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Why Morning Choices Can Be Your Halfway To Success

Every morning you have two choices: Sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them.

"Every morning you have two choices:
Sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them."

Why Morning Choices Can Be Your Halfway To Success

1. Morning Choices

Ok. Maybe you're saying "I'm not a morning person!", doesn't matter. Morning choices are the choices you make after you slept, so in other words that's how you begin the day, what do you do?

What do you do after you wake up? Do you even wake up for that matter?

Life is made of simple choices, this is one of them, and although it may seem ridiculously easy, some people don't even make this choice. They let themselves go with the flow. 

If the night was ruff, say goodbye to morning, morning what morning? Even if they wake up early they stay up hanging over for hours, and they don't do nothing productive. 

If the night was fairly quiet, maybe they'll wake up early and if the sun is shining they go running, but if rain sets in, they'll do nothing.

The point here is that there's a choice to be made every morning you wake up. You should be aware of it, and be ready for it, so you can make a conscious decision about what you are going to do. 

Acknowledge you can make a choice and decide what that choice is!

Every choice is legit, everyone has their own life and their own expectations so anything is possible here. 

But what you expect from your life, the goals you have for you, should be congruent with what you decide to do each morning or each day you wake up. 

That's where the main problem is, peoples expectations don't always correspond to what they are doing. So let's make this clear as possible:

2. Sleep With Your Dreams - No Success

This the choice of those who love to sleep. 

If you choose to sleep with your dreams there's not a problem, but beware that you will only sleep with them, you won't turn them into reality this way.

Does your life blueprint says you don't have to achieve anything no more, and your fine with what you are, do or have? Good keep on sleeping. But if you don't, if you are someone searching for success...you are wasting your time! 

Time is precious with it comes to be successful. If you are sleeping more than what you should, there's a problem. The time you wake up? You decide! But if you are sleeping way more than 6-8 hours your passing the reasonable limit. You are not waking up in time to make things you should do done. You're not waking up in time to achieve your goals, success is no where near...

Sleeping with your dreams can be a figurative expression, meaning you can be sleeping with your dreams wide awake, with your eyes open. 

Remember when somebody told you they were going to do this and that, 2 weeks later they did nothing? Kind of common ground, ahn? That's right that somebody was day dreaming, they are sleeping with their dreams, making beautiful speeches, always talking, but never doing the walking.

So analyze your life and notice if you are actually day dreaming or not. If you are satisfied with it continue to do so, but if you want more...if you want to be successful you must...

3. Wake Up and Chase Your Dreams - Success 

This is the choice of those who want to achieve. The choice of the achievers. 

No wonder, if you want to achieve your dreams, you have to wake up and turn them into reality. A fundamental step to success: Go after your dreams because nobody else can go it for you, so you must really wake up (his can be also figurative).

But how do you wake up? You are sleeping and simply do it? Well technically that's a yes, we all know that but, you must prepare yourself for it the day after, because it will not work if you don't do so. 

What does this means? Preparation could mean you have to set the alarm clock right, going to bed early so you can wake up not feeling tired, and so on. But it can be and it should be much broader than that, if you are the ultimate achiever. 

Prepare yourself by what you are and do, daily. You must have a goalsl ist, on that list it should be mention what you are going to do each morning in order to achieve some particular goal. 

That's where all the energy is, check this steps for success review:
  1. You have a passion, 
  2. You set the goals you want according to that passion, 
  3. The kind of goals that will make your dreams become a reality. 
  4. Now you have to execute
  5. Waking up and chasing your dreams are execution tasks that support your goals and dreams.
  6. Your goals and dreams will wake you up!
  7. Because you can't wait to start doing and achieving things that will get you closer to your dreams.

Chase your dreams, let them wake you up. Things are connected, make the clear connection by preparing yourself with a goals list, be doing so chasing dreams will be no problem. By doing so you'll be on your halfway to success.



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