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How To Motivate Myself To Do Anything

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Motivation comes in waves, literally! Some days we are so energetic that we do our ‘all day’ tasks within a few hours, ready to take the world. 

We hop out of bed before the alarm rings, we go to the gym and workout hard, dream big, and believe that THIS IS IT! 

Now I am going to conquer the whole world. And then, tomorrow happens!!! We snooze our alarms five times and skip the gym. We don’t feel like bathing and turn on the Netflix and poof! We can’t get that spark back.

This is how motivation works. We all want to feel fulfilled and satisfied when we go to bed. We can surely understand this feeling if there are no pending tasks on the to-do lists. But, we end up failing with our targets

And, it is the place where self-motivation plays an important role. 

Motivation can give us that extra tonic to get works done, especially when we feel extremely low and tired.

So, when we are struggling to start or complete a task, we have to give some encouragement to ourselves to get up and keep moving forward. We can try a little bit of pressure too, like asking a friend, family member, or a group to hold us accountable. 

But, who needs Gurus when you can be your own? Are you constantly asking: "How can I motivate myself?" 

This article is for you, as it will give you some approved tips to motivate yourself. Let’s explore our inner self.

"How to Motivate Myself?" 

10 Ways On How To Motivate Yourself

If you have some simple tasks to complete like hitting the gym or make your lunch, then you only have to get up and start working. But if you are trying to achieve your long-term plans, then you must have some SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) to  maintain your motivation throughout the process.

1. Just Get Started

Featured in the article: "How To Motivate Myself To Do Anything". Just get started. Movie board, action!

The very first step you can do to motivate yourself is to start - even if you don’t like it or don’t want to do it or continue it; START. 

Start your task and let the motivation catch up with you. 

Start doing small functions if big goals lead you to procrastinate. Start taking tiny steps if even the small steps lead you to avoid the whole mission. It’s all about to take that first step and cultivate the habit.

A typically example: when you're working out, and you START running although you don't feel like it. After 10 or 15 minutes running you feel re-energized. All or the sudden you feel like you want to run and you don't want to stop. Sounds familiar? Motivation has caught up with you.

2. Say No to Snoozing

Take a few hours, even days to decide your wake up time. But once you choose to wake up early in the morning, then promise yourself that you will never snooze your alarm.

Kickstart your day - make your bed, have a healthy breakfast, meditate, exercise, etc.

But, get up! Say no to laziness. Don’t look at your cell phone either. Reducing the daily distractions is crucial for motivation.

3. Play Energetic Music

Featured in the article: "How To Motivate Myself To Do Anything". Play Energetic Music

Many people believe that music can heal anything. But you know what? Music does much more than just healing. 

There is a plethora of music available for each mood and any feelings.

If you listen to feel-good songs, you can instantly feel good. If you listen to some sad songs, you may have tears in your eyes. 

Just like that, if you listen to some energetic music, you will surely feel motivated to work at the same pace. Never stop yourself from being energetic.

4. Remind Yourself Every day

Remind yourself why you are working towards something and what you will get at the end of the journey! 

Imagine how you will feel after achieving the task.
Compare yourself to your past-self and see how far you have come. 

Reward yourself and celebrate - no matter how small they are! Don’t feel awkward to be happy. After all, it is essential to appreciate yourself for all the efforts you gave.

5. Organize Your Life

Featured in the article: "How To Motivate Myself To Do Anything". . Organize Your Life

The main thing of any frustration is our constant battles with the mess of our lives like pending tasks, unpaid bills, and unmanageable life! All these things are the result of procrastination.

Take control of your life and plan out things. 

Write all the elements or goals in a diary and work accordingly.

This activity can give you directions on a daily basis so that you can do a maximum number of tasks within the predetermined time limit.

6. One Step at a Time

Reduce your to-do list to just one item and stick to it. Decide that you will focus on one thing at a time. Stop multitasking, it never works. 

Take one step at a time and complete each task fully, before jumping on another one.

Be kind to yourself when you fail, but still never let it go. 

Go out in nature and take a few minutes break for deep breaths and try again. Look at the excuses in their eyes and set fear aside to take one step at a time.

7. Research Well

Featured in the article: "How To Motivate Myself To Do Anything". Research well

Always spare some time to research before you get started. Try to get the right tools which will help you to work smarter and not harder. 

If you do a right kind of research, you can find ways and proven strategies to be motivated faster and more effective

By researching well you can also know whether you need a compatible partner or you can do it all alone

Get a partner if you want! It is more beneficial to have a helping hand, who can also be a motivation booster. It is okay to make your activities fun so that you can feel motivated.

8. Cultivate Habits

If you feel that you are doing well in life, create a routine for yourself.

Make that lifestyle your habits as you can’t put everything on autopilot mode. 

Same wake-up time, similar working schedule, and having the same routine make it easier to do the next day

It will be difficult, and it will also take time, but keep trying, and never give up. 

You will surely cultivate the better habits in a few days. Keep going every day.

9. Trust Yourself and Use Ways To Remember To Do So

Featured in the article: "How To Motivate Myself To Do Anything". Trust Yourself

Tell yourself that you can accomplish anything. 

Have a vision of your goals and dreams so that you can feel that feeling of satisfaction that comes from achieving just one of those things.

It will surely motivate you to know your worth, but time and time again we all need some reminders about this issue.

You can also use others ways to remind you to trust yourself
  • Take some online help to watch motivational videos;
  • Find a role model and follow him/her online;
  • Read and post motivational quotes in your room;
  • Many people don’t think much about it, but parents are the most motivational persons in one’s life. That’s true!

10. Keep Moving

It is essential to keep moving, no matter what! Do things you have a passion for!

You can also join a working group that focuses on the same activity as yours. Such groups can surely help to keep you moving.

If you keep thinking about the adverse outcomes, and if such thoughts de-motivating you, then decide before the time how you will deal with setbacks. Declutter your mind and keep moving.


So, these are a few tips and tricks to motivate ourselves. Zig Ziglar once said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Just like that, think that you have got your back! So, keep loving, keep moving, and keep motivating yourself every day.

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