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The Path To True Success

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Someone once told me that the path to success begins by asking yourself, "What makes me truly happy?" 

As I brought my pen to write as usual today, I remembered that statement. I couldn't just help but smile as I now know what resonates with my happiness.

Far back to my formative years, I remember that I was fascinated with reading novels, stories and also writing. Anytime I bought a novel, the first thing I would check is the back cover of the book where the author's biography and picture were attached. There was always this sudden glow on my face as I read through the author's biography.

I don't know why or what made me usually tickle when I hear and read about authors but deep within my heart, I felt my true self was gradually evolving. 

I must have said that statement over a hundred times in my heart because I know therein lies the definition of my own success.

Now, over to you. What makes you happy?

The Path To True Success

Often times, we want and extremely desire for this success thing without taking time to know what exactly success mean to us. There are different views about success but what matters is your own definition of success

This helps you get ultimate fulfillment in life. 

Featured in the article: "The Path To True Success". Girl happy, smiling, being successful on her own terms.

The world is crowded with different success stories. The media space is filled with great personalities and successful people that we try to adopt their lifestyle or follow their own process.

Sometimes we get lost in our own voice trying to be what we are not because we don't know what success is to us and how we would feel when we eventually attain it.
  • Some people see success as helping others discover their potentials and many more.
  • Some also feel they have gotten to the peak of success when they get huge amount of money from a job or contract.
  • There are many things and ways people do to attain success or get the tag of "being successful".

The question is...

Do they get fulfillment from all that?

Are they following their own path or the one set by others?

Have they defined clearly what success means to them?

However, that shouldn't be your concern on your way to success.

What matters is what you define your success to be and look like and also how you can achieve it. 

Again, it begins with that soul searching question: What makes you truly happy?

Like I would always say, life isn't just all about the wealth, status and affluence but how it brings lasting fulfillment to God and also to you. 

That is what I term "True Success".

Featured in the article: "The Path To True Success". Man open arms, greatness, being successful, sunlight buildings

Now it doesn't matter what anyone is doing. It doesn't matter what notion they hold about being successful. 

Do not follow someone else's path to success. Don't get lost in the crowd. 

Do not try to copy or imitate someone to attain success just because he or she is seen as being successful.

Everyone has different things they do that makes them happy and fulfilled. They could all be in alignment with purpose and passion.

Discover yours, pay the price and get to the peak of success. Remember, happiness doesn't come from success but rather success comes from happiness.

We hope now you're inspired to pursue your own path to success.
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