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How To Motivate Yourself Daily In 3 Effective Ways

Header image of the article: "How To Motivate Yourself Daily In 3 Effective Ways". Represents a creator looking to motivate himself.

Staying motivated on a daily basis is no easy task. Finding that motivation can be very challenging, but it is an essential part of being happy

While laying on the couch and playing video games or binge-watching your new favorite series may sound amazing, it can actually be quite harmful.

Doing this every now and then is fine, but if this is your go-to activity it can lead to depression and weight gain. Not only that, but the goals and dreams you once had will take a back seat

It is imperative to stay motivated and continue to work hard in achieving your aspirations. 

Thankfully there are some tricks that will help you find that motivation; just trudging through it and doing work you’re not satisfied with can have an adverse effect. Here are 3 effective ways on how to motivate yourself daily

How To Motivate Yourself Daily In 3 Effective Ways

1. Get in a Routine

Featured in the article: "How To Motivate Yourself Daily In 3 Effective Ways". Represents a motivated woman waking up, starting her daily routine.

Routines are great. They help your days move faster, it will help you keep track of goals and achieve them with ease. 

Trying to conquer a long-term goal without working on it on a regular basis is nearly impossible. 

Set an alarm in your phone for the same time every day reminding you to work on whatever goal you might have set for yourself. Just ten minutes of work on that goal will add up, before you know it you will be that much closer to completing it. 

A routine will also help you develop a healthy sleeping pattern. Waking up and going to sleep around the same time every day does wonders for physical and mental health. 

Good sleep and the right amount of sleep is essential to being happy and staying motivated. 

Getting work done when you're exhausted is not enjoyable. Everyone needs a different amount of sleep to feel truly rested when they wake up. If possible try to go to sleep three nights in a row without an alarm set. Take the average amount of time you slept those nights and you’ll have your magic number. Try to get that amount of sleep every night and you will notice a difference!

2. Exercise Your Mind and Body

Featured in the article: "How To Motivate Yourself Daily In 3 Effective Ways". Represents a girl making yoga, exercising her mind and body.

- Physical exercise will not only help you stay healthy it will also increase energy. Once again, having energy is super important to staying motivated! Tired work is usually forced and may not the quality you might expect from yourself.

Just 30 minutes of exercise a few times a week will make a huge difference. 

It will also help you stay in a routine! Set aside 3-4 days a week to go to the gym or exercise at home

- Try to change your diet around if you are constantly eating fatty and sugary foods. Your mind will become more clear, you will sleep better and start to improve in all facets of your life. 

- Exercising your mind is just as important as your body. Having a job that doesn’t challenge you mentally can be great at times, but it will cause brain cells to die off. 

Be creative, express yourself.

Whether it’s through words or art, it doesn’t matter, just do something good for your brain every day. Stay sharp, do word puzzles, sudoku, write poems, paint, sketch; just do anything that gets your gears moving in a way that isn’t typical to your normal day. 

- You can also try meditating or doing mindfulness training. This is the opposite of getting your brain to work hard, it’s the act of silencing it all.

It’s all about being comfortable with yourself at that moment.

This will not come easy to some people, quieting the outside world and just “being” is difficult. Try some free guided meditation videos out on YouTube, their free (!) and very helpful to beginners. 

3. Make a To-Do List

Featured in the article: "How To Motivate Yourself Daily In 3 Effective Ways". Represents a to-do list and daily goals, items.

I cannot emphasize enough how helpful this can be. A to-do list is such a great way to stay motivated throughout the day.

Don’t just make a to-do list and let it sit there, take action and cross those short-term goals off

These goals don’t have to be anything extraordinary, just anything that you want to accomplish that day or week. 

Maybe it’s making the bed, mop the floors, take the dogs for a walk or organize the junk drawer

When you finish something, cross it off the list. 

You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and chances are you will continue to work on those things regularly. 

We vividly recommend you to add these ways, on how to motivate yourself, in your daily routine, because they really work! 
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