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10 Beatles Songs That Will Improve Your Love Relationship

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10 Beatles Songs That Will Improve Your Love Relationship The famous four of Liverpool, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Star and George Harrison, The Beatles. One of the most influential rock n' roll bands of all time, they gave us music for the ages. 

They brought their best to the table each album, song by song, we got classic after classic. As young as they were, they weren't afraid to speak their mind and put their feelings on board in any given song lyric. 

One of the most used subjects of their songs was Love. Imagine if The Beatles were your love counselor today, as we will pinpoint 10 tips that will improve your love relationship "with a little help from our friends". Enjoy the ride:

10 Beatles Songs That Will Improve Your Love Relationship 

 1. I Want To Hold Your Hand 

Tip 1: Don't be afraid or ashamed to show your feelings in public or at any place. Hold your partner's hand when everybody is looking, build trust and commitment with one of the most simplistic gestures. Hold hands, hug, kiss, dance, whatever. Touch your partner, let them feel you and know that you aren't ashamed of being with them.  

 2. She Loves You 

Tip 2: Constantly remember yourself that "She Loves You". Don't get overconfident about it, but please remember this. Sometimes we get too dramatic about ourselves, we don't like what we see, we feel bad about us. But remember, although you can make up several negative things about you, there is someone who loves you, just the way you are. Be happy about it, be happy about you, be happy about your relationship. "With a love like that you know you should be glad".

 3. Eight Days A Week 

Tip 3: Love has no days off, it has pleasure days on! Love takes dedication and effort. Commit yourself to your partner. You can't afford to be a good lover 5 days and take a weekend rest. Do the extra amount of work your relationship needs. Remember you are doing because you love that person, so the extra tasks are not really work, they represent pleasure. What may seem hard, becomes easy, because it represents full pleasure. What you give comes back at you, that's also true for your love relationship. Love your partner "eight days a week".

 4. I Feel Fine 

Tip 4: Enjoy Love, no problem will break you. Take time to enjoy the wonderful feeling of being in love. Nothing can break you in this state, no problem in the world can touch you. Take advantage of this passion state, "Feel Fine" all the time. It's possible if you don't hide away from Love. It seem silly to others, but who cares? You care about your relationship in a stronger way than you care about what others think. So be silly, be foolish, be in Love.

 5. Help! 

Tip 5: Stop with excessive pride. Ask help whenever help is needed. We all have our weaknesses, and we all have our difficult moments. Take pride aside, leave the ego at home, ask for help and solve your problems. Ask your partner for help, use Love as a learning channel, we all are different, and we all can help each other with our knowledge and experience. Also if you need help with your own relationship, asking for help from a friend is nothing to be ashamed of. By reading this article you are proving that reaching for help is no problem for you, so congratulations.

 6. Can't Buy Me Love 

Tip 6: Money can't buy you Love, so treasure the Love you get.  You can't buy Love in stores, you have to appreciate when someone loves you. Being loved and in love with that someone is a blessing, understand the full value of it, and treasure all the great moments you are living. You can't treat Love like a trade, you got love here so you'll trade for love there, that's not how Love works.

 7. We Can Work It Out 

Tip 7: Whatever your troubles are, TWO can work it out better than one. There's no problem the Love you two have,  for each other, can't solve. There always a solution. Don't let feelings interfere with facts, always approach situations with an open mind. Be ready to listen and to be listened, things will work out fine. Say "us" not "me", say "we" not "I". You are a team so say "We can work it out". "Life is very short for fuzzing and fighting" don't waste time arguing stupid things. Work it out with your partner.

 8. A Hard Day's Night  

Tip 8: What's your why? The reward waits for you at home. Your why, your reason to go to work each day and grind, your reason to be the best partner you can be. I has to be you better half, so remember your why whenever you have "a hard day's night". The light is a the end of the tunnel, don't stop running, work hard, the reward comes latter. 

 9. Le It Be 

Tip 9: Don't let feelings get the best of you. Let it be, let Love be. Love can be blocked by fear. The fear of past failed relationships, fear of being rejected, fear of not being worthy of your partner, whatever. Love needs none of this, sometimes troubles look everywhere, but if you just let Love be Love, troubles go away. Don't be all over the place, just "Let it Be" like the way its supposed to.

 10. All You Need Is Love 

Tip 10: All you need is Love. The appropriate sentence to be this article caper. Really, all we need is love, that's right no other way, that's what you need and your lover need. So give Love a chance to touch your life and your partners life.

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