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How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Get What You Want

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If there were a formula to crack the code of life, most of us would jump at the opportunity. Unfortunately, life isn't the easiest journey, and it can't be "cracked" per se. And yet, even with all its complexities, some people manage to find the keys to the doors of success much faster than others, and it makes you wonder "What are they doing that I'm not?"

The answer to that question isn’t simple, but in this article, we're going to focus on a certain mantra that has worked wonders for people all over the globe: The Law of Attraction. 

We're pretty sure you've come across this term at least once in your life. This particular law has been known for over a century, with people learning and discovering more and more about it with time.

The Law of Attraction can be quite complicated and has multiple layers, but we're going to simplify this for you and give you the crux of it:

The Law of Attraction means that a spade attracts a spade

In other words, the determination to achieve something, or the strong inclination to have something, can get you closer to making it happen in reality.

Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.

And while this might seem like just another possible theory, it's very much backed by scientific research too.

Several case studies in the past and even in the present have shown the subjects being driven by their desire to achieve something, or a specific result, their mental state, and motivation gave them a positive result in most cases.

Personalities like Oprah Winfrey have continuously advocated the power of the Law of Attraction, stating that much of her success and positivity is to be attributed to her belief in this law

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Get What You Want

So, if this law is as good as it's touted to be, how does one use it in different spheres of life to achieve whatever they truly seek? Let's break it down here: 

1. Monetary Growth 

Money is a huge factor in everyone's life. It fuels both one’s wants and needs, and is one of the most important tangible commodities in anyone's life.

Now, success can also be easily drawn parallel to money! The more money you have, the more it's an indication of your successful endeavors.

The Law of Attraction states that if you can truly believe that you will be successful, there's a high chance of it coming true.

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For example, there's a project coming up that you need to pitch for, and the stakes are high. Nervousness and anxiety will hamper your confidence and could even deter your focus.

So, if you can approach this project from day one with an "I'm going to do this for sure" attitude, it attracts that same positive energy.

The same approach will work with your monetary growth, a confident attitude will attract positive energy that  brings your goals closer to you

2. Love Life 

Finding the right partner is one everyone's agenda, but ticking it off can be a grueling process. Heartbreaks are a part of life, we can't deny that, but prolonged singlehood can be frustrating.

So, how does the Law of Attraction help in such a situation?

Studies suggest that people who go on dates with a positive attitude, and the confidence that things will work out, are more likely to find their someone special sooner than others. 

The positivity is infectious, and most definitely projects into your date as well.

Even when you're already in a relationship, the desire to keep the relationship healthy and going is the right type of energy to make it happen as well.

This applies not just to romantic relationships but to platonic ones and family ties as well. 

3. Better Health 

Health isn't restricted only to physical parameters. Your mind and mental health have a significant impact on how healthy you are physically.

As per the Law of Attraction, you need to truly believe that you are happy and healthy, and feel both mentally active and satisfied with yourself.

This then projects as positive energy into your body, and when the mind and body are in sync, you're going to feel healthier than ever.

Feeling mentally motivated also gives you the inclination to eat better, sleep well, choose a healthier lifestyle and so on.

4. Quality of Life 

Many of us invest a lot of time and effort into work, routines, schedules, priorities and so on, but how many of us truly live our lives to the fullest?

While it's true that only play and no work isn't a lifestyle that all of us can afford, it's also important to keep a check on your quality of life.

The Law of Attraction directs you to keep quality in mind and be mindful of the kind of lifestyle you're living, as compared to the one you deserve.

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Sometimes it's necessary to let loose, have some fun, indulge in activities that make you happy and, of course, not get tied down by responsibilities on a regular basis.

When you aim for a better quality of life, chances of something exciting happening for you increase as well. 

What are some of the things you can practice, to make the most of the Law of Attraction? 

  • Keep an open mind and engage in mental exercises like meditation and breathing techniques

  • Affirmations are important, so you can do so by having a list of things to do, having a wall where you write or hang motivational quotes or posters, attending talks or seminars where people share their success stories, and so on. 

  • Share you ideologies with someone, and get them on board as well. This way, whenever you run out of motivation, the other person can fill your cup again, and vice-versa. 

  • It's important for you always to be 100% sure of what it is you truly desire and what your goals are.
This type of confirmation gives you the energy and inclination to work even more towards fulfilling your goals. 

  • Believe in yourself, even when you're inclined not to. Self-belief is one of the strongest and most powerful motivators and can steer you in the direction of success. 

The Road Forward with the Law of Attraction

Featured in the article: "How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Get What You Want". Road Forward with the Law of Attraction, confidence, believe, girl, posing, scarf.

Once you've analyzed, understood and even incorporated this law into your life, what does the next step entail? 

It's all about being consistent and persistent. 

You can't decide to drop your motivation and give up suddenly, neither must you let failures drive your enthusiasm away.

The more consistent and persistent you are, the more continuous your results will be.

As is with everything else in life, even the Law of Attraction only works for those who truly see its value and work hard to keep it close.

So, the next time you have a major goal in the pipeline, remember to follow these steps and we're positive that your good fortune will be automatically drawn to you!

(For more information, in The Science of Getting RichWallace Wattles lays out a precise road-map for using the Law of Attraction to bring in what you want. His book was popularized in the documentary The Secret, which has helped many people to achieve the life of their dreams.)

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