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27 Ways To Be Stunning Appealing

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There is no question our human nature demands us to be liked by others. Undoubtedly, we like to be liked, correction, we need to be liked! 

We can't get away from it, it's really a human need we all have. Most importantly, being liked is indispensable if you want to achieve something great in your life. But, there is a catch to it, being liked it's not the main purpose of it, you must become attractive to people in the sense that you appeal to them in a stunning way. So people will be wanting to make business and connect with you.

Personal development is about developing as many skills as you can, one of them is the characteristic to be appealing to others, just like a magnet: People will feel attracted to you, if you become a unique person that represents something great!

We've enlisted 27 Ways you can use to Become Stunning Appealing:

27 Ways To Be Stunning Appealing 

1. Acknowledge Your Uniqueness, Be Yourself!

We all have a unique way of being, take advantage of it and stand out from the crowd. Shape your values and beliefs, create your own philosophy of life rather than, copying someone you know. It's impossible to be like someone else, if you really commit yourself, to be the best version you can be.

2. Let Purposes Drive You Not Opinions

People have all kind of opinions, to try to satisfy them will drive you crazy, and worst, you'll run circles around getting virtually nowhere. Define what you want out of life, write down your goals, be a driven person with full purposes and objectives. People will love that kind of commitment. 

3. Be Productive

Nothing more uninteresting than a lazy person. Be always on the go, be driven to do the work that's necessary. Be a symbol of productivity, when people mention you, everybody will know that you're willing to do the amount of work that produces the ultimate results they want. 

4. Demand The Best From People

People love people that brings the best out of them. Push people up, with your attitude and work ethic. Lead people by example, demand the best from you, and automatically they will see you as the example to follow. If they don't, don't worry, they aren't the right people...

5. Be Encouraging And Helpful

Be there for others, others will be there for you when that time arrives. Being helpful when people need advice is crucial. A little tip here a little tip there, it's just the kind of stuff that will make you an accountable person

6. Humbleness And Kindness Never Hurt

They deeply manifest your interest in others well being, not just your own. Be humble to the point where ego and narcissism never come into play, cause they can really ruin things. Be kind, so people know you really care about them, not just yourself.

7. Be A Change Agent

What's really exciting about your life? What kind of enthusiasm can you bring to the table? Make a life don't live one, that's the best advice. Create things, innovate things, collaborate with others in making this world a better place.

8. Make Your Outside A Reflection Of Your Inside

That's a Jim Rohn influence no doubt, we pay homage. What this means is that your body, your appearance, the way you look, must be congruent with your philosophy of life. That suggests that you must take care of your body, exercise and nutrition, but also, the way you look, your clothes and your personal hygiene. 

9. Don't Waste Time  

Leave the gossip and crappy talk alone. Stop playing games that take away your precious time. Stop being a counterfeit, far away from what you envision for your life. If it doesn't grow you, it has no place to be in your life, leave all those time wasting activities alone. 

10. Be A Team Player

It's not just about you. It's about you and your contribution to others, so see others as part of your team. Your peers, your family, your co-workers, they're all part of your team. Let them know, by saying to them but, most importantly, by your daily actions.

11. Don't Force Things, Things Will Run Their Course

If you've done the work, don't worry, results will come. But you must not stop or force things just to see those results. You can control your effort, but you can't control the outcomes. Focus on what you can control, so don't stop producing, things will come if you work for them. 

12. Have Fun With It

Develop the capability to have fun while you are working on your goals. Happiness is not the destination but the ride. Often smiling and laughing must be part of who you are, don't make yourself and others miserable, on the journey to get what you want. Everyone can have fun, enjoy!

13. Put Your Imagination To Work, Let Others Participate

Nothing more engaging than a creative process where you put your mind to work and let others be a part of it too. For example, have fun with your friends and co-workers by promoting a brain storming session where everyone is invited to give their ideas and be valued. 

14. Be A Problem Solver, Not An Excuse Finder

You've got a problem? Find a solution and solve it. People have a problem, help them find the solution, and if you can, solve it. No more, excuses and ways of getting away. You can't solve it, no problem, move on, don't hang on problems forever. 

15. Follow Your Instincts 

Trust yourself and your gut. Learn more about yourself, develop new skills and engage in different experiences that will make you better. Amplify your knowledge so that you can develop yourself, that brings trust, and you can rely on your instincts when a specific situation requires.

16. Listen To Understand Not To Reply

This is a major flaw we all tend to have. Listen so you can understand in detail the situation, if you listen just to reply, you don't gather the necessary information to solve that situation, Develop the ability to listen so that you can become better and makes others better.

17. Before You Ask, Make Sure You Give Plenty

Give more than what you are paid to do, that's the mindset. You can do it can you? Most people doesn't, but they actually aren't shy about asking for a raise...That's not the way to do it, in work, or in any activity in life. Give what you want in abundance, regardless. It can take a while, but you'll be surprised when you get more that you asked for.

18. Uplift And Inspire People

If we can only give you a way to be stunning appealing, this would be it! Nothing stronger than inspiring and motivating people, imagine what can it do for them? But now, imagine the joy it can bring to you? That's the whole point!

19. Don't Hang On To Something You Really Don't Want 

This is logic, but to many people do it anyway! Cause they really are hanging just for the sake of it, they feel comfort in doing it. But comfort doesn't equals accomplishment and fulfillment! It's rather the contrary! Stop being in relationships, jobs, or activities, you really don't want and will hurt you!

20. Be Grateful For What You Have And What Others Represent

Stop thinking of what you don't have, be grateful for what you have. Let others also know that you're grateful for what they represent in your life. Being grateful it's a great way to avoid despair and build hope daily.

21. Learn From Anyone And Anyone Can Learn From You

Even the simplest worker can teach you something, even a child can teach you something you don't know. Be open to learn, be a life long learner. Developing this capacity will also enable you to teach people something they don't know. Learn so you can get better, and who knows teach something in return.

22. Be A Good Listener

This is the information age. Information is everywhere, inspiration is everywhere. But not everyone is getting smarter and successful, This is because most people don't know how to listen or what to listen. You must know how to select the information that serves your needs. Develop the ability to be a good listener, 

23. Don't Be Afraid Of Making Decisions

A wrong decision is better than no decision. Decisions represent action, movement. Make sure you make decisions and impact the world. You can only know if it's the right decision if you make it. If it's the wrong decision, you can correct it and make another attempt in a smarter way. So don't be afraid of making those decisions.

24. Don't Evolve Emotionally When Making Businesses 

Emotions are always in motion, so imagine if you're feeling bad today and you have to make an important business decision? You'll decide wrong most likely, therefore, businesses and emotions must not be mixed. Clear your mind, don't be attached to emotions. 

25. Know You Would't Be Appealing To Everyone (but that's fine)

You can't please everyone, but don't worry. Those who do not feel attracted to you and your purposes, aren't the ones who you need to have in your life, that's the golden trial. People who will find you stunning appealing, do so because they really relate to you and who you are. Even if it's just a small group, that's fine, that's exactly the people you need.

26. Show Full Commitment To People And Goals

Be persistent with your goals, don't give up easily. Be consistent with your efforts, stay true to your beliefs and values. Be accountable to people, so people can recognize as being accountable too. Constantly show that you're full committed by the way you conduct your daily actions.  

27. Don't Force Others To Like You

This is a common mistake when trying to be appealing to others. People will like you or not, that's the nature of it, you can't force others to like you. What you can do it's to improve yourself by following the tips we gave you on this article. You'll be fine as long as you make a full effort to...


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