massive clientele while others who were senior to you that time, they will also be seen well established some time, but less than you. How?

When you strive for success in the long run, you try to become multifunctional by using multiple ways, you execute new ways, try new things in order to something out of the box that eventually makes you learn more and you become proficient.

4. Slow Progress Makes You Resilient

Another noteworthy advantage of making slow progress is, using it like a system that makes you more resilient. 

While thoroughly doing hard work on something, you become adhere with your goals – as we see many people who though make a quick progress within a short period of time, but they end up with nothing worth investing. 

They switch their field of occupation and move to where they could never think of going and become successful

With regards to our very own objectives and aspirations, once in awhile the most fulfilling outcomes originated from a moderate however unfaltering excursion (with a faithful sense of duty) regarding what we accept is correct.

In other words, "be stubborn about you goals, but flexible about your approach",  if you never stop and keep on searching for answers, you will end up in a better place. 

If you're resilient and patient you can achieve anything! 

5. Slow Progress Makes You Learn – Not To Give Up!

As we read before, the reason the Tortoise had won the race in spite of his slow running was: 

His stamina and spirit to keep on running without stopping or resting anywhere. 

This is the sign of true hard workers who learn to never give up, and keep up their strength to move forward, sooner or later they will reach their destination.

To Conclude

This is what slow progress teaches.

If the Tortoise would have stopped, wondering about the road , and just started to walk when the Hare awake, then he would never have won, because they would compete side by side and the Hare would beat him because it was way faster.

The Tortoise had to prove himself, be resilient to never stop, he had to show his walking capacity, and proved he was able to win every race in life! 

Hence, never assume others are better than you – rather prove yourself by keeping up your spirit to move on, don’t stop – you never know! 

You may you become an example for others to follow like the Tortoise!

We hope now you feel inspired to keep on progressing, regardless of being slow progress... is better than no progress at all!
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Clinton Loomis is a CEO, Career Advisor and a writer who writes mostly on topics related to tips to get online jobs in different fields and currently works with coursework writers at Coursework Club in UK.


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