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Success Principles: Consistency, Persistence and Beliefs can beat Talent!

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Consistency, Persistence & Beliefs Can Beat Talent!

Misconception: talented and accomplished people are born that way, others can't achieve what those type of people can, cause they were born different. Normal people weren't born with a "gift".

1. Many examples from the greats, tell us otherwise:

- Michael Jordan worked hard every day of his life, unlike most of the common professional basketball players. He worked and worked until he mastered the game of basketball, and when we saw him demolishing the opposition we thought he had some sort of and unnatural gift.

- Albert Einstein stayed with problems he had to solve longer then any other scientist, and he developed unreal intellectual skills. And we thought he was born like a super genius.

- Thomas Edison failed experience after experience, until he found out the formula that worked. We thought he was a natural at it, but he tried and tried until he made it.

- Arnold Schwarzenegger worked on his weaknesses and believed in things the majority didn't, until one day he made it big time in body building and showbiz.

- Cristiano Ronaldo it's one of the hardest working soccer/football players in the world he's the first to arrive at the training center the last one to leave, yet people think his body comes from good genetics and his skills are just a god given gift, not something he works for with daily repetition in the training sessions.

These people could have been born with the right characteristics for what they do, but they worked like no other and achieved notoriety in their specific field.

They developed many skills throughout their lives,  things they didn't have at birth. Things that were indispensable to their success.

They solved problems in their particular area making use of consistency, persistence and believing they could do it.

2. They were consistent when other were inconsistent.

They persisted when others gave up.

They continue to believe in their dreams when almost everybody was telling them to quit.

Jordan was cut from his high-school basketball team in his earl years, someone told him he wasn't good enough to play the game;

Einstein was considered an average student in high-school, he was never the so called genius in his earl years; 

Edison was strongly criticized as a failure because in peoples mind he was failing all the time (in his mind he was trying);

Arnold was just a bunch of muscles with a terrible german actor with no acting skills nor the "correct" hollywood charm;

Ronaldo was just a missile shot striking player yet with time he showed people otherwise being considered the best footballer in the world.

Yet, despite all this obstacles, they persisted when others quit, they were consistent with their work, they believed in themselves and didn't gave up regardless of what people were saying.

So, is talent all we have to say regarding this people? Hell no!

You weren't born with a specific talent? Work hard and stay consistent with what you do in order to achieve your goals, and maybe someday people will mistake your newly developed skills with talent. Because your capability will be so unreal and great that they will be mislead to believe it's a gift.

And now the ultimate tip, a gift can be something you were born with, that's the common sense definition, but, it can also be something you discover in your lifetime.

To do this there's no way around it, you have to practice, you have to learn from your failures and sharp your skills along the way. Like a diamond in a ruff, you have cut and polish yourself to become better like the greats did.

That's where consistency, persistence and believing are major 
character traits you must develop.


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