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6 Benefits Of Travelling For Personal Development

Header image of the article: "6 Benefits Of Travelling For Personal Development". Man traveller shadow with airplane, thinking of personal development, empowered.

We all are homebodies in our own regard, and sometimes, nothing beats the comfort, security, and predictability of our everyday lives in our everyday surroundings.

You may have asked yourself before: “Why should I even travel?”, because after all, it can cost you and it gets you out of the environment you’re used to belonging in.

But traveling is good for you – and that’s a fact. Those who’ve gone places before will tell you how much their lives have changed because they chose to experience something new in a place they weren’t familiar with.

Suddenly, they’re full of vigor and excitement for life, so much, that you’re wondering how exactly can traveling to a new place do that to someone.

Here are the top travel benefits that will convince you to make that journey and develop yourself into a better individual:

6 Benefits Of Travelling For Personal Development

1. Traveling Pushes You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Featured in the article: "6 Benefits Of Travelling For Personal Development". Travelling Pushes You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Going somewhere with a different culture and that brings new experiences, lets you go beyond your comfort zone and challenges you to try things that you haven’t tried before.

There are a lot of things that you won’t find in your hometown or home countryactivities and cuisine that are authentic to your destination and provide you with a more exciting experience.

When you’re abroad, you essentially have to adjust yourself to how the country works, like talking to the locals in their own language, eating all sorts of unusual delicacies, and living outside of the comforts of your own home – even if it’s in a hotel.

2. Traveling Gives You New Perspectives

Featured in the article: "6 Benefits Of Travelling For Personal Development". Travelling Gives You New Perspectives

Because you’re in a new environment where everything you were accustomed to takes a back seat for what is in front of you, there is a big chance that you will see and experience things that will challenge your beliefs – for better or worse. 

We all have our own preconceived notions about a certain place, a certain country, a certain populace, and a certain culture.

Immersing ourselves in those foreign places makes us realize if we were right or way off about how we think things to be, and what the reality really is.

Traveling to more impoverished countries also gives you a new perspective on your lifemany of us have more than other people in the world, we just never really realize it

Traveling can be an eye-opener and helps us let go of false beliefs we have about other people, other countries, and of the world.

3. Traveling Gives You Confidence

Featured in the article: "6 Benefits Of Travelling For Personal Development". Travelling Gives You Perspective

Traveling for the first time, especially overseas, can be nerve-wracking, but after you’ve done so, you slowly gain more confidence about traveling to other countries again. 

It is a great way of strengthening yourself through challenges that you come across during your travels.

When you cope with these situations, you are basically being reinforced that you are capable of doing things that you otherwise would not have thought that you could before.

And even if you didn’t necessarily triumph over a challenge, it can still feel like you’ve learned something, and this is a step closer to being capable of more things in the near future.

4. Traveling Gives You a Pattern Break

Featured in the article: "6 Benefits Of Travelling For Personal Development".Traveling couple having a Pattern Break from everyday life and daily routine.

Humans need change. It’s the only constant thing in the world. When we’re stuck in a loop of routine, things can become tedious, boring, underwhelming, uninspiring, and unmotivating. 

We lose our drive when we don’t experience something new that can reinvigorate us.

Traveling, however, breaks the monotony in your life and gives you new experiences, new lessons, new adventures that can rekindle the sparks of wanderlust in you. 

And when you’ve experienced how it is to have your pattern broken, you’re less likely to get frazzled over situations in your life that go out of the status quo in the most unexpected and potentially disastrous ways.

It develops your quick-thinking skills and your ability to adapt to situations that do not conform to your routine.

5. Traveling is Great for Reflection

Featured in the article: "6 Benefits Of Travelling For Personal Development". Traveling is Great for Reflection. Girl traveller, reflecting on life, landscape.

Traveling isn’t all about adrenaline rushes and energetic location-hopping... 

It can also be a great way to take some time off to reflect on yourself:

Evaluate your life from a perspective of an observer rather than a player.

Traveling can put you in a spot where you are essentially able to see where your life has been, is, and is goinggiving you the chance to really visualize the bigger picture when you are not distracted by smaller details. 

6. Traveling Helps Us Know Ourselves Better

Featured in the article: "6 Benefits Of Travelling For Personal Development". Traveling Helps Us Know Ourselves Better

When you are thrust into a new environment, it challenges your instincts to make decisions for you rather than the autopilot brought about by your everyday routine and your habits:

  • You get to know how you essentially are as someone trying to “survive” in a new place and in new surroundings;
  • You get to really know where your strengths and weaknesses lie, as well as your morals, values, and personality;
  • And when you get a better grasp of who you are as a person, you can take the path to self-improvement as a stronger, more informed individual.

Wrapping Up 

Traveling is a great way for you realize your full potential and can lead you on a journey of personal growth.

So, don’t be afraid to step out of your home, get on a plane, and explore new places and learn things you may otherwise have never known from the comfort of your usual surroundings!

We encourage you to share these travel benefits with your friends and family, help them realize that travelling can be a great personal development tool we all can use.
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Ann Davis is the founder and CEO of Venture with Impact – a social impact workation company that organizes accommodation, workspace, and skills-based volunteering for diverse professionals.


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