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5 Life Lessons For A Teenage Son

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Header image of the article: "5 Life Lessons For A Teenage Son". A checklist of life lessons for parents to teach teenagers. Image represents a clueless teenage son being rebel.

Parenting is many things: It’s a privilege. It’s a gift. It’s a responsibility. It’s a challenge. For the many things it is, you have to stay on top all the way; otherwise, things might get out of hand.

One minute your little boy is toddling along, attempting to eat dirt, and the next minute, his voice is cracking and he’s getting hairier. Welcome to the daily life of a teenager.

Time stops for no one, and when it comes to raising children, it just goes whizzing by.

From teaching motor skills, speech, and other fundamental knowledge, you suddenly find yourself pressed for time in trying to prepare him for the real world.

Before long, he’ll be setting off into adulthood, and you wonder, is he properly equipped to take on life as a grown up?

What You Should Teach Your Teenage Son About Life

More than the specific “adulting” skills he needs to navigate the rest of his life, he needs his core values.

The guiding principles that will identify him as a person, as well as, define the kind of path he will take and the brand of success he will pursue.

With these values in place, he’ll have an excellent sense of self, and he can journey on, radiating confidence and conviction.

Here are the top life lessons that can help establish some of the ideal values teenage boys can benefit from.

5 Life Lessons For A Teenage Son

Life Lesson #1 – Welcome Failure

Featured in the article: "5 Life Lessons For A Teenage Son". Teenage daughter not knowing how to deal with failure.

There’s too much emphasis on achieving success. Of course it’s important; that’s the end goal.

Failure, however, is important, too! 

You can learn so much more from failing than from succeeding, and yet, many parents tend to vilify failure.

Instead of underlining its association with shame and disappointment, you should embrace moments of failure with a sense of gratitude for the lessons they bring and the opportunities for growth they present.

Life Lesson #2 – Do not Underestimate Money

Featured in the article: "5 Life Lessons For A Teenage Son".

Money can’t buy you love. Money can’t buy you happiness. Love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. These statements all have some truth, but do not make the mistake of dismissing money’s importance.

Your boy will need it. His life will be better because of it. It’s not what will make his life good, so he shouldn’t make it front and center in his life, but having it will help him and his loved ones have a higher quality of life.

Having money is good, but earning money is even better.

Make your boy understand that money in his wallet or bank won’t last long. The bills will never go away. That’s why building and managing wealth should be started on right away.

Teach your son what your own life may have taught you. 

He needs to understand the true value of money and financial health before having a family forces him to understand it.

Life Lesson #3 – So Many Things Trump Natural Talent

Featured in the article: "5 Life Lessons For A Teenage Son". teen, Hard work beats talent.

One must never rest on the laurels of one’s innate gifts. Natural talent may give you an edge early in life, but it doesn’t guarantee that you will stay ahead, and it doesn’t equate to a shortcut.

There is no shortcut to success, which is so much sweeter when the path to it was paved with trials and struggles.

Staying power, hard work, good choices — these all weigh more than natural talent in the long run.

If your son has the talent or aptitude for something, teach him to regard it as a gift that he has to nurture.

It is his responsibility to cultivate it into something productive. 

Talent is lost when not in use, so he should maintain it as an advantage by cherishing it and honing it.

Life Lesson #4 – Adjust and Move On

Featured in the article: "5 Life Lessons For A Teenage Son". Adjust and move on, teenager skateboarding.

Flexibility is something that is good to learn early on. Many people tend to be stuck in their disappointment that they don’t know what to do when things don’t go according to their plan or expectation.

A good mantra for your young man to memorize as early as possible is “Adjust and Move On.” 

He’ll have to do it many times in life, so he might as well start practicing it while he’s young.

It will come naturally later when he’s dealing with much more serious issues.

 Life Lesson #5 – The Hardest Choices Are Usually the Best Ones

Featured in the article: "5 Life Lessons For A Teenage Son".Teenager, hard, choices

The easier choice is one within his comfort zone, which incidentally happens to be the place the sages are always urging people to get out of.

Choosing the harder path is sure to lead your son to a bigger reward. 

It usually means the achievement of his desired goal, but, always, it means a much more improved version of himself.

Doing something difficult and taking a risk may not guarantee the outcome he wants, but it is always worth it, if only to show himself his true mettle.

No Established Rule Book

Despite the abundance of child-rearing books written by various experts, there is no actual manual for parenting.

Sharing the lessons you’ve learned from your own life is imperative; however. Imparting them is your burden. Hopefully, your boy takes heed.

We hope you've enjoyed reading this life lessons for your teenage son, and know you're inspire to take action!
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