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10 Steps To Increase Your Attitude Towards Success

10 Steps to Increase Your Attitude Towards Success, Mindset, Personal Development

One of the many characteristics successful people have, that distinguishes them from average people, is a determined positive attitude towards success

They really believe they can achieve success, matter of fact, that's why they actually have already achieved success.

If you want to be successful you cannot neglect the greatness of this mindset, a positive attitude can increase exponentially your chances of succeeding.

Only by luck people know success from birth, most people have to work towards it, and it all starts with your attitude. 

We've found on the web a scale that gives you a deep insight in percentages, on how far you are from achieving success. This can also become the necessary steps you have to climb to reach success, correct your attitude towards your goals, and goals will become closer to achieve than you think.

"Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude." - Ralph Marston

10 Steps to Increase Your Attitude Towards Success
(Rate Your Chances Of Succeeding)

0% - I WON'T.

This is the worst thing you can say to yourself but don't get discouraged, you can turn things around! That's why we're here! Why you won't? This means there's a huge gap between want you want and what you are willing to do. You must fix that! Successful people are willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals, you must be willing to do! 

Step To Increase Your Attitude Towards Success: Get some additional information about what you're trying to achieve, maybe you don't fully know all the aspects of it. Search for people who already achieved what you want, search for people doing the things you actually won't do - this can get you inspired to do it, or at least. to stop saying you "won't".

10% - I CAN'T.

Congratulations! You've made if from total denial to recognizing you need to do it, but unfortunately you say to yourself you aren't able to do it. Why is this? Why can't you do it? Are there obstacles in your way? What kind of obstacles? A man with no legs can't walk, a def man can't ear, a tongueless man can't talk, yes! But there are some who've conquered those obstacles despite all that adversity! You think your not worthy? You lack confidence? 

Step To Increase Your Attitude Towards Success: Get deep into it, find out what is preventing you to be able to do it. Search for similar people, just like you, who have achieved what you want. Most likely, you'll find people that were in a worst situation than you, but have found success despite that. They were able to do it, why can't you? Stop telling yourself this story, and start to work on simple things that can take you where you want. Step by step start to eliminate obstacles that are in your way, boost your confidence up.


Ok you are already in motion, with self assurance and knowing you can do it somehow. But how? This is a reasonable question, notice how we change a negative affirmation "I don't know how" to an a positive question "how?". This one crucial aspect of this whole mindset, replace the negative sentences with positive questions that will kickstart your brain and put your body into action. Ask yourself this question: Who was born knowing all? Nobody!  

Step To Increase Your Attitude Towards Success: In today's world this is the easiest step to conquer. There are tons of information circulating on the web, whatever specific field you're trying to achieve success in, surely there is some kind of free information out there about it. Information you can use, so don't get discouraged, you don't know how? No problem! Search for the information and successful people advice on it. Now you know what you need to do, but will that be enough? 

30% - I WISH I COULD. 

Great! Now the problem is not a lack of information, now you lack desire! Information can truly change situations, but you must apply that knowledge in some practical way. Doing it once won't get you there, you need to do it consistently throughout a period of time. You can say "but it's hard to be motivated to do it everyday!". That's because you just wish...wishing is not enough!

Step To Increase Your Attitude Towards Success: turn your wish into a necessity. Envision yourself already successful, who are you? What things do you have? What people have you met? What kind of contribution can you give to your family and friends that you couldn't in the past? Reverse the strategy, instead of seeing what you'll get if you do it, see what you won't get if you don't do it. This double strategy will make your see what you can be missing and transform your wish into a need. That's the only way to do what you need to do daily. You need to do it like you need to brush your teeth or any other activity in your daily routine. 

40% - I WANT TO.

From wishing to wanting, that's a great step but not a huge leap. They're close, but wanting it's not needing still. Despite that, this is the first positive affirmation in our list, the kind of affirmations that will take you there. Expressing what you want in a positive way it's the kind of thoughts that you must nurture. 

