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How To Stay Happy And Positive No Matter What

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With all of the problems that life presents us with, it's sometimes hard to be positive and keep your smile up.

The older you get the more challenges you have to face in order to arrive in that happy place where you can relax and unwind.

You often dream of being a happier person all year round, no matter what affects your mood most often – whether it's people, a season, happenings in your life or something entirely different. 

You may thing that this is impossible since there is always something getting in your way – it's like that for everyone.

But if you want to be a better, happier person, there are some things that you can do to be happy every day and stay positive in every life situation

How To Stay Happy & Positive No Matter What

1. Find Time to Laugh

Laughing is always extremely important. It makes you feel good and your body is energized. Plus, when you are laughing, there is no way that you can feel sad, at least for the time that you are laughing. 

To achieve this, watch funny videos, movies or gifs, listen to jokes or tell them yourself, create funny situations or do anything else that makes you laugh.

This way you'll have your own cheer up session every day and that will give you all the necessary energy that you need. 

2. Find Positivity in Everything!

This one is also hard to figure out and can seem unreachable. But there are always positive sides to every situation.

Try to train this at first – take the most mundane things in life and try to find at least two benefits and positive things that come from them

Ignore the negativity that wants to find its way into your heart and poison your good mood. 

Do the same if someone tries to say something negative to you – respond with positive statements or simply thank them for sharing their opinion and move on. 

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3. Listen to Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers are truly best at what they do – provide prompt motivation for any of us who may be struggling with our day-to-day lives.

Listening to them gives us that lovely feeling of not only being understood but also being pushed towards doing more with our lives

If you are not sure which motivational speakers to listen to, look for some resources on our list of motivational speeches.

4. Have a Healthy Life

Do what's best for your body – eat well, exercise, spend time outdoors or take vacations. This is one of the most important parts of having a happy life.

It's highly connected to the physical component of happiness but it's just as nuanced and valuable. 

This exercise doesn't have to be what you see other people are doing and you can create your own healthy diet – do what works for you as long as you understand that happiness comes from within.

'People who exercise and have a healthy lifestyle are usually happier.

They release all of their negativity and use it for something good. They also take care of what they put in their body and that's rewarding all on its own. 

5. Express Yourself

Don't be afraid of showing the world who you are.

Tell everyone what you think and show them how you feel.

Be open about every part of your personality and don't hide from the world. 

If you hide, you'll be unhappy and you'll feel like no one loves you for what you truly are.

Simply express yourself and you'll instantly be in a better mood. 

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6. Think about What Makes You Happy

Stop wasting time thinking about things or people who make you feel sad or anxious.

Focus, instead, on the things and people that you love.

Take the time to have meals that you love, spend time with people that you love and do things that you love.

In tough times, think about those things the most. 

7. Relax and Meditate

Relaxation and meditation can seriously affect the way you perceive your life.

You'll approach things and people with more mindfulness.

Before you let anything get to you, you'll control your emotions and understand things from a different and clever perspective, making better decisions that will make you live a happier life.  

Relaxation is easy – you could for example just lay there and watch some TV or work out. Different strategies work differently for various people.

Meditation is just as easy but you'll need: some early guidance and to practice it a few times. But no worry, it will be worth it!

8. Socialize with Happy People

Even if you are the most cheerful person in the world, spending time with unhappy people will drain you and make you feel terrible.

This is why you should try to either lead those people to a happier state or not spend time with them anymore.

Set boundaries in order to protect yourself. 

Happy people are good to be around. Even on your worst day, having some positivity in your life, it being from other people too, is an excellent resource for happiness.

Surround yourself with those who are fun to be around and who don't drain your energy for best results.

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9. Stay in Present Time

Don't think about the past or the future. This is probably the source of most of your stress and anxiety.

You think about all of the mistakes you've made and that eats you up, and you worry about what will happen in the future and that eats you too. 

In order to be a completely happy person, you have to move on from that mindset.

Live in the present moment and enjoy the time you have right now.

Nora Mork is a lifestyle and productivity journalist at UK Writings. She loves doing yoga, hiking, and sharing her stories at blogs and magazines, such as Essay Roo.

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