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How To Overcome The Fear Of The Unknown

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“In the dim background of our mind, we know what we ought to be doing but somehow we cannot start.”William James

What’s with people and new beginnings? Why is it so hard for most of us to get adventurous and do the things we know we should be doing? You don’t like your job?

You know you should be doing something else, something more. You know what you’d be great at. Somehow, however, the comfort zone has trapped you. You’re afraid to leave the job and head out to the unknown.

The fear of new beginnings is a normal reaction to uncertainty. 

We don’t know where these new beginnings will take us, so it’s more comfortable for us to stay right where we are. Comfort is not the best thing for you. You know that!

You just need some strength to try something new and step into the unknown. 

It’s time for a new beginnings, we've compiled a short guide you can follow to overcome the fear of the unknown.

How To Overcome The Fear Of The Unknown - Motivation For New Beginnings

1. Restart Your Mindset

Take a deep breath. Say this to yourself: “I will do this. I can do this.” Repeat it like a mantra. Believe it!

The first step is always hard. Before you make it, you have to start believing in yourself.

It’s your mindset that is stopping you from trying something new.
It’s your mindset that can push you to new beginnings, too!

Stop thinking about the negative outcomes. Yes; they are possible.

But think of all possibilities that open when you take a chance.

This is your BIG break!
You can reinvent yourself!
Trust yourself!
Trust the Universe! 

Your inner confidence will guide you through this new experience.

2. Have a Constant

Whenever you’re about to face the unknown, you should have a constant in your life. It will be your safe haven.

For some people, it’s their home. For others, it’s their dog or cat. Some people find comfort in their partners or family. For some, it’s reading, yoga, movies… whatever makes them feel safe.

When the challenge overwhelms you, it’s important to have something or someone to turn to. 

That will help you relax knowing that whatever happens, you still have that constant in your life. Such a realization helps you move on.

3. Be Patience Personified

Let’s say... you quit your job and accept a new, completely different position. Or you leave your home and move to an unknown city.

Whatever the change is, you can’t expect things to be smooth from the very first day, be patient. You’ll face challenges. You’ll need some time to get used to the new environment. Give yourself that time!

When entering a big change, don’t let the initial feeling of discomfort disappoint you.

Keep doing what you decided to do regardless.

This change is good for you. Stay strong and be patient, good things will follow, trust the process.

4. Stay Open to Meeting New People

Featured in the article: "How To Overcome The Fear Of The Unknown". man and woman meet, meeting new people, overcome the fear of the unknown.

Whatever new beginning you decided to face, it has something to do with meeting new people.

For introverted, shy, or anxious people, this is a huge challenge. You’ll have to break out of that shell.

Don’t shy away from conversations. Force yourself out of the corner of the room.

Smile, be kind, and try to be more approachable. 

If your previous experience taught you to toughen up, remind yourself: this is a new beginning a needed step into the unknown.

The more people you have to support you on this journey, the more inspired you’ll feel about persisting through it.

5. Stay Positive

Negative self-talk has undermining power. Positive language has the opposite effect: it inspires you to be brave. 

The habit of positive thinking is not about getting obsessed with collecting Pinterest quotes. It’s about the mindset those quotes trigger.

It’s about the habit of positive thinking they help you develop.

“Begin today. Declare out loud to the Universe that you are willing to let go of struggle and eager to learn through joy.”Sarah Ban Breathnach

That’s an inspiring quote, isn’t it? You can pin it in your Pinterest board and forget you have it in there. It won’t help you in that case.

If, however, you think you understand its true meaning and you start doing the thing it inspires you to do, it can have a huge effect on your future.

6. Make a Start!

Baby steps are fine. If you’re not ready for a big change all of the sudden, you can move progressively towards it.

The important thing is to move, take action, make a start! 

Get out of that comfort zone and start doing something to make yourself happy! Going forward is the only right way to live.

You can start by helping your friends and family overcome the fear of the unknown by sharing this article with them.
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