Step To Increase Your Attitude Towards Success: Like wishing, you need to transform wanting into needing to do it. One thing is for sure, if you want to, you're onto the next level, you have a clear vision of what you want, so, it's a little easier to imagine it. Now you need to transform your desires into actions, people want the world, but are too comfortable in their ways and habits to do something about it. Although a positive attitude of wanting it's a great step, you need to put some of that energy into execution for things to start to change.


Next step, you've changed from having a wish or a desire, to actually think you might be able to do it. You've cleared out halfway, that's a great achievement, but it's not the whole game. Don't stop now you're halfway there, quitting is not acceptable at this point! You think you might to, that's a possibility, an open door, but will you enter it? 

Step To Increase Your Attitude Towards Success: See how you've change from denial, not being able, not having information, to have the knowledge and wanting to do it? Now instinctively, by what you know and your desire, your mind will be pushed to the "taking action aspect" of success. Simply embrace it! But having in mind that you might will, it's not be enough! Because sometimes you will do it, sometimes you will not! Again consistence is key! That's why your self-talk must change from "I might" to "I'll try" and so on. 

60% - I'LL TRY.

You've entered the "taking action" zone, that's huge! The good thing about this is when you try... you start to touch reality and to shape it into your own way, you've have made the leap from thinking about it to actually doing something about it. This a crucial step! 

Step To Increase Your Attitude Towards Success: Trying is better than not doing nothing at all, because you put yourself in contact with reality, this is extremely important to engage in the trial and error method. You can get answers from it, and improve your approach to what you are doing. Also, you will get more confident about it and self assured.

Trying is good, but it might be not enough. There is a difference between trying and doing it. When you try you don't put yourself 100% into it, ironically (or not) you have 60% rate of success with this step. When you do, you are 100% committed to it, your chances of reaching success increase!

70% - I THINK I CAN.

This step might come after you tried: you've not achieved it, despite that you've engaged in some kind of action, you stopped from just imagining to actually trying to change reality. Remember the early step "I Can't"? Well, you were just thinking then, now we tell you this is the way to know if you can or not, not by thinking, but by trying like you did in the last step. Despite that, now you're thinking again, but this time in positive way, notice the change!

Step To Increase Your Attitude Towards Success: Thinking in a positive way is how you change things, and eventually succeed. You need this! But it doesn't end here, again, you're thinking. Although in a positive way, you need to let the thinking drive you to execution, don't stop here! Make your mind your ally, let the mind speak to you and your body will be driven to achieve!

80% - I WILL.

Notice the change from the last step, you were thinking, now you're sure you will. That's huge! We are almost there!

Step To Increase Your Attitude Towards Success: Despite the huge improvement, the 20% that are missing have a reason... when you say to yourself "I Will" you're making a promise. Promises are like new year's resolutions, we all make them, but do we all live up to those promises? Most don't... this is because promising is not enough! It's a great start, but don't get overwhelmed by it. It's better not to promise and actually do, than to promise and do nothing. If you say you will, you must live up to that statement, make sure you do by taking action. 

90% - I KNOW I CAN.

How do you know this? What kind of actions did you took to be so self assured about it? If you nurture your desire for it, follow the people who were doing it, got the necessary information to succeed, tried to actually do it, you are on your way to succeed. Because you did the necessary amount of work, now you know you can! 

Step To Increase Your Attitude Towards Success: we've came a long way, 10% left, there is plenty of space for improvement still. How? You know you can, but knowing it's not enough! You must apply that knowledge consistently, so that you truly can. You know you have it in you, but you have to prove you can. So to move from this step to another, knowing is not enough, you must do!

100% - I CAN. 

Congratulations! Because you took the steps now...YOU CAN!

Step To Increase Your Attitude Towards Success: It doesn't stop there! You can do one thing, you've achieved a goal. Now what's next? Prove yourself again and again that you can. Try different things, engage in new goals, sharp your skills, personal improvement doesn't stop, only if you let your chances of success diminish.  

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