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10 Inspirational Movie Songs From the 80s

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After the success of our first selection of 10 Inspirational Movie Soundtracks we've decided to hit you with another great selection of songs that were featured in a movie and that really are a source of inspiration to all of us here @MotivateAmazeBeGREAT.com. 

This time around we went deep into the 1980s and picked year by year what we thought was the best song featured in a movie in that particular year.

Enjoy it, and feel inspired to do what you need to do for your dreams to come true.

10 Inspirational Movie Songs From the 80s

1980 Flash Gordon - Main Theme (Queen)

1981  Chariots of Fire - Main Theme (Vangelis)

1982 Rocky III - Eye of The Tiger 

1983 Flashdance - What a Feeling

1984 Beverly Hills Cop - Main Theme

1985 Back to The Future - Main Theme

1986 Top Gun - Take My Breath Away

1987 Dirty Dancing - The Time of My Life

1988 Buster - A Groovy Kind Of Love (Phil Collins)

1989 Best of the Best - Something So Strong (Jim Capaldi)

Hear all this songs in our custom made YouTube Playlist with 10 Inspirational Songs From The 80s: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL60R3lHKrHNSKSUGDyuiynWhlBZph-0PR


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