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10 Life Rules To Follow In Search Of Greatness

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Greatness has always been a "divine thing" for most human beings. Despite the fact that common people have achieved greatness, people tend to think that it's unreachable. It's kind of "a thing" that it's born with us or not, it's some "magic essence" that we received by birth.

But contrarily to common sense, greatness can be achieved if you search for it. If you are willing to put the necessary work you too can be great. People have done it, why can't you? 

How can you do it? Look for examples of people that achieved greatness and adapt them to your life. What characteristics did they possess and worked on? Follow their guidelines and you too can achieve it, that's our goal with this article.

We bring you 10 Life Rules to follow in your search to be great and achieve greatness

Life Rules To Follow In Search Of Greatness

1. No More Words, Just Plain Actions

What makes a difference in your life is not what you say, but actually what you do. Actions can change your life because they represent motion, while words are only ideas no movement involved. You can only achieve great things by doing, not talking about it. 

2. Passion Is The Drive To Never Give Up

If you have to be passionate about something, cause when things get hard (and they will...) you'll not give up easily. Most people give up because they lack purpose. Passion will give you that purpose, the extra push you need when things seem like they're falling apart. Be passionate about what you do.

3. Fear Is Here, Learn To Live With It Don't Let Fear Stop You

Let me tell you, you cannot live without fear, negative feelings cannot be erased. What you must do is to learn to live with them and master them. Fear is the number one cause that freezes people from doing what they are supposed to do. Learn to live with fear, and keep on doing regardless. 

4. Count Your Blessings, Be Thankful For What You Already Have

Maybe, you already have what you need! But you don't take time to acknowledge it, so you think you don't have. The best way to do it is to constantly be thankful for what you already have. Give value to simple things like your house, your family, your achievements, get encouraged by what you have. 

5. Leave The Past In The Past, Learn With It

The past has happened why are still living there? No point in living in the past, the present is here for you to do the best you can do. The past is only useful as a teacher, take the lessons life has provided you. Study your life, see your errors and improve it now, in the present moment.

6. Enjoy The Moment, Give Your Best To Have A Great Future

By leaving the past you're giving space for the present, make the best of it. Live in the moment, perfect small, work the best you can in the small of tasks. That's how you prepare and look forward to a better future. Make the connection and things will work out for you.

7. Humbleness Shapes Character

Leave ego at home, nothing worst than being to proud and arrogant. Be down to earth, humbleness is one the best qualities you can have and work on. It gives you a completely different vision of life and others. Enjoy everything life has to give you, you can only do that by being humble.

8. Your Life Is Your Business, Don't Let The Voice Of Others Interfere

Mind your business is pretty adequate. It's your life, your business is you, so the best person to make decisions for you, is no other than yourself. Others will try to take you down, giving their perspective on your own life from their perspective (!), it makes no sense to listen to it. Move on!

9. Patience Is Key To Achieve

They say all great achievements require time. No greater truth than that, you need to work on your patience because things and people will get rough on you. You need to be tough and believe in the things you do. If you know you're heading the right way, keep on doing, be patient because things are about to change, it's just a matter of time. 

10. Listen And Learn, Don't Listen Just To Reply

Most people want to be right all the time, school taught us this way. But to be great and reach greatness you don't need to be right all the time, in fact you only need to be right once. But to do that you need to listen and learn, get sharper and sharper, by being a life long learner. Listen, learn and keep getting better.

If you enjoyed this rules please share it with other people so they can too improve their lives. Thank you, continue to...


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