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5 Ways Networking Will Help Your Career Development

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Header image of the article: "5 Ways Networking Will Help Your Career Development". The benefits of networking and developing relationships in your work.

In a nutshell, networking refers to the act of building strong, long-term relationships that are either mutually beneficial or potentially beneficial to you in the future.

The key to proper networking is sharing – not taking.

It’s about using your available connections and resources to help others, whether or not they’ll be able to help you in the future. It’s also about being your authentic self as you try and build these relationships.

Being yourself is the best way to tackle the world. This allows you to build real and amiable professional and personal relationships with a variety of people.

Even if those people won’t be able to help you in the same way or on the same level that you’ve helped them, they will be inclined to find some way to reciprocate the kindness that you’ve shown.

To get a better picture of this, we've enlisted 5 ways of how networking can help your career

5 Ways Networking Will Help Your Career Development

1. It Prepares You For The Unknown

In any career the ability to solve problems, whether inside or outside your job description, is always an advantage.

Having a sizable network of people that you have a mutually amiable relationship with gives you potential access to a variety of resources with which to tackle such problems.

Whether it’s getting info on a potential client, securing the perfect location, booking the right speaker for a corporate gathering, or gathering crucial documents, there’s a possibility that someone in your growing network can help you with any particular goal.

You never know who among the people you’ve helped in the past will be able help you get through a future hurdle.

Like we advised you in the past, you should always stay open to meeting new people. Because new connections bring new knowledge, that knowledge can open your mind and help you overcome the fear of the unknown for instances.

2. It Gives You a Better Understanding of Social Dynamics

Social dynamics are the building blocks of how we interact with one another. Whether on a personal or professional level, engaging in social dynamics is as unavoidable as it is invaluable.

As a neuroscientist from UCLA explains,Being socially connected is our brain’s lifelong passion.

Networking allows you to develop your sense of social dynamics in a way that no class or seminar can teach you.

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3. It Allows You To Develop Patience

Active networking allows you to meet and interact with people who might annoy or infuriate you, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Having to talk to people that you don’t like forces you to develop patience as you find mutual ground.

Like we proved in the past, sometimes the ones who annoy you are also the ones who can help you grow.

4. It Opens Up New Opportunities

As you connect with new people in new locations, you’re bound to discover new opportunities.

Establishing connections is a good way to see what other institutions can do for you – as well as what you can do for them.

In other words, networking can give you more career options than the ones you currently have.

5. It Allows You To Share and Receive Fresh Ideas

Establishing authentic connections lead to real talk, which is where the best ideas come from.

If you’re stuck with a particular work problem that’s taking you too long to finish, venture out to your network and look for the solutions there.

Share and be open to fresh ideas that might be able to help. Just remember to exercise caution. You should always be careful about sharing ideas or information that your employers deems to be confidential.


Aleah Kirsten is a business blogger with over ten years of professional experience. Alongside the writing she also works as a career consultant, and runs career workshops. Her philosophy is that it is possible to build a good career in any job if you are prepared to put in the hard work.

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