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8 Essential Components Of A Good Life

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As we researched to make this article, we came across different definitions of what a Good Life is.
The same source states that a Good Life can be "a life abounding in material comforts and luxuries" or "a life lived according to the moral and religious laws of one's culture". Quite confusing right? 

Other source, states that a Good Life is "a life marked by a high standard of living", we loved this definition! 

For us a Good Life, can't be just about materialistic things (although than can be a consequence of it!), it's not about money, not about the cars, the houses, the food you eat, the drinks you take. They all end up at some point, none of them can give you everlasting satisfaction. That's one thing you should strive for, if you want to have a Good Life. 

How will you be remembered when it's all said and done? Will people acknowledge you as a person that had a Good Life, or, just a mundane life equal to many others?

Although high standards are required, the simplest things that are available to anyone can create a Good Life. For you to better grasp our take on the manner and for you to get inspired to make your life better, we've elected 8 Essential Components That Make A Good Life, enjoy!

8 Essential Components Of A Good Life

1. Love 

Love who you are, love your family, love your friends, love your soulmate, love your job, love competing, love everything you do. Live with passion! Put your heart in whatever you do, so you can do it to the fullest. Reach your full potential. 

Love is the most powerful force you can have by your side, don't waste time with negative feelings, like hate or envy. Stay on the positive side with love.

2. Living Up To Your Uniqueness

Who are you? What's your experience? What do you like? What are your hobbies? How can you contribute to the world in an unique way? 

We all are different, your culture, traditions, style, thoughts, language, experiences, make we you are in a unique way! Too many worthy things for you to just copy someone else. Be happy with who you are and put it out for the world to see it! Be the best version you can possibly be. Feel great about yourself. 

3. Friendship

Who can you count on when darker times arrive? Answer this question in the most honest way. The person you name is your friend, for real! Treasure those true friendships, build them daily, you cannot pick your family but you can pick your friends. 

Friends are those people who really like you for who you are, even with your imperfections, that's how strong these type of relationships can be. Because they know you like no other, friends can push you to be the best you can be, treasure them!

4. Effectiveness 

The ability to produce a successful result in whatever you do. We need this badly. The confident thought that tells you that "you are useful to this world in a great way". Because you developed the necessary "know how" and the skills to create or produce something great. 

You can get the work done, that's what basically this means. It will give you an extraordinary feeling of fulfillment, even better, others will recognize you as someone that's valuable, cause "you can get the work done"

5. Sharing

Life its not just about yourself, truly its about you and how you can impact others. The ability to share can change your life and others lives. 

You share with them, they will share with you. You share your work with them, they will share their work with you, but they will also share your work with others. It's a matter of making an impact that, hugely can grow beyond you. Therefore, it makes you and others bigger than you can possibly imagine. That's a  way of living a Good Life

6. Finding True Pleasure

You have to remain true to yourself. Life is full of pleasures, some of them can give you a great sensation, but just for the moment, afterward you feel empty. Other pleasures, can give a great sensation, and give you reward over reward after they are over. Those are the ones you should target

What's the difference between making sex and making love? That's the whole point. Don't believe the hype! Live a simple life with pleasures that make you better on the long run, if that pleasure will make you better and others better, that's great! If not...discard them!

7. Continuous Growth

Living and remaining the same, can be devastating. Shoot for growth, learn with life. You don't have to get it right at first attempt, continue to learn, become better and wiser, you only need to be right once to make a huge impact. 

But you need to learn your lessons, so you can create new strategies and apply them. Take conclusions, redefine your strategies, attack it again smarter and stronger. Truly it's all about growth!   

8. Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

From an initial impression, many of the components we've talked about require you to use your mind. It's about developing a kind of mindset that's constantly in pursuit of a Good Life. But actually, there is more to it. Your mind relates to the other two elements of life, body and spirit

You must acknowledge the relationship between them and work on the three elements, so each element can influence another. Take care of your body, eat right, exercise, sleep well. Use spirituality practices, whatever you believe in, meditation and praying can be great tools! 

Constantly analyze your life, stay sharp on this Essential Components of a Good Life, strive always to...


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Thank you for being GREAT!

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