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9 Useful Tips For Motivating Your Children

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When you are a kid, you often need a lot of motivation to finish your homework, study and so on. Surely, you remember this from your own childhood.

It seemed normal then, but now that you are a parent yourself, you are worried it might affect your kid’s future.

Some kids have motivation and have no problems doing everything on their own and on time. But some kids just don’t see the benefits of studying over playing or watching TV. 

This is where you, as a parent, can step in and show them how to find that motivation to learn and grow. 

You might go straight to rewarding your child for doing good in school and punishing them for every bad thing they do. 

In reality, what you need to do is work on their intrinsic motivation instead of punishing and rewarding. 

They need to learn to feel accomplishment and pride when they finish a good job and this is what you need to help them develop. 

Here are nine useful tips on helping your kid find some motivation:

9 Useful Tips For Motivating Your Children 

1. Help Them Set Goals

Featured on the article: "9 Useful Tips For Motivating Your Children ". Tip: Help them set goals. Represents child writing goals.

Your children should be able to set goals for themselves. You can help them create a list of all long-term goals they have and all of the short-term goals

Both should be simple and fairly easy to do but they should also require some effort

Help them choose the right goals as well. Sure, they might tell you that they want to be astronauts or ballerinas right now but the goals list should be focused on something more attainable and near to them

2. Create a Plan

Featured on the article: "9 Useful Tips For Motivating Your Children ".  Tip 2: Create a Plan. Represents plan written down.

Just like adults, your children need a solid plan to help them reach their goals. Once you create goals lists, you should make sure that they have a plan to reach their goals. 

Step-by-step plans are the best kind for children because then they understand what they need to do to reach goals completely.

Help them display these goals somewhere where they can easily see them, for two reasons:
(1) so they can remember them;
(2) so they can feel motivated right away to do the necessary daily actions to achieve them in the future

3. Celebrate with Them

Featured on the article: "9 Useful Tips For Motivating Your Children ". Tip 3: Celebrate with Them. Father and son celebrating.

Once they manage to reach their goals, you should celebrate with your children. Show them that you are proud of them and that you love them

You can even give them a reward - although, a reward shouldn’t be there at the beginning, it should be a nice surprise. 

Make sure that they are aware that the sense of accomplishment is their reward in the first place. 

4. Create a Competition

Featured on the article: "9 Useful Tips For Motivating Your Children ". Tip 4: Create a Competition. Child strategizing chess game, life game.

Competition is very healthy. You should encourage it with your child and especially if you have more children.

Make the competition all about positivity and getting better and stronger and never emphasize negativity and the weakness of the opponent. 

Cheer on your child, let them see that you care about this. But also, help them care about it too.

You don’t want to create a negative environment where your child is competing only because of you(!). 

Also, step by step start to teach your child that the most important competition is not with others, but to compete with themselves

Make them understand that they can improve day by day, and become better beating their own past achievements. 

5. Encourage Your Child

Featured on the article: "9 Useful Tips For Motivating Your Children ". Tip 5: Encourage Your Child. Quote: You've got this.

You need to show your kid that you believe in them firmly. 

You should tell them all about how great you think they are going to do based on all the hard work they did. 

Dismiss self-doubt and show them that confidence is important and that they should definitely have it. 

6. Show Interest in Their Interests

Featured on the article: "9 Useful Tips For Motivating Your Children ". Tip 6: Show Interest in Their Interests. Son sharing interests with his mother

While most things that are interesting to your child might not be interesting to you at first sight, you need to understand the importance of showing that you care about their interests.

Because ultimately it's an evidence that you really care about them. So you must really have interest in the things that like.

First step is to talk with your kids about their interests, really take time to listen to them. This will show them that you can be there to hear them when they need to talk to you.

Now that you know the second step is to react to what they say, always have a positive feedback to give. You need to build trust with them, help they with their problems and doubts. 

7. Help them Discover what They are Passionate About

Featured on the article: "9 Useful Tips For Motivating Your Children ". Tip 7: Help them Discover what They are Passionate About. Daughter and mother at the pc finding her passion.

If your child doesn’t have any passions, you should help them discover it

This may take several tries and a bit more work on your part, but you can do it. It is very important that they participate in a variety of activities and experiment a lot

They will explore the world and learn what suits them. 

If they need any practice, enable it for them - for example, if they want to play an instrument or learn a language. 

8. Be Positive

Featured on the article: "9 Useful Tips For Motivating Your Children ". Tip 8: Be Positive. Represents father being positive while talking with his child.

We cannot stress enough the importance of having an optimistic outlook in you approach to motivating your children.

If your kids see any doubt in you, they will start to doubt themselves and lose confidence which is so important in life.

Never forget that they do what they see, not what they hear. The best advice is a good example, let it be a positive one.

Like we told you, you should have a positive approach when listening to their needs as well. It might get hard and trying at times, but you must do it.

9. Peer Pressure Can Be Good

Featured on the article: "9 Useful Tips For Motivating Your Children ". Tip 9: Peer Pressure can be good. Represents two children friends pushing each other further.

A little bit of positive peer pressure can be just as healthy as competition, which it essentially is. 

Your kids can find some great friends and then do better in school or sports in order to keep up with them.

Just make sure that the stress of peer pressure doesn’t affect them in the negative way. Bad company needs to be avoid, help them understand how a great friendships work and they will select their friends better. 

We hope you found the necessary inspiration for your kids in this article.
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