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How Do Bloggers Make Money: 4 Proven Ways

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There’s no doubt that one can make good money by blogging. In less than a decade, blogging transformed from a hobby to a serious and legitimate way to earn a great income, with an increasing number of people all over the world trying their luck in this business. 

In the U.S., for example, 27.4 million people were blogging in 2014, but this number jumped to slightly more than 30 million in just four years, according to calculations made by Statista. By 2020, the country will have 31.6 million bloggers.

The number of people reading blogs is also significant. In 2018, almost 40 percent of U.S.-based individuals aged 18 to 29 years report reading a blog regularly

That’s one of the highest spending groups of customers, so bloggers have been gaining impressive outcomes. 

Featured in the article: "How Do Bloggers Make Money: 4 Proven Ways". Example of a well known blogger site, Darren Rowse from ProBlogger.For instances, a well-known online blogger Darren Rowse from Pro Blogger who teaches how to make money online, reportedly earns about $40,000+ a month

Of course, Darren has lots of experience under his belt which he shares with his followers and students, so one just cannot make that kind of money as a beginner

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t earn an income that will help you to develop as a blogger and maintain your business.

Here are your main options on making money as a blogger:
  • Affiliate marketing;
  • Guest blogging;
  • Selling eBooks and Online Courses;
  • Advertising.

Let’s explore them a bit more. 

How Do Bloggers Make Money: 4 Proven Ways

Method #1: Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most common ways to monetize a blog. Here’s how it works:

An individual has a product or a service they want to sell online. They contact a blogger and agree to give them a specific percentage from each sale if the customer came from that blogger’s site.

The seller provides the blogger with a link that tracks the affiliate code which is a tool for tracking the sale.

The blogger includes the affiliate link on their website, whether directly in the content or in ads. If a visitor clicks on the link and buys the product/service on the seller’s website, the blogger earns the commission

To find an advertiser to sell on your blog, check out international affiliate programs like MaxBounty, Amazon Associates, and Rakuten Marketing. Don’t forget that private partnership with sellers is also an option.

Featured in article: "How Do Bloggers Make Money: 4 Proven Ways". Blogger having ideas and businesses propositions to make money.

Method #2: Guest Posting

This method works for both established and new blogs. There are lots of websites out there looking for quality content, so why not share your expertise with them?

You can easily find these sites by Googling “Submit a guest post” or “Write for us”

Some websites that accept guest posts pay writers for it, you can make between $50 and $200, but the final compensation depends on the type of the article and can reach up to $500.

Many bloggers have experience with guest posting. For example, according to this annual blogging survey by OrbitMedia, most of them (60 percent) submit guest posts at least sometimes, with an additional 6.9 percent being regular contributors to various media websites. 
Featured in the article: "How Do Bloggers Make Money: 4 Proven Ways". annual blogging survey by OrbitMedia, percentage of bloggers who guest post

Method #3: Selling eBooks and Online Courses

Chances are that you’re blogging about a specific industry or niche, so you can select a topic and create a digital product such as an eBook or an online course.

Let’s suppose that your blogging niche is email marketing. To create an interesting and helpful read for your followers, you can write an eBook describing how to write powerful email subject lines to entice customers to open them. 

This eBook will be helpful to marketers and online businesses trying to improve the effectiveness of their email marketing effort.

As you can see, these eBooks have a great value for the blog’s target audience because they allow them to develop the skills needed to be a wine expert.

Besides, in addition to your blog, you can always sell your eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing for free.

Another digital product that you can produce without significant financial investments is an online course. It’s an evergreen asset that can also help you to create an image of a thought leader, so it’s highly recommended for a blogger to have an online course.

Here are the essentials of creating a great course:
  • Define a goal for training;
  • Define how your target audience likes to learn (multiple choice questions, quizzes, etc.);
  • Make an outline with topics subtopics;
  • Create content (articles, presentations, image, videos, and other training materials). Feel free to use some of the existing content on your blog;
  • Share your course on your blog, social media profiles, and in guest posts.
Don’t forget to interact with course takers and offer support. This’ll go a long way for building a community of loyal followers.

Method #4: Advertising 

This method won't get you rich instantly, but it can be a consistent stream of income if your blog grows and gets tons of visitors. It can also be a good complement to all other methods.

The recipe is simple, you host your own blog and place ads from advertising networks on the pages of the site. Google Adsense for example is one of such networks.

Featured in the article: "How Do Bloggers Make Money: 4 Proven Ways". Pc from a blogger and google.

Usually in this system you get paid per click (each time a visitor clicks on the ad) or paid for impression (each time the ad is displayed on the blog).

Other way you can profit from ads, is to sell your ad space directly to companies. This works just like renting a place: businesses will pay you a fixed monthly fee, for hosting content on that specific space on your site. 

Wrapping Up

So, these four methods are responsible for a large share of bloggers’ income.

Over time, you’ll learn that some of them work better than others, so you’ll need to adjust your marketing strategy by focusing on the highest-performing methods

And one last thing: making money with a blog isn’t something that happens overnight, so be persistent and patient. Good luck!

Share this article with you friends and social connections, give them ideas and proven ways on how they can monetize their blog. 
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