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8 Free Things You Can Do Right Now To Change Your Life

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Not having money is the number one excuse people make for not changing their lives. Things cost money that's the "cliche", but do the things you need to do to change really cost that much? Our guess is no!

Most of those things you need are already at your own display, they are free! Most of them you can do it right now! Read if for yourself! Here are 8 free things you can do right now to change your life:

8 Free Things You Can Do Right Now To Change Your Life

8 Free Things You Can Do Right Now To Change Your Life, Tips, Inspiration, Motivation, Change Life, Success1. Read those books you've put back on the shelf for someday reading... Gain knowledge by reading and searching for information you need to get better, information that has already been written by someone.  Local libraries, anyone has free access to them. There are many stores that let you read the new releases. There are plenty of free e-books out there, with all kind of information. You have numerous blogs with any subject you want. Get that book, get that information that will change your life.

2. Write those things you can't remind the next day. Your thoughts, your ideas, your biography, your resume, whatever you need and want to write. What you need? Pen and paper, or, any kind of digital writing device. We all have some of this stuff at home already. Start a blog, why not? Write your diary. Keep a personal growth journal. Plan what you want to do, review what you have done. Keep track of what you have done and improve what you're about to do. Develop your mind and thoughts by writing

3. Workout, move your body. You don't need a gym subscription or any kind of machine to do a decent workout. Home workouts, street workouts, running, walking, all those are available to anyone. Workout programs, there tons of online programs, you can pick whatever activity, do what you like. No more excuses, give your body what he needs, prepare your body and mind for success.

4. Visit local museums, art galleries, monuments. Any city has free museums or galleries, you have already at your display tons of history sights. New ideas, new concepts are born every day, you can find most of the future trendsetters struggling in those "free" museums trying to get notice. So open your mind to new concepts, get your creativity juices flowing. Do the best with what you got! How is this important? History repeats itself, so learn the good examples by our ancestors, and avoid the bad examples.  

5. Learn a new language. You think you can only learn a new language when you are young? You're dead wrong. People who live in foreign countries manage to learn the native language in less than 2 months, because they need it to work or to survive, and the best part is that they do it for free! Learn a new language by yourself, there are tons of online free courses, free videos, free foreign movies. Learn a new language and give your brain a fresh vocabulary. 

6. Spend time with your family and close ones. Your life it's not only about yourself, make time for your family because they the ones who always will be with you. How is this life changing? We all are different, so we all can learn from each other. Learn from your grand parents those never ending tales, learn from your parents, learn from your children. Any experience can't be duplicated, experience doing things with your close ones, give them the time of their lives, and also why not? The time of your life!

7. Be an adviser, help someone to be better at something. Provide your knowledge to others, give them what you know. Get wiser be advising, get wiser by getting that advise back in return. The joy of helping others is incomparable to anything else, when it comes to personal growth. This awesome feeling is the ultimate reward at it will give you incredible confidence, you are developing yourself contributing for the greater good. 

8. View old photos and catalogs. Remember old times and pictures of yourself and your loved ones. See how times change, laugh about it. Meanwhile acknowledge how different you are, and how change happens. We all get caught up in this crazy modern era, so take time to review your past in pictures. Tap yourself in the back for your accomplishments. Now, think about what would you like to see in 5 years when zapping your "old" pictures, think 10 years, think 20 years. You predict something wonderful in those pictures? Go out and do it!  You see anything you don't like, now is the time to change that catalog!

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