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26 Tips On How To Be Amazing At Your Job

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How can I improve at my job? That's the question, the right question if you ask us. Most of the time people don't ask what they can improve, instead they ask what things can others improve for me at my job? That's when you separate yourself from the power you can have to control the outcomes of your life.

Although, it can seem hard, you can control things at your job if you focus on how you can improve yourself. If you change, things will change, that's the philosophy. 

Another goal you can set for yourself, is not only to improve at your job, but to also, be amazing doing it. Why? Because amazing work gets us those amazing results we all crave for. Mediocre work doesn't get you that, it get's you fired. So be amazing if you want amazing things to come.

In order for you to perceive better our perspective, we've enlisted 26 tips for you to be amazing at your job:

26 Tips On How To Be Amazing At Your Job

1. Be the first to arrive and the last one to leave

It's a must that you arrive at work on time. It's amazing if you arrive earlier than anyone. Also don't be waiting "on your knees" for the "final bell to ring", stay working when the beggars who hate what they do leave. This will show without doubt that you love what you do, and have a genuine interest in it.

2. Dress right for the occasion

This depends on what kind of work you do. But general rules can be applied: don't dress too exuberant and flashy, don't be messy and clumsy with your wardrobe. Image matters! But don't let your clothes define you, like your actions should. Clothes will help you to a certain extension. Use this as a complementary add on to your repertory.

3. The past is the past, so leave it there!

Don't bring pass work experiences to a new job, specially if they were bad. Also, keep in mind if you failed in the past a new opportunity arrives every day, as long as you focus on the present not on the past. We learn with our past, but we can't live there.

4. Study the place/organization you work in/for

Information it's crucial for decision making. Know the company or the business you work for/in like te palm in your hand. You will make better decisions and better moves if you know the road you are walking in.

5. Be nice to people when interacting

Be polite with your co-workers, nothing feels better than a polite co-worker, who not only is nice but it's paying attention to us. Call  people by their name, avoid the "colleague" type of cliche calling. People have their own identity that begins with  their personal name, respect them as you expect them to respect you.

6. Talk small. Do BIG!

Don't be a talker be a walker. Don't spend time talking about what you do or did, just do it! And others will notice for sure and will recognize you as an accountable worker, not as the "office parrot".

7. Think like your boss, put yourself in his shoes

If you think like your boss, you can predict what  type of tasks he wants you to perform. Understand their world, don't be a beggar. Simply be a problem solver not a problem!

8. Be ready for whatever, do your "homework"!

"Homework" can be a painful word for you, but you need it. This doesn't mean take extra work home, but you should develop yourself and your skills to perform better at work. The only way you have to achieve this is to engage in personal growth activities outside work, that is what you should look for.

9. Stay updated on a daily basis

Personal growth it's important here also. Not only you should develop yourself but keep your tasks and documents updated too. Keep your files and your tasks updated on a regular basis. Simply keep on track.

10. Do work before work is required, stay ahead of demands

Predict what things are expect from you in the near future. If you are on track with your tasks, there's plenty of space for new ones. Stay open minded about this, if you do future tasks when your boss asks for them you've already done it. If he never asks, don't get discouraged, you have gained experience.

11. Do what the boss says 

It's a must that you listen to your boss, and do what he asks for, like the way he asked for it. With time, you'll get to know your boss, avoid  always asking how you should perform this and that, know the blueprint first and then roll with it.

12. Be there for others, help people solving their problems

You have to solve your problems but also be accountable to solve others problems. Be ready to provide help, you have a unique knowledge that can help others in areas where they're lacking it. Do this, and help comes back to you when you need it, and you will.

13. Admit your mistakes and move on with it

There's nothing wrong with making a mistake, wrong is staying like a martyr stuck with a mistake forever. You have failed at something admit it, and move on. People make mistakes, but you want to be amazing right? Know that amazing people fail like others, but the difference is: they learn from their mistakes and move on making new wiser attempts at it in the future, they don't stay with a mistake forever.

14. Learn from experience, yours and others's 

Make your weaknesses your strengths. Learn from your mistakes, learn from others mistakes. Keep your skills in perspective, perform tasks and become better at them learning from experience. Stay sharp and become smarter as time progresses. 

15. Don't sweat the small office stuff

Many things will happen in your daily routine at work. Don't focus on small stuff, stuff that doesn't relate whatsoever with your goals and the organization goals. Focus on what's important, this isn't high-school!

16. Keep your friends close, "enemies" closer

Don't pretend like you will not have "enemies" at work. People who will envy you, and are willing to bring you down. It's just human nature. Don't hate them, don't treat them bad, by the contrary, treat them better than you treat co-workers you like. Don't give them what they want: you loosing focus and drive.

17. Get to know your co-workers 

Go to lunch with them socialize. Don't pick the same group, vary in your companions. The more you vary the more you will know them. But don't try to please everybody, remember that  a friend to all is a friend to none. Stay fresh, don't forget someone,  but also, don't force it.

18. Stay positive and goal oriented

Think and act positive. Keep in mind your goals all the time. This will help you also with decisions. You'll have to decide in a pressure environment, you cannot afford to let stress or bad humor decide for you. Don't react like a child, act like a focused adult with self-confidence and vision.

19. Be humble, if you need help ask for it

Like you should help others, others should help you too. How do you feel when a person asks for your help? Worthy and validated, that's right! You should let others enjoy this excellent feelings too. Also, you are not superhuman, let your success be others success because they helped you somewhere in time.

20. Don't highlight yourself, let others highlight you, by your own merit

You are an excellent worker, you have your bragging rights! Wrong! Bragging it's not a good thing in a working environment, leave that stuff out. By the contrary, let others do the bragging for you. You can only achieve this by excelling at what you do, in ways that it's impossible for others not to talk about it.  

21. Your personal life stays home

Who cares about your personal minor issues at work? That shouldn't be an issue. Keep your life private, but keep the things you do in private simple. Don't give others a reason to talk about you that isn't work related. In todays world exposure is everywhere, be careful with social networking, you think it,s private? Well it's not!

22. Check personal habits at the door

We all have our habits, good or bad we all have them. And co-workers have them to, there's a connecting bridge there. Avoid it, don't bring them to the table. This can weaken you at their eyes. Take this example: If you drink, whenever guys drink in work hours, you will have the rush to do it too. In no time you get sloppy and will be drinking with them. Keep habits that don't relate with work at home.

23. Discipline yourself, be diligent and organized

Nothing it's better than an organized person. Clean your desk, don't accumulate chunk, keep a daily journal, pinpoint your tasks, do them as soon as you can. Don't leave work you should do, undone. Nothing it's worst then a messy unorganized person.

24. No gossip allowed, specially about people you work with

People love to talk about people. Just for the sake of gossiping. If you come across it, avoid it, don't reply to it. They want to talk about others faults with you, but they want to talk about your faults with others too, no one stays out from it (gossip common sense). Lead by example, stay focus on what's important.

25. Make a difference, analyze the company and be a force in the areas where it's lacking knowledge

Be an indispensable worker, you can achieve this by adding immeasurable value to your company. You've already study the place where you work at, now bring to the table new things that are lacking. For instances: You have the power to create a new position for you at the organization by adding value in areas that are to be filled. A new position, new salary, you name it, sky is the limit if you master this.

26. Stay consistent with these good habits

Don't do all this tips for a few days, do it everyday! Transform them into habits, by doing and repeatedly doing them. Become it!

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