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How To Get Inspiration For Creative Writing: 7 Tips & Techniques

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There’s nothing that we do in the course of our lives that doesn’t involve at least an inch of inspiration

From the least of good deeds to the ones that we aren’t proud of – there is a kick-off point for either of them.

The same applies to certain actions we take in different professions, writing included. While some literary pieces can be written using only crude facts, there are those that require an ‘extra touch’ or spice. That ‘extra’ piece of effort is what we like to refer to as creativity.

The Rudiments of Creative Writing

Creative writing can be defined as a kind of writing that goes beyond what is considered as professional or academic works. It is the kind of work that involves the inspiration of our imaginative mind

The types of creative writing essays are often works of poetry, prose, and plays. These works in themselves can be grouped as works of fiction, non-fiction or a mix of both.

Creative literary works are an interesting aspect of writing because they don’t always deal with logical events. As a rule or fact, most of the creative writing essays deal almost entirely with the abstract things of life. This includes concepts like love, sorrow, joy, happiness, pain and a host of other things that cannot be seen. 

Be it a poem, a play, or a novel – embedded in each form is one form of story writing or the other.

Looking at all what creating this type of work entails, it is easy to understand why even the best of writers get lost for words when trying to create masterpieces.

The good news is that by making use of the proper creative writing prompts, even an upcoming writer can succeed in creating something that will swoon readers off their feet.

Getting the Flow On

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At the root of creative stories lies the uniqueness of the writer. One thing most people try to ensure is the 100% of their stories. But to get things started the best creative writing techniques you can find might help you. Enjoy our selection of the best  7 tips & techniques to get the ‘waters of creativity’ flowing

How to Get Inspiration For Creative Writing: 7 Tips & Techniques

1. Starting Your Piece with a ‘Bang’

Literally speaking. Instead of following the traditional way of starting your story (from the beginning) you could as well start from an action-packed part of the story, or a part of the ending (if the whole action is at the end). 

This way you create a ‘flashback’ kind of atmosphere for your readers, thereby heightening their curiosity.

They would want to follow through the whole piece in order to link events together.

2. Consider Your Target Audience

Like for every other type of writing, this tip tops the writing techniques list.

Your audience is your foremost priority. They determine to a large extent how your literary piece will turn out.

For example, let’s say your creative story involves the appearance of dragons with fiery breath.

Your mode of describing the dragons for young kids won’t be the same as the way you would describe it for teenagers and youth.

This would explain why interesting stories with extremely graphic content also come with ‘watered down’ versions, compatible with the intended target audience.

3. Find the Right Music

It’s no secret that music is a great source of help for a good number of authors.

Music has a way of igniting people’s imagination, helping them bring out imaginative tendencies they never knew were there.

Classical music and smooth jazz are some of the most frequent on authors’ top list.

 Of course, it would depend on the genre of the written piece, but, in general, music does wonders for the flow of written words.

4. Find the Right Environment

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You should note that story composition can be influenced by the type of environment you find yourself in.

Our surroundings always have a way of imprinting on our subconsciousness, even without our knowledge. 

While music and a busy environment give people the extra ‘boost’ they desire, silence does the exact same thing for another set of people. Hence it is important to know what mode of environment unlocks the flow for you, and make use of it.

5. A Random Read in the Middle of Working

Yes, you read that right. Usually, reading is considered as the second skin for writers and those involved in literature.

But it has been found that random reading in the middle of penning down your work can actually help your mind see a side to your story you never saw.

Just pick a nearby book and flip to a random page. While it sounds like magic, it’s simply a way of relaxing your mind for a bit. This gives it the chance to get rejuvenated and churn out new concepts for your work.

Featured in the article: "How To Get Inspiration For Creative Writing: 7 Tips & Techniques". Reading, random, book, middle of writing, creative, ideas, gathering.

6. Sudden Breaks

Have you ever been in the middle of furious typing, and you suddenly stopped, because you went blank? Now, try doing that with conscious effort.

Breaks like this help one to overcome the nagging anxiety that comes with not knowing what to write when at a particular point.

They also grant one a brief moment to recollect his thoughts and proceed to know that the flow has been renewed. It worked for me on several occasions.

7. Make a Deal with Father Time

Okay, that was obviously making light of things. But on a realistic note, find the time of the day that works best for your idea-churning period.

Some people get inspired the most in the early hours of the day, while others fancy midnight hours.

Finding the time that works best for you helps to maximize the flow, helping you produce the best works yet.

Share these tips and techniques with your social connections to help them get the inspiration for creative writing. 
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