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Why Is Poetry Important To Help You Cope With Life

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Cover image of the article: "Why Is Poetry Important To Help You Cope With Life". A firsthand testimony showing how writing poetry can help you express feelings and deal with hard times.

When you release your emotions onto a blank page and then admire from afar, you get a sense of perspective. You are able to reflect back on circumstances and situations that led to what inspired you.

I know that for me, I started writing poetry that reflected the dismal and dreary mood I stayed stuck in this negative whirlwind. I wrote such painful emotions in several journals. Here’s an example of some of the earlier poems I wrote:

Dark Days

Gloom becomes my companion
Days filled with feeling darkness
Depression is my veil
Creeping up inside are my moments
Where shadows overcome and prevail
Days occurring more often
More obscure
They have become the tests that have left me with visible scars
My wounds run deep
It is too painful to handle
I welcome sleep

Why Is Poetry Important To Help You Cope With Life

It took losing everything before I realized that I had to get out of this funk. I started seeing how my habits and choices kept taking me down further the metaphoric rabbit hole

  • The friends I thought were friends that kept calling just to ask me to do something for “them” became apparent. 
  • My own children that constantly needed this or that but when I was down at my worst, wouldn’t even answer my phone calls. 
  • Once when I went to jail, I tried contacting my twenty year old and she purposely didn’t answer. It cost her too much to accept the collect charges and later learned she said she didn’t see any reason to answer since there wasn’t anything she could do. It wasn’t like she could afford to bail me out. 
I was like...“Wow!” No wonder I was having a stream of bad luck.

I kept looking to others for salvation.

When things got rough and nobody was there to offer support I knew I did that to myself. Something was definitely wrong with the picture. I was good enough to babysit and lend money and offer advice. I was good enough to give life and provide for the needs of my children, but if I wasn’t at my best, then I wasn’t worth a collect call to my daughter

That’s when I said enough with this and I needed to love myself first. 

Quit trying to please others. 

Stop wanting to be accepted and just love all the mess I became. 

Featured in the article: "Why Is Poetry Important To Help You Cope With Life". Woman feeling inspired to write positive poetry in her writing machine.

So with this realization and understanding of the law of attraction I began shifting my poetry to something more positive. More inspiring. Here’s a sample of what I wrote about a year after Dark Days:

Once and For All
By Desiree Espinoza

Letting go
Finding courage within myself
Stepping out now
In search of my own wealth.

Coping with great loss
Understanding I have been beat
Knowing love comes at a price
I must move past this brutal defeat.

Learning to grow in wisdom
Never emulate the past
Taking note of this experience
Ensuring next time love will last.

A simple misstep taking me off course
A quick redirection in my route
Moving forward nonetheless
Confident MY  beau will come without a doubt.

Poetry Helps Make Sense Of All That Life Can Hail On You

I hope you understand that the act of writing poetry in and of itself is therapeutic and is what saved me a trip to the loony hospital. 

Releasing all energy onto a paper can be so relieving and is cost effective.

Once you can let go of all the negativity and just unleash all that bad mojo, then use the same concept to shift your actions and therefore inspire a new outcome

While I still have lots to sort out, I am now surrounded by people who love me for me

I am no longer wasting my time trying to get my childhood crush to love me back. I am not allowing myself to be the doormat my daughter’s enjoyed stepping on when they needed something.

I’m doing what I love.

I’m trying to help others learn how to become the best of who they are.

We hope you've enjoyed this firsthand testimony from Desiree and now you feel inspired to use poetry to make a change in your life. 
Share this article with your friends and family, help them also coping with life through poetry. 
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Desiree Espinoza. After seventeen years teaching & coaching, I am at a pivotal point in my life where making a meaningful dent in the world is my goal & this I’m hoping to accomplish through teaching, inspiring & helping others.  I've been working on a project to open a nonprofit charter school for high functioning autistic children: The Animal School Learning Institute, & have been gradually gathering the pieces necessary to make it possible. 

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