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Motivational Video - BE GREAT!

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Motivational Video - Be GREAT. This article includes the video an transcription of the motivational speech featured on the video.

Today we bring you motivation from within, with the help of the video "Motivational Video - Be GREAT" from our own YouTube channel

Everybody dreams and thinks about having a great life, but do we all act according to those dreams and ideas? Nobody is perfect, but it's and undeniable fact that if you want something amazing in life, you can't just wish for it and boom! It happens?!? 

Of course not, unless you have a genie in a bottle, you have to do the work in order to get what you really want.

It doesn't end there, success is the result of regular and wise labor. But, for you to constantly do the necessary amount of work in a wise way, you need to transform yourself by becoming better and better, each and every day. 

You can't achieve it if you do things right one week and the other you're lazy about it. That's not who you're supposed to be as far as success is concerned. 

No time to have that long of a break. For you to achieve great things, you need to focus them daily, and the best way to do it is to become it, so become GREAT!

Enjoy the video bellow:

Motivational Video - Be GREAT!

Motivational speech transcription:

"I know that deep inside you, you still have dreams

Dreams to be fulfiled, dreams to be conquered

Wonderful things you wish to accomplish 

Beautiful places you want to reach in your deepest desires

But I got a question for you: What are you doing daily to achieve those dreams?

Are you doing average things? Do you make things average?

Are you doing good things? Do you make things good?

Or, are you doing GREAT things? You make things GREAT. You are AMAZING.

Remember...The road to reach Amazing things requires you to be GREAT,

You have to become it AMAZING!

An average you can only reach average

A good you can only reach good 

A GREAT you can reach GREAT Things, AMAZING things.

So, ask yourself:

Why be average? When you can be good! 

Why be good? When you can Be GREAT! When can be Amazing! 

We're here to inspire greatness, there for you to amaze!

Motivate Amaze 


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