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7 "Starts & Stops" Everyone Should Do In Their 20s

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For most people in their 20s, this phase of life is a wild adventure filled with new people, experiences, and locations. 

This is the time to discover ourselves, pursue or interests and learn and develop our true identities. 

We need to set goals that will help us make the most of these 10 years so we can achieve as much as we possibly can. Here are 7 things everyone should do in their 20s in form of "starts and stops"

7 "Starts & Stops" Everyone Should Do In Their 20s

1. Start to exercise and walk more often

Featured in the article: "7 "Starts & Stops" Everyone Should Do In Their 20s".  Start to exercise and walk more often. Girl running wearing headphones.

The goal is to focus on creating healthy habits during your 20s. Exercise can add more years to your life so you should not have any excuses for not finding at least 30 minutes a day to train.

Your body will improve in appearance, become stronger, improve the immune system and serve you for a longer period of time

Choose to walk more often and take the stairs every time if you can. There are plenty of tips on the internet to help you get started on a healthy lifestyle. 

2. Start to learn a new language

Seek new ways to expand your mind by learning a foreign language.

You can learn a new language through an online program, free language apps, attending a course, or using a book while at home. 

Regardless of how busy your life is there is no better time than now to start learning.  So why not download a free language app and start learning Spanish today?

3. Start eating healthy

Featured in the article: "7 "Starts & Stops" Everyone Should Do In Their 20s".  Start eating healthy. Healthy food, meal, with unprocessed and whole products

Research shows that more than one-third of U.S citizens are obese mostly because of unhealthy diet and sedentary life.

Avoid eating foods with huge amounts of sugar, salt and fat, instead, go for unprocessed and whole products.

When in your 20s this is the perfect time to get in the best shape possible. 

Take time to learn about nutrition and if possible hire a personal coach. 

4. Stop making excuses

Excuses are reasons we invent to defend our behavior or neglect taking a particular kind of action.

If you want to be successful in your 20s you have to stop making excuses every time things are not working or when something goes wrong. 

To eliminate excuses from your life first eliminate fear because fear makes you lack confidence. You must also identify the reasons for your excuses and list down the consequence that each of these excuses has had on your life.

5. Start expressing gratitude

Featured in the article: "7 "Starts & Stops" Everyone Should Do In Their 20s". Start expressing gratitude.  Girl grateful for her life.

Gratitude reminds you of the positive things in your life and it makes you happy about the people in your life.

Gratitude turns bad situations into good ones. 

So be grateful for challenges you are facing in your 20s because you are learning from them and they will make you a stronger person.

Take one or two minutes every morning before you get out of bed to be grateful for the things you have to whoever you are grateful for.

There are many gratitude prayers that you can find, (or write your own), print out or use as your desktop wallpaper. 

6. Stop going for things you don't want, figure out what you want

To figure out what course you care about try playing around with things that you are interested in.

Following your curiosity and learning everything you can, eventually will lead you to become an expert in something. 

You are most energetic in your 20s so it is important to use this time to make a difference in your life by doing something good and improving the world around you.

7. Stop being comfortable, visit a new continent

Featured in the article: "7 "Starts & Stops" Everyone Should Do In Their 20s". Stop being comfortable, visit a new continent. Human hands with continents painted.

Travelling the world is a dream for most people. Visiting a new continent will give you the opportunity to learn new cultures, meet new people and a whole lot different experiences.

Being someplace different opens your mind to new possibilities and you get to create lasting memories. 

  • You get a chance to eat food that you have never seen before and it teaches you to interact, and communicate with people from different walks of life.
  • You even get to appreciate your country because no single country is perfect or exactly like the other and different cultures mean different societal appreciation.


We need to set and prioritize goals that ignite our spirits while in our 20s. We need to figure out what we want to do with our lives, what we want to achieve, how we can achieve it and then go for it.

If you're in your 20s we hope now you're ready to start and stop to do the things we've listed on this article.
Even if you're not in your 20s, you certainly know someone who is, so share this article with them and help them grow.
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Gwen Barret is a writer and blogger on the different self-improvement topics. Her last article was about how to improve your memory. In her free time she is interested in sport and art. 

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