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How To Overcome Lethargy And Become More Productive At Work

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Header image of the article "How To Overcome Lethargy And Become More Productive At Work". A list of ways to overcome laziness and become more productive/active at work.

Lethargy and procrastination are two twin evils that plague today’s employee, both destructive for the productivity of the worker and the workplace as well.

Laziness can easily creep up, and so can the tendency to procrastinate, however conscious we are about meeting our deadlines and getting things done. 

In this age of constant connectivity through social media and instant messaging apps, it’s not too difficult to get lost in a useless conversation with a friend at the most inopportune moment.

Every employee has to fight a battle to win over these distractions once in awhile. This post will help you win over such battles and gain a permanent victory over them. 

We all allow ourselves the liberty of being lazy once in awhile. However, when this becomes a habit, especially at the workplace, it results in a full blown crisis where not only your own reputation comes under scanner but the entire team suffers because of you (!).

The team’s productivity gets hampered in a big way, deadlines get pushed and the entire team comes under undue pressure which may result in errors and inaccuracy. All this happens because of one person who starts taking his task too lightly and gets into the lethargic mode.

You surely do not want to end up being that person. Here we present ways to kick out the laziness and become more productive to help you out:

How To Overcome Lethargy And Become More Productive At Work

1. Understand That Being Lazy Has Consequences

Taking a lazy day, sometimes called a day off, once in awhile is not looked down upon in the corporate world. 

All professionals do that. However, if you are habitually lethargic at work it surely is going to impact your deliverables and productivity.

You won’t be able to fulfill your responsibilities effectively which will surely not go unnoticed by your superiors.

 It won’t be long before you will be considered a non performing asset, or deadweight and actions will be taken to replace you with someone better.

Thus, the biggest consequence of being lethargic or lazy at work is getting fired. You won’t need more reasons to change this habit. 

2. Identify The Real Culprit

Do you not like your work or are you bored off doing the same work again and again? Are you burned out from working too much? Do you want to do something else, something more exciting than what you are doing already?

Understanding the root cause of the laziness is an essential step in fighting this evil.

Once you get to the real culprit finding a solution to this problem will be easier. Until or unless you identify the real reason of your laziness, you won’t be able to make the changes in you that are required to be a more energetic and active worker.    

3. Divide Your Work In Time Slots

The most effective strategy to ensure minimum burnout with maximum efficiency is to break your work in chunks and dedicate separate time slots to each chunk with regular short breaks in between. 

There is no doubt regarding the efficiency of this methodology as people feel more energetic and interested in their work when they have enough rest time.

Trying to slog through the task all at one go can not only create a feeling of tiredness but also affect the quality of your work and may tempt you to take a longer break. These long breaks can easily turn themselves into habitual laziness. 

How To Overcome Lethargy And Become More Productive At Work - Coffee break

4. Work For You 

Most of the employees either work for their employer or their manager. Seldom do they think about working for their own personal growth and that is why they are so dispassionate about their work, which, in turn gives space for lethargy and procrastination to creep up whenever it gets the chance to do so.

For instance, whenever the boss is not around, such employees get lazy and do nothing at all.

If the mental attitude remains that we have to work for the sake of our manager, you will never grow as a professional and also won’t be able to achieve much success in their workplace. 

The more you work for yourself, the more you will grow personally and professionally. This will inspire you to do more and spend less time doing nothing.  

5. Block The Distractions

When you think that too many distractions are eating up your valuable time and leading you onto a path of laziness, it’s time to take your battle to the next level and fight off these distractions with physical barriers and not just mental strength.

Setting up these physical barriers can mean anything, right from getting the websites blocked on your system to locking away your smartphone in a place where it is not readily visible.

Sometimes, you just cannot trust your own mental strength or conscious will power and must create obstacles between you and the distractions.  

6. Eat Right and Sleep Tight

We are what we eat. In the earlier times, doctors used to create an entire plan about thing not to eat and what to eat in order to overcome any smallest illness. With the advances in medicine science this approach is not followed that actively.

However, to feel active and energetic it makes perfect sense to eat healthy and avoid anything which is too heavy on stomach or makes you sleepy and sluggish. 

Avoiding heavy junk foods like burgers, cold drinks, fries during work hours can be a good strategy. Replace these with healthy snacks like nuts, fruits and juices. 

In addition, if you give your body ample rest in form of an 8 hours sleep, there is no reason why your body and mind will not feel fresh and rejuvenated every single day.  

Hope you find this great information useful for your workplace and career.

Please share with your team and colleagues these ways to overcome lethargy so they too can become more productive at work. 

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