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5 Reasons Why Getting Fired Is A Blessing In Disguise

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Getting fired feels awkward. From the one point of view, you are disappointed as your employer was not satisfied with the quality of your work.

From the other point of view, you feel relieved as now you can feel a taste of real life. 

Just imagine, that every working day you spend more than 50% of your time at work. If you add here the time you spend to get to the office, a lunch hour, and overtimes that happen all the time, you will get shocking result.

However, most of us even those who understand how much time we spend at work daily rarely quit the job.

We have too many fears that prevent us from living a full life for at least a couple of months.

In this article, we are going to bust these fears and explain you why getting fired is not a curse but a blessing.

Health magazine has made a research on why taking breaks is important to stay productive and keep enjoying your job.

When you work all the time, you do not even feel that you’ve got tired. Thus, if your boss told you that he no longer wants you to work for him, just take it easy and check our 5 reasons why getting fired is a blessing though in disguise:

5 Reasons Why Getting Fired Is A Blessing In Disguise 

1. You Have Time For Rest

The first thing you need to be grateful is that at last you have enough time to re-energize.

You may sleep as long as you want, you may walk as long as you wish, you may go into sports, for example visit gym or pool at the working hours when there are no people who just disturb you.

A couple of weeks and in some cases months can do more for you than working hard
for several years. 

2. You Can Redirect Your Resume To Change Career

You have always dreamt of changing your career but you did not have even a couple of hours to create resume for a career change

Of course, you could always use resume writing service, but you did not actually think that was a good idea as you would not have time for searching a job.

 Was the dream just a dream? Now you have the opportunity to make it true! 

3. You Can Get Creative

We all are somehow creative but we never have time even to define the sphere where we can demonstrate our creativeness.

When you get fired, you have enough time for all those things unless you start to search for a new job in panic (that's a no no! Unless you really need it...). 

We would recommend you not to rush things up and if you have a financial possibility, to devote a couple of months for yourself.

Just draw, write, sing, play the guitar, do whatever you want, and when you find your arty sphere and achieve something in reaching new level, give a try to job search. If you feel that the right moment has already come. 

Image featured in the article: "5 Reasons Why Getting Fired Is A Blessing In Disguise" - representing a man searching for a new job

4. You Can Meet All Your Friends You Haven’t Seen For Ages

Friends and family are precious but 40-hours working week does not presuppose that you have time to visit them frequently. 

Thus, you see your parents only during the Christmas weekend, and the last time you saw you best buddy was a couple of months ago when he had a birthday.

Now, you can settle your plans in such a way to find more time for communication with people who are really important to you. 

And that’s real blessing.

5. You Can Spend More Time on Personal Development

Self-education is vital for you as a professional and as a well-educated person.

However, when was the last time you’ve studied something new?

Of course, you read some publications and books and you try to watch some webinars and visit some seminars.

But you definitely had no time for a full-circle training that requires from you visit classes several times per week and even do some home assignments.

Now you can read as much as you want, you can visit all the lectures, and you should not care about time that you need to spend at work.

Again, a couple of months of self-education can become a starting point for a new exciting job and moving up the career ladder.

6. Conclusion

If you got fired, the only rule that you must obey is to stay positive

There is a plenty of jobs, and even if you have almost no experience, you still will find something to your taste.

The real blessing is that getting fired gives you time, 
that's the most valuable asset in today's world.

You can use the time that you have for improving your skills and knowledge, by doing that you will improve yourself and your perspective on things...and who knows? 
  • You can impress your interviewer when you decide to search for a job;
  • You can find new industries that you never thought you could work in;
  • You can understand yourself and your dream better, eventually achieve them!

So never regret the things that are happening in your life and try to make the most out of time that you get.

Even a traditional "bad thing" like getting fired, can be blessing in disguise.
Enjoy your blessing!

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 find the blessing in disguise that getting fired can be.
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