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Have you ever thought in inspiring people with your own words? Now it's your chance! We're looking for great motivational fresh content to add to our website.

If you feel you have a great message to motivate our thousands of monthly readers, you're welcome to contribute. Write for us and inspire lives worldwide, reach a broader audience and get your writing skills noticed.

What We're Looking For

Our posts have the purpose to inspire people in what they do. You have to Motivate people, Amaze them with a great piece or work, so people can become GREAT! Here are the categories of our site:
  • Motivation: Give our readers a great piece of advice about motivation. You can also tell us a story about something or someone that's really motivational. Give us examples of great motivation sources, like movies, music, pictures and people.
  • Quotes: You can pick an amazing author or personality with great quotes and comment on those quotes and add extra knowledge to our readers.
  • Personal Development: Anything that our readers can grab on to and improve. There are numerous topics about personal development, pick one and give great guidelines and advises for our readers to improve their lives.
  • Speeches: Chose a great motivational speech, that's really inspiring. Tell our readers what's great about that particular speech, you can add transcriptions and videos to emphasize the speech words. 
  • Inspirational Tips: Give our readers tips to improve their lives. You can use "how to", "ways to", "steps to", on the tittle and make a list of topics about some subject regarding personal development, motivation, inspiration, success or entrepreneurship. 
Here are a few posts to serve you as an example:
How To Stay Motivated Everyday (part1) - Preparation Is Key!
24 Michael Jackson Inspirational Quotes To Live By
Success Principles: How Reality Cannot Stop Your Success
Arnold Schwarzenegger 6 Rules Of Success Speech
8 Things To Remember When Everything Looks Dark

Please write original pieces. You can use articles for inspiration and quote authors, but we want fresh and unique content to amaze our readers.

We will read your article and add it to our website if we think the content it's GREAT.

It's up to you to write an amazing piece, content must be king! This is for people who like to write and want to show their writing skills to a broader audience.

Avoid submitting poor quality articles just for the sake of promoting a specific link or a product.

If the content is poor it won't generate interest in you or your website either, it's just pointless to do it.

(However if you just want to promote something and would like to link it to our website, asks us for our business options: 

For products marketing or any form of business you can contact us using the email below too, but state in the subject: Sponsored/Paid Posts).

Writing Guidelines 

We want to add a valuable experience to our daily readers, follow these simple guidelines to structure well your article:
  • Article length: from 600 to 1200 words maximum;
  • Content: once again, make sure what you write is a unique piece, we don´t accept articles that are online already in any other site (including your own blog!). Use subheadings for better comprehension of our readers.
  • Title: use a concise and appealing title for your article, that describes the subject without leaving any sort of doubt.  
  • Links: you can use links in the body of your article but only to add value to our readers experience. Leave self-promotion for the author bio
  • Picture: you don't need to worry about the visual aspects of your article, we'll pick a picture to be the header. If you think you have a picture that best represents your content you can send it attached. But keep in mind, that we will pick what we think it best fits the article.
  • Formatting: use simple and plain text no need to underline or bold. 
Do a final grammar check to your article and send us the final draft. Your article will get reviewed and our editor will make the necessary formatting to add to our website format. 

Sending Information

Send us an email providing the following:

  • Add a short author bio, with your first and last name on top. You can add a link to your bio linking to your blog, social media, business page or e-book. Please don't add spam pages you will be verified.
  • Send us a profile picture of you attached to the e-mail.
  • Don't send the article in file format, add your article to the body text of your e-mail.

Please send us your article to [email protected] 

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