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5 Thoughts You Must Stop Having For Your Career To Blow Up!

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5 Thoughts You Must Stop Having For Your Career To Blow Up!

What do you want to be when you grow up? "I want to be a doctor", "I want to be a fireman", "I want to be an architect, remember?" Yes! when we were kids things were just plain and simple, I want to be that and become it, that's it! Just a matter of choice, deciding what you wanted to be and,  eventually, you'll be it one day.

But we grew up, and things became more and more complicated. In our heads it's not just a matter of choice no more, we see obstacles everywhere in our way to have an awesome career. Most of them are just product of our self-talk, the thoughts and stories we tell ourselves that just dis-encourage us and dis-empower us from getting what we want.

These type negative self-talking is a great contributor to people lack of success, get know if you are doing the right talking or not.  Here are 5 thoughts you must stop having with yourself, if you want your career to blow up:

5 Thoughts You Must Stop Having For Your Career To Blow Up!

1. I was born this way

"This how I'm going to be for the rest of my life", if you stay with that thought no doubt you will remain the same for the rest of your life. But, if you do otherwise and believe you can always change, you can get better and improve. It's just a matter of commitment. Believe you can and stick to it. You weren't born angry, you get angry. You weren't born fat, you got fat. You weren't born egotistical, you got too much proud of yourself. Acknowledge that your current condition is a state, a state that you put yourself into, but the same way you got to that state you can get out of it. You will not be eternally angry, fat or egotistical, that's temporary, commit yourself to self-improving and you will change for the better. "If you change, everything will change for you." - Jim Rohn

2. I don't have the required tools to work with

Yes you do! You don't need the materialistic tools you think you do, all the tools you need were given to you at birth, your brain is the most powerful tool you can count on. Think about it, imagination and creativity can find solutions for whatever problem you may have. Will and drive to achieve can get you to create anything you want, with the resources you have. Be smart in the way you use the available  resources. Achieve great by working with small.

3. I don't have the right connections or know the right people

Do you really need those connections or is it just an excuse? Sometimes we don't really need anyone to get us there, all we need is to get going, working towards the right direction and the right people will be there waiting for us to meet them and show our skills. 

But let's say you need those connections. Did you ever heard about "cold calling"? A call out of the blue to someone who doesn't expect the call? Steve Jobs was known to do those types of calls at a very young age, and he got his first job that way. That's a marketing strategy, but it can be very useful in your career development. You don't know the right people so what? Get their number, a "no" is already certain, you have nothing to loose, just call. 

4. I don't have the qualifications needed for the job

Again and again, history has shown us examples of people who excel at what they do, although they didn't finish college or high-school. School is very important don't get us wrong, but don't be waiting for a school diploma to validate you. You are already a validated person who can add value without that diploma. Don't let this stop you from applying for a job, even though they could require a degree they require also the know-how. You have nothing to lose because you know how to do things so apply for it. As a suggestion, you can also create your own job, add value to people with your unique perspective.

5. I don't have experience in that specific field

"..and a specialist it's to expensive." People who want to succeed at what they do, are willing to learn and do anything. So if that means learning how to handle tasks in a specific field, they will learn it and do it, no matter how hard it is, period. You need to build a website for your company, lack the money? Learn how to build one. You need a specialist in internet marketing, but don't have the cash for it? Be your own social networking guy. You may think you need a miracle, so why not becoming a miracle worker? You only get experienced by doing it, the expert was once a amateur, just do the job. 

So what do you to be? Decide and don't talk yourself out of it, share with your friends this article using the sharing buttons on the side or bellow. Just BE IT, it's on you to...

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