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12 Michael Jackson Most Inspirational Songs

Michael Jackson Inspirational Songs

Michael Jackson's legacy still stands strong and for generations to come.

With millions of records sold, and numerous albums recorded, Michael Jackson was a source of inspiration to the world.

In the past we've brought you an article about his wisdom with 24 Michael Jackson Inspirational Quotes To Live By. This time around we're going straight to what was is craft, is music!

Our task was not easy, but we've manage to pick 12 songs from the Michael Jackson catalog that truly are inspirational and can eventually inspire you today.

What are the most inspiring Michael Jackson songs to you? See if your favorites made the list bellow, if not tell us bellow what song are we missing:

12 Michael Jackson Inspirational Songs

Michael Jackson,  "Heal The World"


Michael Jackson, "Man In The Mirror" 

( click here for in deep song analysis)

Michael Jackson, "Earth Song" 

Michael Jackson, "They Don't Care About Us"

Michael Jackson, "Black Or White"

Michael Jackson, "Keep The Faith"

Michael Jackson, "You Are Not Alone"

Michael Jackson, "On The Line"

Michael Jackson, "Human Nature"

Michael Jackson, "Smile"

Michael Jackson, "My Childhood" 

Michael Jackson, "Gone Too Soon"

 (R.I.P. Michael Jackson)

Enjoy this collection of Michael Jackson inspirational songs in this custom made playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL60R3lHKrHNTjr_CI6Ky7gSV9Y0nAe4lt

If you like this list share it with your friends and family so they can also get inspired. 

Do you have any favorite Michael Jackson inspirational song that is not on the list? Tell us on the comment section bellow so we can improve this list!


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