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Ashton Kutcher Success Speech - 3 Things About Life

Ashton Kutcher, Success Speech, 3 Things About Life, Inspirational Speech, Transcript, Video, Motivation, Don't live a life build one. In 2013, actor Ashton Kutcher made a fabulous speech at the annual Teen Choice Awards. 

Unlike some award speeches, Ashton was truly honest and took the time to give some tips on how to live life and how to achieve great things. 

A great message passed on to teenagers but also very useful to anyone who wants to live a better life. This another success speech for you to enjoy!

Click to see the video Ashton Kutcher Teen Choice Awards Speech - Dream! on YouTube

Ashton Kutcher Success Speech - 3 Things About Life


So he begins: 

" -I feel like a fraud....My name is actually not even Ashton. Ashton is my middle name. My first name’s Chris. It always has been. It got changed when I was like 19 and I became an actor, but there are some really amazing things that I learned when I was Chris, and I wanted to share those things with you guys because I think it’s helped me be here today.

So, it’s really 3 things. The first thing is about opportunity. The second thing is about being sexy. And the third thing is about living life."


"So first opportunity. I believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work. When I was 13 I had my first job with my Dad carrying shingles up to the roof, and then I got a job washing dishes at a restaurant, and then I got a job in a grocery store deli, and then I got a job in a factory sweeping Cheerio dust off the ground.

And I’ve never had a job in my life that I was better than. I was always just lucky to have a job, and every job I had was a stepping stone to my next job and I never quit my job until I had my next job. And so opportunities look a lot like work." - Ashton Kutcher


"Number two. Being sexy. The sexiest thing in the entire world, is being really smart. And being thoughtful. And being generous. Everything else is crap, I promise you. It’s just crap that people try to sell to you to make you feel like less, so don’t buy it. Be smart, be thoughtful, and be generous." - Ashton Kutcher


"The third thing is something that I just re-learned when I was making this movie about Steve Jobs.

And Steve Jobs said when you grow up you tend to get told that the world is the way that it is, and that your life is to live your life inside the world and try not to get in too much trouble, and maybe get an education and get a job and make some money and have a family, but life can be a lot broader than that when you realize one simple thing, and that is that everything around us that we call life was made up by people who are no smarter than you, and you can build your own things, you can build your own life that other people can live in." - Ashton Kutcher

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"So build a life. Don’t live one, build one. Find your opportunities, and always be sexy." - Ashton Kutcher


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