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Success Principles: You Can Make A Difference!

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We don't care

- Who you are - Who you think you can't be

- What you have - What you think you can't have;

- Who you know  - Who you don't know;

- What you believe in - What you don't believe in:

- What your qualifications are - What qualifications you think you need;

- What experience you have - What experience you think you may need...

Success Principles: YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

1. Believe You Can Make A Difference

1. You can make a difference;

2. Your thoughts can make a difference;

3. Your decisions can make a difference;

4. What you do can make a difference!

A difference! Something that isn't common, something that breaks the cycle, something that creates a new horizon, brings us new heights.

Making a difference in your life, in your family life, your friends life, yout co-workers life, your community life, make a difference in anyone's life! 

Believe it or not, you have that capability, so use it!

2. Making A Difference's Nature

Whether you know it or not, you are already making a difference.

That's right!

Your thoughts, your words, your actions, are already making a difference

We all are different, we all have our distinctive characteristics, we all play a role of influencing each other with our own uniqueness.

It's inevitable! No matter how low you are or how bad you feel, you are making a difference. Because you can make a difference from birth, we all are born with that capability.

You don't need nothing else but YOU to make a difference. 

3. The Kind Of Difference You Can Make

By now, you should acknowledge that making a difference it's an ability that has been with you always, and you have use it knowing it or not.

At this moment you need to ask yourself:

What kind of difference have I been making?

Although we can make a difference in anybody's life, we can make a good or a bad difference.

You can influence people to change in a good way or in a bad way, even if you're not aware of it . 

Even if, your life principle is to be a good person and change things for the better, somehow some way, things just go wrong, and the results you get are the opposite of what you wanted.

We all have been through it. But why does this happens?

Because we simply don't deliberately decide what type of difference we are going to make, we let our activities ride for themselves without predicting what kind of difference they will make.

The catch here is that you must deliberately plan what kind of difference are you going to make. You must be precise, don't let yourself get caught in doing things without predicting what kind of difference they will produce.

1. You can be doing things that get you in your way to succeed, making the difference you want in your own life, but, neglecting others and therefore making a bad difference in their lives. Even if you don't want to. That's what we call being unconsciously selfish, and that's a thing you should avoid, because it will make your success incomplete, and with time you'll feel miserable. 

2. Imagine otherwise, you are there for others, your life identity is to help others regardless, even if that means holding your life goals pending for a while. You'll be making a difference in their lives you'll feel happy for others, but when you take the time analyze your life you'll  feel empty.

1 & 2. You should look for complementary ways of achieving both:
  • You must deliberately take aim at what kind of difference you want to make in any given area of your life. 
  • That includes you, your family, your friends, your health, your finances, your career, your hobbies, etc.
  •  Make the best you can out of your capability to make a difference, in order to make it as complete as you can. 
  • Define your life mission as something that's good for you but also good for others that surround you.

The good news here is that not only you're going to achieve what you want, but also you're going to achieve it quicker

At the same time, not only you're going to make a good difference in things you've planed, but also you're going to make a good difference in things you didn't planed by chain reaction effect

Chain reaction effect: You made the decisions, you took the necessary actions, you got the results, you made the difference you wanted, and now you get the repercussions of your actions

People will emulate you, they will follow your example.

You made a difference in their lives, by making difference in yours and others. 

That's what you get when you plan the kind of difference you will be making, remember that a good difference it's always possible, it's up to you to...


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