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How To Handle Rejection In Life

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We get it. We know you. The only part of life which you thought would be magical and happy just like a New Year’s night, went downhill...

It hit like a thousand volt with the force of rock falling off of a mountain. You got rejected!

You got isolated. You are dismayed. You can climb up the hill again, and the world’s going to motivate you with all trumpets and musical piano notes. But you my friend, are not able to pull it through. 

We understand why this happens. Right now, it’s not just your confusion with what happened, but it’s also the psychological and the stress that got triggered the moment you faced rejection.

According to Psychology Today, rejection has had its share in our evolutionary stages too. It served as a tool for correctional behavior in tribes which an individual to push his limits and correct his behavior or learn to survive.

So, one hand tells you rejection is awful, and the other tells you it makes you better. And you are still confused. 

Not to be preachy, but you need rejection at least once in life. Do you want to know why?

If taken positively (which you might obviously do as humans are wired to move on), rejection will nourish you and teach you to evolve to be a better person than before. 

Here are the best ways on how you can handle rejection for the better part of life. 

How To Handle Rejection In Life

“Every No gets me closer to a YES.” - Mark Cuban

Featured in the article: "How To Handle Rejection In Life." Every No gets me closer to a YES.

1. Self-Confidence Heals 

The thing about self-confidence is tricky. While we can write 1000 words on it, we know that self-confidence is not a wake-up-make-up thing.

Some are self-confident by birth, and some are trained to have that in them. 

Confidence may not help you in the first session of cries and tears after rejection, but it is unquestionably vital when life, in its utter normality, starts to kick in. It’s hard during the first stage, but it develops later on.

Remember, confidence is the key to attain a better life in all dimensions cause it’s the guiding factor that runs through your day to day life. 

Start writing down or saying positive things that you have done in the past or is still doing today.

We don’t claim that you will be the embodiment of confidence, but it will help you handling rejection in a better way.

2. Pumping Positivity while Self-Talking

First, let’s get something clear:

Even the elitist and influential people face rejection in their life. 

So ridiculing yourself, again and again, is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

If you feel rejected, then give it back to it with double-dose mayhem. Look in the fudging mirror and label positivity across your face.

There is nothing more profound in the whole process of kicking back the worst day in its gut than self-talking positively.

Go all in. Do not hold back to call yourself a Lion even if you feel like a mouse

Featured in the article: "How To Handle Rejection In Life." man, self talk, phone, empowered, handling rejection.

If doing it solo doesn’t work, then surround yourself with positivity. May that be friends, podcasts or music, drain out the rejection bug

3. Accepting Rejection with Self-Love and Compassion

Featured in the article: "How To Handle Rejection In Life." Accepting Rejection with Self-Love and Compassion

Let’s face it. Compassion, today, can rank as the toughest feeling to ever occur.

Lifestyles have become so hard and fast, and rejections have become so frequent, mental breakdowns been often bursting, that we hardly know how compassion feels.

As hard as it might be to accept rejection with love, easier it is to overcome it. It is not a paradox.

A Lizard grows back its tail when it loses one because self-love is quintessential.

The very moment you face it, breathe it out with love and pat yourself on the back that you are mature to understand: it is part of the process of growing! 

4. Do not Let Rejection Define You

Featured in the article: "How To Handle Rejection In Life." Do not Let Rejection Define YouSelf-harming doesn’t always take the shape of physical harm. Rejection can be a clear and defined mental state which pushes you to let it outline every inch of you.

Allowing it limits yourself and it derails the last pinch of confidence intact in you. Other’s can blabber what they want, but guess what? They are not true. They don’t sketch your kundalini.

The girl or boy who just rejected you, the final interview you just lost, the competition which didn’t even mark you a participant, all of them are mere illusions that thump rejection only for you to better yourself

5. Consider Rejection as Feedback

If you want to evolve as the better you, consider rejection as self-reflection.

Often, dismissal is always deemed as harmful. While abusive it can be detrimental, it can also be your greatest friend.

People’s lives are filled with feedbacks, some come in the form of rejection. 

If you look at it, it actually translates down to what you wanted to tell yourself.

You might be, unconsciously, hiding where you're lacking and failing, but the world does the opposite to you.

They tell you what they see, and most times is a harsh true to hear, but in fact true!

Keep in mind that, sometimes, rejection can be a blessing in disguise for you to up your game in the rawest form.

Take it positively, and gear up! 

Featured in the article: "How To Handle Rejection In Life." Take rejection positively

6. Release and Breathe

As humans we are meant to keep moving on. We have learned to hustle our way back up from traumatic pasts such as: abusive events, narcissistic parents, and broken love life. 

Remember a sentence that might literally, change your life in the event of awfulness:

‘This too shall pass!’

It is the most gentle way even for the strongest of individuals to overcome what you just faced. This process can turn out to be the most valuable for you.

For sorrow, you get strength in return

Use that strength to build upon, change your approach and make the best you can when new opportunities arrive.


Rejection is bupkis. It is neither filled with air nor with water. So honestly, it should not make any difference to you.

But, our fragile heart might ache when it comes it to us. As your day ends, you realize it’s all just a mental game. We know that it can create a a state of instability and delusion on us.

But worry not my friend, it’s just mental diarrhea. Move on!  

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