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How To Stay Motivated In Life Everyday

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Motivation… the one trait that helps us overcome even in the darkest times. Throughout history, the most successful people managed to improve their condition by leveraging the power of motivation.

But what did they know about motivation and we don’t?

First of all, motivation is triggered by two powerful things: ambition and desire. Therefore, if you lack ambition and desire, you’ll most probably lack motivation too.

Second of all, motivation can be strengthened by visiona clear and vivid mental image of the desired achievements

If you manage to leverage the above-mentioned factors, your motivation will awaken your inner power and strength.

This power that you release will lead you towards making your goals, dreams, and visions real. Motivation is a universal tool hidden in our minds, which means that it can be used in every situation, action, or goal.

In today’s post, I’ll present insightful tips that will help you stay motivated in life every day.

How To Stay Motivated In Life Everyday

1. Develop Your Time Management Skills

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Managing your time effectively is one of the keys to success. It seems to be almost impossible to reach your goals if you constantly fail to manage your time and keep procrastinating. The good part is that the rewards are totally worth the struggle.

You can motivate yourself using different time management systems. Ideally, you should develop a system that will properly match your lifestyle and workstyle.

For instance, there’s the quadrant time management system which purpose is to keep you away from time-wasting activities.

The system involves four separate quadrants that define your daily activities based on two factors: urgency and importance:

Quadrant 1 – IMPORTANT AND URGENTMANAGE Short-Term Crises Problems;
Quadrant 2 – IMPORTANT BUT NOT URGENTFOCUS on Long-Term Strategic Goals;
Quadrant 3 – URGENT BUT NOT IMPORTANT AVOID Distractions and Interruptions;
Quadrant 4 – NOT IMPORTANT AND NOT URGENT LIMIT Time-Wasting Activities.

2. Start Planning

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You totally need to plan your life. You can’t sit and wait to see how the events will unfold.

You must be in control of your life, otherwise, someone else will and you most probably won’t like it.

Considering that you have already decided the path you want to follow, you must develop a plan that will lead you towards your ultimate achievement. Without a plan you can’t reach your goals.

It’s like heading to a destination without knowing the roadmap.

So, make a monthly plan, make a weekly plan, make a daily plan, make a morning plan, whatever plan that best fits your life. Just make a plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Two aspects to keep in mind while you’re planning your life is to be realistic and to take it slowly – you can’t change your lifestyle over the night.

3. Establish Short-Term Goals 

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We all have long-term goals, but most of the times, these goals are transforming over the years as we keep dreaming about them instead of taking real action. But why does this phenomenon happen?

Simply because we fail to set and focus on short-term goals. 

Take the example of a sportsman. In order to enter the competition for a Mondial cup, he must first focus to win the local, national, and international competitions, which represent smaller goals.

Short-time goals represent achievability.

They usually present you a clear path towards success, which can motivate you way more than any big dream you have on the long-term.

But what I like the most about setting short-time goals is that they are the foundation, the little steps you must follow, your roadmap towards your long-term achievements.

4. Meditate

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Meditation is a practice that involves many techniques, but all of them are just different ways to focus on the present moment.

Thanks to its transformative and powerful properties., we are able to align our physical and spiritual selves and become sovereign in thoughts.

Sometimes, our mind can be annoyingly loud and one of the simplest and yet effective ways to cleanse it is through meditation.

Meditation can help us find our balance and allow us to improve our perspective on life.

Ultimately, we can find what genuinely motivates us. In all its simplicity, there are people who find the practice of meditation difficult (it’s understandable, as we are not used to simply do nothing and observe whatever is going on in our minds for more than a few minutes).

For meditation to be effective, you need to focus for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

5. Maximize Your Physical Energy

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There are a lot of things and tools we can leverage to stay motivated in every day’s life. But what is the one thing that can help us the most? Let me answer you this question with a quote: “mens sana in corpore sano” – “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.
This phrase basically expresses that the health of our body dictates our mind’s well-being. Now, motivation is a state of mind which is influenced by its environment, which is your body.

So, think about it. How motivated can you possibly feel when you have a headache or a stomach flu? I bet that you can barely think about motivation in those times.

For that reason, if you want to stay motivated every day, you must uphold your body healthy and energized.

4 Ways to Maximize Your Physical Energy

a) Improve Your Sleep Quality

When it comes to sleep, most of us believe that it’s a matter of quantity and not quality. Of course, ideally, we should get around 8 hours of sleep per night, but this is a comfort that not all of us can afford.

Therefore, you must think in terms of qualitywhat can you do to improve your deep sleep (the most restorative sleep cycle)? Nevertheless, to start with high levels of energy each morning and to stay motivated during the day, you must improve your sleep quality

b) Drink Water (A Lot!)

Our body is 75% water. In order for us to function properly, we must keep our body hydrated at all times.

Unfortunately, most of us are never fully hydrated, and dehydration is connected to the loss of energy, focus, creativity, and decision making.

Therefore, if you want to stay motivated, make a habit of drinking at least 2L of water every day

c) Don’t Skip Meals

Food for humans is like fuel for cars. If you want to start a day properly, you should fuel up with a nutritious breakfast.

Each meal is important for an optimum function of your mind and body throughout the day. Skipping meals will only cause an imbalance that will surely not help you stay motivated.

d) Exercise Daily 

Now don’t imagine that you must become a hardcore crossfitter... A good stretching and jogging for about 20 minutes should be just enough to start improving your blood pressure.

Improving your blood flow in the morning provides an instant boost of energy, focus, and clarity.

6. Conclusion 

Featured in the article: "How To Stay Motivated In Life Everyday".Go up never stop, motivation, everydayIf you’ll manage to find your way to keep yourself motivated every day, it will be just a matter of time before you become more productive and manage to reach success. 

My personal favorite aspect about motivation is that it can be found even in the smallest things in life and even in the darkest times.

Feeling motivated already? Share this article with your friends and family, provide them ways to stay motivated in life everyday. 
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